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Hi, I'm Valette

I'm a photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I've recently become a wife, a stepmother, and a homeowner. Life is pretty awesome. You can email me anytime. Learn more...

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Oreo Thins are superior to regular Oreos for the purpose of stress eating because I don't try to eat the filling first. 3 hours ago

The 90s pop station was the best choice, good job Monday Morning Valette. 6 hours ago

"How long can this hangnail bleed, anyway? Ha ha haaa." 23 hours ago

I did COSTCO and FRED MEYER with one crutch also emptied and filled the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. 💪🏻🏆 29 hours ago

The internet bringing me amazing friends is a blessing because I'd never have met y'all otherwise but a curse because you're all so far away 45 hours ago

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