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new job - furniture porn

ok so if you havent heard, f2s is discontinuing their free hosting services on 28feb. i need to be vacated...
22 DEC

lacey - overheard humour

the font problems should be fixed. and, thanks to Bjorn, i found out that this front page hasnt been available...
04 DEC

failing - ray of light

oh my goodness. were all moved and almost settled in. am having a heck of a time with getting the...
15 NOV

packing - beast mag

argh. the last day of moving was terrible. we asked for an extension of a few days - and it...
04 NOV

moving - nobody here

moving is such a pain. we got all the big stuff over to the new apartment today and the waterbed...
20 OCT

snowing - loyal studios

its been snowing all day, and i think its here for good; ive been humming 'let it snow' all day...
12 OCT

b bday - astronomy

today is my babys birthday. he is twenty one years old. wow. that sounds so young, yet we have been...
09 OCT

p-chem final - p-chem

ok ok. the p-chem final SUCKED. it took the entire hour and a half, and the class is only supposed...
03 OCT

p-chem - rockstarter

what a terrible week. i have a p-chem exam at 7.30 wednesday morning and an organic chem exam at 1pm...
02 OCT

sick - learn klingon

ive been pretty sick the past few nights... but only in the evenings. which is odd. last night b made...
27 SEP

waterbed - spiff

we finally got the waterbed mattress all set up. yay! so far the only difficulties we have had is with...
19 SEP

9/11 - red cross

i have been glued to CNN for the past day and a half. i think ive watched more news yesterday...
12 SEP

poetry - onyro

cant sleep. again. so, yah. the poetry section is up to speed with the rest of the site. and only...
09 SEP

classes - stortrooper

my first day of classes. ick. think physical chemistry at 8am. double ick. but i think ill survive. that is,...
07 SEP

fast - bad candy

ack! september already. classes start thursday... friday for me. and i cant find my day planner. its a catastrophe. the...
03 SEP

creepy guy - isketch

so this guy moved into our apartment building downstairs - i met him saturday night when he flagged down our...
24 AUG

fonts - abuse-a-tron

i hated the color scheme. so i changed it. if it looks all black to you, turn up your monitor's...
14 AUG

mustang - depair, inc.

so we just bought a car this afternoon. its a 1984 ford mustand lx. and uuugly. its like a beige-y...
01 AUG

insomnia - sodaconstructor

sleep alludes me once again. lied in bed for over an hour waiting for precious slumber. i have to be...
17 JUL

cleaning beths room - traveling uncle nat

how did i spend the nations birthday, one might wonder. well, a group of us started with this grand plan...
05 JUL

fire alarm - mobius co

as i plugged in the fan near our bed last night, i had a vision of an electrical fire and...
23 JUN

insomnia - cow song

dontcha just love insomnia? its currently 3.20a and i am in my jammies in hopes of becoming tired. my legs...
20 JUN

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