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insomnia - sodaconstructor

July 17, 2001

sleep alludes me once again. lied in bed for over an hour waiting for precious slumber. i have to be bright-eyed in 3 hours - the day ahead is going to suck big time. ive also been dreaming a lot the past few nights, but havent the time to inscribe them before they dissipate. maybe ill catch a few here soon.

waste some time: sodaconstructor

cleaning beths room - traveling uncle nat

July 5, 2001

how did i spend the nations birthday, one might wonder. well, a group of us started with this grand plan of a drive north and a swim in a lake. but the weather turned cold and nasty, so we decided to hang beths punching bag in her garage. that led to a major cleaning of the garage (she needs *some* space for kickboxing) as well as her bedroom. it was a ton of fun unless one considers her many cats and my severe allergy. thank the Lord for Claritin.

tales of wonder: Traveling Uncle Nat

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