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creepy guy - isketch

August 24, 2001

so this guy moved into our apartment building downstairs - i met him saturday night when he flagged down our car then tried to invite himself along with us. not cool. hes really weird and makes me really uncomfortable. were thinking of moving not because of him, but hes helping us look harder. i added a little ditty on me in the mistress section and updated the layout for the dream journal. now to fix the poetry layout. a mistress' work is never done.

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fonts - abuse-a-tron

August 14, 2001

i hated the color scheme. so i changed it. if it looks all black to you, turn up your monitor's brightness. it should be purple. i made the text smaller. added the section to the right. if you have been here previously, you will also notice that i have another link on the left. thats right, boys-n-girls - she has gone and added her own font section! its called font addiction and already has over 300 of my favorite fonts. and i use em *all*.

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mustang - depair, inc.

August 1, 2001

so we just bought a car this afternoon. its a 1984 ford mustand lx. and uuugly. its like a beige-y tan color and has very little backside to it. i dont really like the aesthetics of it, but b just had to have it. the lady we bought it from almost changed her mind at the last moment. i hope its not a lemon. useless fact: today is the 20th anniversary of the thong. wouldnt it be gross if you wore a 20 year old thong?

get demotivated: Despair, Inc.

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