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sick - learn klingon

September 27, 2001

ive been pretty sick the past few nights... but only in the evenings. which is odd. last night b made the soft shell tacos i had planned, and as i sat on the couch and watched toy story 2 for the umpteenth time, i went between needing to puke and craving the tacos. that was fun. i went to bed at 9, and somehow managed to remove the pillowcases from my two pillows in the middle of the night. i vaguely remember doing that, but i cannot recall the reasoning behind it. guess ill chalk it up to halucinations.

learn: Klingon

waterbed - spiff

September 19, 2001

we finally got the waterbed mattress all set up. yay! so far the only difficulties we have had is with finding a good water temperature that appeases both of us. if i had my way, it would be up around 95°F (nice-n-toasty); if he had his way, it would be around 75°F (brrrr). my luck is that one night ill wake up with pneumonia. wouldnt that be fun.

enter the world of: Spiff

9/11 - red cross

September 12, 2001

i have been glued to CNN for the past day and a half. i think ive watched more news yesterday and today than i have in the past five years. my heart aches for everyone directly involved with the plane attacks in new york, washington, and pennsylvania.

driving home from my brothers place last night, i saw that the entire sky was filled with the aurora. it was trememdously more active than i can remember seeing it, and in so many beautiful shades of greend and red and purple. i was awestruck at the complete contrast between God's undoubtedly beautiful nature and man's preverse and wicked hearts concerning the events yesterday. i stood in the parking lot of our apartment building for sometime in wonder and tears pondering God's majesty and complete awesomeness.

give blood: Red Cross

poetry - onyro

September 9, 2001

cant sleep. again. so, yah. the poetry section is up to speed with the rest of the site. and only 18 days behind, too. :} its a java pop-up, and im pretty happy about it. tell me youre happy with it too. i dont wanna hear about it if youre not.

eye candy: Onyro

classes - stortrooper

September 7, 2001

my first day of classes. ick. think physical chemistry at 8am. double ick. but i think ill survive. that is, if the school give my my loan money. theres this thing where you have to keep your grades up in order to get financial aid. go figure, huh. i filled out a form telling them why i think they should give me the money to go to school. so i might not be able to attend classes this semester after all. grr. im kinda discouraged.

the font addiction will be on pause for the month with server problems. a thousand apologies. well...maybe just one. its out of my control, but will be up asap.

be a trooper: storTroopers

fast - bad candy

September 3, 2001

ack! september already. classes start thursday... friday for me. and i cant find my day planner. its a catastrophe. the band (revival town) fasted saturday for the ministy. it was an awesome expreience and united us spiritually. i would definitely recommend it. my brother and his wife are out of town for the week, so i get to house/dog-sit. how exciting.

be afraid: Bad Candy

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