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moving - nobody here

October 20, 2001

moving is such a pain. we got all the big stuff over to the new apartment today and the waterbed all filled and is now (hopefully) warm enough to sleep on. ive been pulling shelving paper that is probably older than me out of the kitchen cupboards - now its all sticky. which means im going to have to put more back in. how tacky. and im pretty much scared of the bathroom - i never knew that duct tape could be used for plumbing. its amazing how liveable a place can be with half a gallon of disinfectant.

pointless entertainment: Nobody Here

snowing - loyal studios

October 12, 2001

its been snowing all day, and i think its here for good; ive been humming 'let it snow' all day long. i think i did pretty darn well on my physics exam. but then the truth shall be known when i get it back, eh? oh geez the fire alarm went off about a half hour ago. had to tramp all the way outside in the snow with that awful ringing in my ears. i might be going deaf.

eye candy: Loyal Studios

b bday - astronomy

October 9, 2001

today is my babys birthday. he is twenty one years old. wow. that sounds so young, yet we have been married for almost ten months now. we are so young. i hope we will never look back at this time in our life and complain how we wasted our youth. wow - enough philosophical mumbo-jumbo. what did i do for his birthday? well... i made german chocolate cake. i picked him up for a surprise lunch out together. i filled his car with sooo many balloons that he will be shocked after work [diabolical laughter]. and i am making ice cream. i hope it turns out ok.

oh yeah - NEW LAYOUT!!!! i did it all myself for the purpose of relieving some stress. but no matter - it is gorgeous (says i)! give me your thoughts.

natures best: Astronomy pic du jour

p-chem final - p-chem

October 3, 2001

ok ok. the p-chem final SUCKED. it took the entire hour and a half, and the class is only supposed to be an hour long. i was the second to leave at 9. argh. my brain is now fried. pV=nRT. dU=Q+W. im not sure if i can remember my social security phone number. at least i was able to find my way home. now all thats left to do is study for my organic exam, move, clean the apartment, show the in-laws a good time, study for my physics exam, make a great birthday for b, and yet somehow find time to sleep and cook. it's been lovely, but i must scream now.

why im whining: p-chem

p-chem - rockstarter

October 2, 2001

what a terrible week. i have a p-chem exam at 7.30 wednesday morning and an organic chem exam at 1pm friday. then my inlaws are coming for a short-notice visit for the weekend. b is getting sick. and then, to top it all off, we may be moving into a different apartment. but moving out would forefit our $600 deposit on the current apartment. im wondering if we wait a month and move out at the end of the semester if we will get to keep that deposit. i hate this week.

make your own band: Rockstarter

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