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new job - furniture porn

December 22, 2001

ok so if you havent heard, f2s is discontinuing their free hosting services on 28feb. i need to be vacated before then. im considering buying (thats right, folks - paying for) my own domain. by the end of february. i think it can be done. im sick of moving from here to there, being dissapointed by one host after another.

the pictures of lacey got lost, i got a new job, and quit school since my last post. im the administrative assistant for a non-profit organization, and making pretty good money. im at my parents place right now for christmas. boy, is this going to be a stressful few days. hopefully we can get through it with only minor dips into depression. heh.

for the not-so-week of heart: furniture porn

lacey - overheard humour

December 4, 2001

the font problems should be fixed. and, thanks to Bjorn, i found out that this front page hasnt been available for some time now. it would appear that all of its content had been drawn into some sort of temporal void of sorts. in any case, its fixed. can you gimme hallelujah. time passes so fast when i dont have internet. i cant believe its been two weeks since ive updated a thing on here. im so ashamed. but that should all change becasue we got a cheap internet connection here at home. yay!

oh. and. AND. we got a dog. a puppy. a baby. well, shes not much of a puppy - shes a 6 month old miniature schnauzer. we met someone who found her behind the local fred meyer store... and at this time of the year, she could have been dead - its near -30°F out there. anyway, she is as sweet as can be. shes getting the hang of peeing quickly out in the cold, and she is very emotionally balanced. we just love her, and have since named her Lacey. ill get some pictures up as soon as i develop the roll.

mindless entertainment: Ryan Eanes Humour

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