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daves hand

January 24, 2002

a co-worker of bs had a serious accident a few days ago at work and lost most of his right hand. what a wake-up call.... a scary realization of his own mortality. he fainted three times at the hospital that evening, poor guy. i have instructed him that this is not going to be a career, merely a job that he stays at for a short length of time. he agreed. [shudder]

wednesday morning i stepped out of the shower and feld that i had a tight back muscle. i leaned back to stretch it and all of a sudden couldnt breathe. the muscle burned and ached and caused me to be short of breath. i have been home for the past two days from that stupid pulled muscle. thankfully i *will* be returning to work tomorrow - i might get cabin fever if im on that blasted couch for one more day.

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damon stuck

January 20, 2002

my brother, the one who was cruising the caribbean with holland america is stuck in florida. he and his wife were supposed to fly into fairbanks in about an hour. but because of heavy fog, the ship was unable to dock and they missed their flight. hes been gone for two weeks now and i pretty much miss him. funny how someone i never cared to know while growing up has become someone i rely on. oh geez that sounds like im going to go into one of those 'life lessons' type of things. lets detour around that, shall we? i do believe that is the last thing we need.

man this place needs to be redecorated. im still loving the whole orthagonality of it, and this will probably be one of my favorites for a long long time, but i just get bored quickly. i mean, for someone who changes desktop images at *least* once a week, the same layout for four months is an eternity. wow - i didnt realize it had only been four months. heh. maybe a few more will be ok. im still going to work on a new layout. or two.

linoleum dog - resolutions

January 18, 2002

the doggie saga continues. last night we came home from work to find that she had tore up half of the linoleum from the bathroom floor. we were so mad - b wouldnt even attempt to punish her in fear of abusing her. so we attached her to a short tether and attached that to the front door. then tonight we got back from a wonderful dinner date, with her tethered to the door again, and find that she had chewed up one of my black square toed shoes. the only real not-sandal shoes i love. ive had them for a few years, and i loved them. grrrr. shes still tied up.

so im going to try to be updating this page more often. i have more going on than is presented here on this page. and i like the idea of a more regular journal type thing. that just means one thing - i wont be posting a link with every entry. i just cannot spend hours searching for a really cool link every other day or so. im also working on an archive system that will make this front page much shorter and quicker to load. woohoo.

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new domain

January 13, 2002

so ive gone and done it. ive moved in. how do you like the place? BOOKMARK IT. ok? ok. there will be more changes here and there to suit my new home online. moving can be a terrible thing, and often times a box or two dont get unpacked for days or even weeks. something that has been forgotten in the corner of the cars trunk. that being said, please email me if any pages dont work or are missing something vital like its background. you know. but i do think ive gotten it all moved in. so. yay! im very excited about this and yet this post does not do my excitement justice. this is a very cool cool thing, my friend.

home sweet home:

dog troubles

January 10, 2002

i just got home from work to find the place in shambles. the dog had gotten into the trash as well as a package filled with styrofoam. so many things are chewed up, im so mad. i currently have the three dogs locked in the bathroom and im guarding it. we had let lacey have free reign of the place after she had jumped onto the toilet, then counter, to hurdle over the baby gate we have at the doorway. im thinking were gonna put them in there and lock the door. this is the worst the mess has been... things just arent getting better. grrrr. can you tell im upset? i feel like squeezing my dog till her eyes pop out of her head. grrrrrrrrr. i need to stop typing before i pound this nice keyboard into dust.

damon dana - street artist

January 7, 2002

my brother and his wife are on a cruise for two weeks while we get to watch their home, their dogs, and feed their fish. im thinking we got the short end of the deal here. though we did have the opportunity to go with them, i doubt we could have afforded it. and im liking the more time im spending with my love. their dogs are staying with us over here, and lacey is ecstatic - one huge long slumber party! what a social dog; she takes after me.

oh. and. AND. keep coming back throughout this week. some major changes will (hopefully) be taking place. mums the word for now, but it will be fantastic. promise.

ooh and ahh: Street Artist

new year - font

January 1, 2002

the new year has rolled into my life as silently as always, and just as welcome. my husband and i just celebrated our first anniversary, and was it ever so wonderful. we headed out to chena hot springs and had a great time swimming in the outdoor pool. the only complaint we had was that the night was too warm. the best time to go into the hot springs is when it is at least -20°F, preferably colder. at that temperature our hair freezes at every opportunity. what a wonderful place to be.

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