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boobs - fried bunny

February 27, 2002

i have been eating lunch with my husband at his work the past few days. he told me that just before i walked into the lunch room today, one of his coworkers asked him how much he paid for his 'old ladys chest'. lol. my husband told this poor sap that he paid nothing - they came with the package. he then told my husband that he would have to shell out a butt load of money to get his 'old lady' a chest like that. lol. i didnt know whether to be flattered, embarassed, or upset. no ones ever asked me if my breasts were fake before - i mean, yeah, theyre pretty big. but to look good enough to be bought? wow. i think im flattered.

sick humour: fried bunny

no time - mr. t

February 24, 2002

i havent been online at home for a little over a week now, not counting the two minutes in the mornings i check email, because of my husbands addiction to evercrack. and its not like i can sit and do stuff on my site at work. what i want to update - add three new dreams (if i can remember them), ten new fonts, play with the possibility of moveable type and work on getting the new layout complete. think i can do all that in the half hour im on the computer this morning while hes in the shower? i didnt think so either. in fact, ive been talking with my brother john about the possibility of asbestos being in our bathroom, and the half hour has just flown. and its time to head to revival town.

entertainment: mr. t

valentines - moocow

February 14, 2002

i cannot stand when someone is talking in a conversation and ends every stanza with 'so...' or 'but...'. are these people incapable of completing any one thought? must every sentence trail into the next or, worse yet, into nothing? so.... what? but.... what? what comes next? this unconscious habit is driving me nuts. these words are not statements. they cannot stand alone without being emphasized. so. SO. so (see?) i would like to inform anyone who has this terrible, terrible habit - KNOCK IT OFF.

happy valentines day. i got flowers (awwww). and my dog chewed up my day planner. that should teach me to leave it at home.

ooh ahh: moocow


February 7, 2002

asking boss about his undies = sexual harassment. hm.

undies - wireframe

February 6, 2002

today at work i asked my boss, Head-Honcho-Bob, what kind of underwear he was wearing. he refused to answer. see, it all started when i announced to belyn what kind of underwear i was wearing. thats really not all that odd - i have an interesting underwear fetish. anyway, she started informing me that its hard to find nice underwear in lager sizes (shes recently lost a lot of weight). barb, in the kitchen, yelled down the hallway asking if we were talking about underwear. so i asked her what kind she was wearing. she said she wasnt going to answer that, and went back to her office.

i then got an intercom from her office saying that she was wearing denim. thats very cool - ive never heard of any. i must get some. anyway, then bob walked by and belyn whispered the age-old question: boxers or briefs? so i asked. her face got all red that i had asked, dana gasped, and bob became flustered. heehee. im terrible. he claimed that he didnt know - guys dont know these things. mmmhmm - liar. i know that one can tell a difference between boxers and tighty-whiteys. i mean, c'mon.

in-progress: Wireframe Studio

bday, miscarriage - 2advanced

February 2, 2002

another birthday has come and gone, and i dont feel any different. o sure, im carrying a different drivers license and i can now walk into any bar i fancy. but therein lies the problem: i -dont- fancy. im not in the least interested in getting drunk, or being around those who are. it just does not sound like a grand ole time. i was taken out to lunch by my coworkers, dinner by my sweet. my gift was amazing - a free acupuncture session at a time to be arranged later. im so excited to do that.

oh, and we saw the count of monte cristo. it was so good - i would reccomend it to any and everyone. i think im in love with the main actor - jim caviezel. he did such an amazing job and looked great too. a suggestion to him (because i know sooo many movie stars see my site...): keep the goatee!!

so i saw the doctor - gynecologist - on wednesday. got some birth control, and discussed with her my possible miscarriage that occurred last week. she agreed that it was most likely a miscarriage. how terrible. we didnt even think we wanted a baby until my pregnancy was more than a possibility. but now... i really want a baby. i want to go through the process of buying baby clothes and changing diapers and painting a nursery. i think i would be a great mom - and i know my love would be a *great* dad. but there are some things that we need to overcome before bringing a child into the world. time...

awe: 2advanced studios

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