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have spelt; will travel

June 30, 2002

i have become the spelt girl for my friends group. it sounds like a superhero name - but what a terribly boring power. 'i can sprout wheat'. that will make those evil dictators shiver in their boots. oh yeah.

anyway. im getting them because damon is an O blood type. gluten (the stuff in wheat) makes his whole system freak out. and the stuff isnt that bad. he and dana are all into this blood type thing. browsing through the book, im kind of scared to find out what my blood type is. no wheat? no diary? i dont think i could handle it.

unrelated, b bought this gun for $50 at a garage sale today. hes thinking its a german gun from the second world war. he got a bunch of ammo with it. after discarding the empty casings, he determined that the ammo itself would cost about $45 in the store. pretty good deal.

we dont go to morning

June 30, 2002

we dont go to morning worship services on sundays because werve been doing revival town in the afternoons. however, now that it is taking a break from weekly services this summer, i am feeling the need/desire to attend some sort of religious service.

perhaps that is why i am up this early? or perhaps it was the dog nose on my lips and nose and eyelids.

friday five

June 28, 2002

ok ok time for the friday five.

when was the last time you...

...sent a handwritten letter?
golly... over six months, i would have to say. sent it to moe. i should esnd another one - i havent heard from her in too long.

...baked something from scratch or made something by hand?
a few sundays ago i made sopapillas from scratch for the season premeire of witchblade at damons. theyre always a big hit. im in the process of making pillows (though ive been in the process of making pillows for a year. now that i finally have a sewing machine, i can finally finish), and i want to start curtains.

...camped in a tent?
haha. i dont camp.

...volunteered your time to church, school, or community?
before moving to fairbanks, i volunteered in my church all the time. currently i am doing waay too much volunteering, but none of it would fit into the above three areas. webmistressing, logo design, comic lettering.

...helped a stranger?
i help strangers in the supermarket and at the post office a lot. helping pick up items, telling them theyve dropped something, and the like. im such a good samaritan.

the nations spiritual deterioration has

June 27, 2002

the nations spiritual deterioration has always saddened me. yesterday the 9th district federal appeals court made a decision that, affecting my state directly, saddens me even more.

i agree how inappropriate it would be to have the pledge say 'one nation under Allah' or 'under Buddah', but lets face it - the majority of Americans believe in a 'higher power' (however generalized and removed from the God of abraham and noah) whom they call "God".

but i guess to be reeeally pc, lawmakers could follow the route of aa and could make it say 'one nation under a higher power'. helps portray the impersonal god that so many americans believe in.

no matter what legislatures decree, i will always subscribe first to God. the God of abraham, isaac, and jacob. and my children will learn the pledge with the phrase 'under God'.

i havent had an ice

June 27, 2002

i havent had an ice cold soda from the can in a very long time.

for some reason, it tastes much better than anything from a bottle or fountain. must be all the aluminum seeping into my beverage.

i went on a dinner-and-movie

June 27, 2002

i went on a dinner-and-movie date last night with my husband. we had some great thai currys at the lemongrass, then headed over to thea theater and saw minority report.

it was a really good movie. it wasnt a blood-and-guts movie, but i did have to hide my face during the eye replacement surgery scene. i just cannot handle anything having to do with touching, poking, or prodding the eye.

but the moldy sandwich thing? didnt bug me in the least. oh, i guess i did get queasy with the girl puking. but that passed quickly, so it doesnt count.

there are still a couple of points in the movie that i just dont get - either the leap in deductions was too great, or i blinked at a crucial part in the movie. like how cruise's character knows that the lady is her mother (am trying to be vague as to not give anything away).

and how he knew where the old plant lady lived. and another boggling thing is that the vision of him killing someone is what caused the chain of events which led to him killing someone. like the potted plant in the oracle's kitchen in the matrix: would he have done it if he hadnt known of the vision? i dont really think so. ill need to see it again to see if i missed anything or if these flaws really exist.

great movie, great dinner, even better company. and all on a wednesday night. what more could i ask for?

sculpture search has ended. no

June 26, 2002

sculpture search has ended. no thanks to anyone here [cough].

the sculpture is called "Les Quatre parties du Monde, soutenant la sph�re" (or The Four Parts/Sections of the World, Supporting the Celestial Sphere) by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.

thanks to this site's search engine. and my memory of french.

call for help

June 25, 2002

attention all who know anything about french sculture:

please pleaase does anyone know the name and/or artist of this sculpture?

it resides in the main hall of the musée d'orsay in paris, france. before an extensive google search, i would have sworn on my life that it was called 'four corners'.

but a search on that surely would have turned up 'something', no?

all help is more than welcome.

{aside: the hours of searching through scads of french art, i have a desperate desire to return to france and tour all my favorite museums and locations. how much more wonderful to be able to share it with my love. some day i will return - but by then i will most likely have forgotten all of the language but 'parlez-vous anglais?'}

i just got my computer

June 25, 2002

i just got my computer back. i have gone most of today without a computer.

do you know how much i can do without a computer of my very own?

update other computers
refill the soap dispenser
make coffee
sort through piles of unknown software
chew my nails
answer the phone (all three times it rang)
go to lunch with meg

in other words, this has been a non-productive, BORING day.

all because stupid windows update decided to install a better network card driver. mmhmm.

i might as well gone home and back to bed, all the good it did me.

up. showered. (fairly) awake. dressed.

June 25, 2002

up. showered. (fairly) awake. dressed.

and its not even 7.30.

i must be coming down with something.

so either my feet have

June 24, 2002

so either my feet have shrunk or shoe sizes have recently changed. and since my older shoes still fit fine, im opting for the latter.

every shoe - but cool, pretty, and ugly - in my size section were too large for me. while i have wore a size 10 since i was in junior high, the size that fits me now is apparently a 9.

and thats not just at one store - its at a couple, actually. its crazy.

i did end up buying myself a pari of shoes - the ones i had been eyeing for a while, too. they had gone on sale and there was only one of my size (the 9, not the 10, that is) left. it was meant to be.

and i bought a great pair of green cords at value village for $5. i havent wore cords since the mid-80s when they made that terrible 'whoosha-whoosha' sound when i walked. oh the horror.

and three pair of underwear from here for only 2¢. i had forgotten that i had a gift card since christmas time.

all in all i spent under $30. which makes me feel a lot better about the 'selfish' purchses. and i know b is going to wear the cords. which is fine, as long as its not to work.

anything in the closet is free for either of us to wear. which means i can wear his long-john shirt that looks great on me, he can wear my tear-aways, etc. im just pretty positive that he wont be wearing my leather skirt. which is good - he doesnt have the legs for it.

showering and dressing accomplished, shopping

June 23, 2002

showering and dressing accomplished, shopping is cancelled. or at least postponed.

b just got home - much earlier than either of us had expected.

we do need some fly paper, though. so im at least going to head to freds for that. who knows what non-exciting events will thus transpire.

lonely and without shoes

June 23, 2002

ive been sitting here for about 20 minutes trying to think of something quasi-witty to write. im afraid that i am going to write something anyway. i apologize in advance for the posts obvious lack of wit.

so b went out camping/fishing yesterday morning with a few guys from work. and i am, suprisingly, ok. im not freaking out about him 'leaving me and mever coming back' like i may have been friday night.

but of course yesterday was filled with garage sales and security alarms. so my mind wasnt focused on how lonely the apartment is without him.

or how big the bed is. or quiet my morning was.

but i do not intend to psych myself out into irrational thought. you know the kind: "he hates doing anything with me. and for good reason, too - im a terrible bore, and everything i do is the wrong thing. i cant even keep dishes clean. im really quite a worthless wife."

im very tired of pulling myself into those feelings. and i am very very glad that i am not there right now, nor do i forsee them for the rest of the day.

and with rt on break for the summer, i have no plans for today. nothing i have to do. and that feels great.

ive considered heading out to the church to do some filing stuff... but thats work. and i might resent that b is out playing while i work. and i dont want to resent him today.

i actually want to go buy some shoes. not just any shoes - but comfortable shoes that i like and would be allowed to wear to work. which would be nice - to have a pair of sandals to wear to work besides my tevas.

i love my tevas, you know. theyre just ridiculously old for a pair of sandals. and it gets tiring wearing them every day.

if i didnt have such an aversion to shoes (which i do. the aversion, that is.), i would have many more options. like my leather boots

if i didnt have nasty mosquito-bitten scars on my legs, i would also have more options. for i would wear more skirts. and more dressy shoes.

the problem with the new shoes i want is thta they are $35. now, i know that is not a lot to spend on shoes - or even sandals. but im used to shopping at cheaper places so that i can justify buying another pair of black heels. problem is they rarely have anything cool in my gigantuan size 10.

but ive been thinking about these sandals quite a bit for the past few days. which is odd for me. the me who hates spending money. the me who rarely buys things for only me.

maybe ill head over here first, then here first to scope out the cheap shoe shopping scene.

but that would require getting showered and dressed...

saturday night

June 22, 2002

it started as such a simple task. i had to go copy off the bulletins for tomorrow. and the disk was in my day planner. so i started my search to find the day planner.

none of this would have happened if someone (circle one: damon/beth/dana) had gone with me.

they could have suggested i look in my apartment when it wasnt in the car. then i wouldnt have had to talk to the police man. and i wouldnt have had to interrupt bob during his family dinner. and the alarm at work wouldnt have gone off.

they could have suggested i use the cell phones sitting on the desk behind me when the phone lines didnt work. then i wouldnt have had to drive 5 blocks to use a borrowed phone at a gas station that didnt have a pay phone.

but they werent there, and they couldnt have suggested anything.

so i ended up running to work and setting off the security alarm (thinking it didnt turn on until 11 [which it does on the weekdays... its 8 on the weenends]).

all the while my nice little blue disk was sitting in my nice little purple day planner sitting in the nice little entryway in my nice little apartment.

the 45 minute adventure could have easily taken five minutes. i prefer to do things the hard way.

dont tell me that i

June 21, 2002

dont tell me that i have to do laundry.
on a friday night.
on summer solstice.



June 21, 2002

i went to b's work for lunch and he showed me the resident owls they have there.

i didnt even know we had owls in alaska. only ones ive ever seen were made of wood or were on the television.

so he showed me. nice little family. mom, dad, and twins. the twins still have some of their fluff on them - they are incredibly adorable.

its the time where the mom is no longer bringing food to the nest to provoke the babies out to fly and hunt on their own. but one of them hasnt yet left the nest. it is quite sad thinking what might happen to him if he doesnt get out and test his wings.

while we were there, he was looking over the edge of the plywood nest. hes thinking about it - maybe hes the kind that doesnt like being rushed and/or forced into something. i know how that is.

the one that has ventured out of the nest was sitting on a high beam in the warehouse (in which resides the nest). he was quite interested in who we were and what we were doing - he didnt stop inspecting us from the time we entered the building until we left.

and the mom didnt much care for the anti-red-eye flash on my camera. heh.

im thinking about doing this.

June 21, 2002

im thinking about doing this.

im concerned that im not going to be able to do it with working all day the 28th. its not like i can set up my site to auot-post every half hour (like that other program).

and i dont want to do it alone. i have trouble enough staying up for 24 hours. but then with my being so tired lately, maybe staying up for over 24 hours isnt such a great idea.


June 21, 2002

in to work late again today. with karen gone i just cant seem to get out of bed before 7.45. i am so tired lately and am not getting much of a chance to rest at home, nonetheless sleep.

but at least its friday.

do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?

we live in a one bedroom apartment. its not in the best of condition, and some might say its a 'dump'. but its home and im comfortable there.

do you rent or own?

we rent. a little small rent. so its pretty justifiable living in a cheap 'dump'.

does anyone else live with you?

my husband b, my puppy lacey, and a bunch of mosquitos.

how many times have you moved in your life?

if i count the move to college as 1 (i went to the dorms, came home in the summer, returned back to the dorms that fall), then i have moved 3 times in my life. parents home > college dorm > married housing on campus > current apartment.

What are your plans for this weekend?

i dont really have any. i have to finish up the bulletin at the church. but with rt on extended summer break, i have nothing to do on sunday. and THAT ROCKS!

red rum

June 20, 2002

i am feeling red this evening.

red car, red wool shirt (i know its summer, and wool should be worn in winter, but i look hot in it, ok?), red tootsie pop, red toenails, red lips.

and i used to think red didnt work with my complexion, hair, and skin tone. green was my color. blue too. and maybe purple, if i was careful.

but beth is emphatic that i have a red personality. someone whom you cant help but notice - and not because my boobs hang out of my shirt (that is reserved for only one viewer, thankyouverymuch).

she claims that my personality is so bold that i dont care what people think - i am going to be whom and what i want to be and screw everyone who thinks otherwise.

and i guess that embodies the color red.

im not sure i completely understand it, but im willing to believe it.

unless, of course, having a red personality would interfere with the nap i so desperately want.

i really have nothing to

June 20, 2002

i really have nothing to say.

and for that i am sorry.

i do usually like to talk.

really, i do.

all the volunteers here work-work-working

June 19, 2002

all the volunteers here work-work-working are making me feel like doing the same.

its crazy, i tell you.

the grilled hotdog gretchen (a

June 19, 2002

the grilled hotdog gretchen (a volunteer) prepared to feed the mass of teen-beef volunteers here today is now sitting like a rock on my stomach.

it was a little burnt, but at least it was real beef and not 'miscellaneous meat products'.

i desperately want a coke. its turning into an addiction: i want want want to run to williams for a soda, but as soon as i get halfway through it my tummy will twitch and twist and rip out of its lining.

im not so sure a brownie will curb that craving, but im willing to try.


June 19, 2002

rain rain go away

it is a beautiful and

June 18, 2002

it is a beautiful and hot day outside. i know this because i can see it through the window next to my desk.

i really an quite tired of sitting at this computer. and its no longer my computer, either. mine is being taken to be beefed up. which is cool, except that for a few days i have taken karens tower while she is out of town.

it is quite difficult using another persons computer. i want to customize it - but how much is too much? a new walpaper, color scheme - ok. but file folder options? font sizes? default toolbars? that might be a bit too much.

cant wait to get mine back. im supposed to be getting a cd-rw. yeah! i dont even currently have a working cd-rom. im moving up in the world.

choppy monday

June 17, 2002

didnt want to get out of bed this morning.
wanted to strangle the dog.

20 minutes late, still first one at work.
yay for sleeping in and still getting to shower.

temp girl MIA; i had to fill in as transportation coordinator.
pulled out hair.
pulled some more.

phone call. phone call. phone call.
pull. pull. pull.

bite to eat. downed a huge coke.
yay for williams cheap refills.
emptied the bladder.

yay for new temp girl.
pulling out hair.

emptied the bladder. again.

praised for my web designing skills and the new work site template.
yay for being appreciated.



June 14, 2002

its friday!

how often do you do laundry?

we try to do it once every other week. id like to do it more often, but i dont have the time to go to the laundromat every few days. the good thing about the laundromat is that no matter how many loads we have, we can always get laundry done in under 2.5 hours. and i can use that time for painting my nails.

whats in a typical wash load?

a typical load? well, in a typical trip to the laundromat, we have a load each of whites, jeans (sometimes 2 loads), colords/cottons, delicates, towels, and sheets.

front or top loader? powder or liquid detergent?

the front loaders are doubles and they hold more stuff - the better value. you know. the top loader is cheaper, but doesnt hold as much. so we use that for the delicates and sometimes the whites. and powder detergent is cheaper - especially when we buy a 5 gallon bucket of it at sams.

do you use fabric softener in the rinse cycle?

unless i forget it at home, or have forgotten to buy more, i do. its nice because i can put it in the machines at the laundromat at the same time as the detergent. but the delicates, in the top loader, i often forget to add the softener. bah.

dryer or clothesline?

maybe if we had a nice yard that i could hang a clothesline, i would use it. in fact, i most likely would. its much cheaper. right now b has a few pair of jeans that dont get dried in the drier, and i have a few delicates that dont. we hang them in the bathroom over the curtain rod, towel racks, and door handles for the night.


June 13, 2002

how similar are you to me? i am 72% similar to simon.

perfect morning

June 13, 2002

everything was perfect this morning.

the covers were heavy enough to hold me in bed.
the pillow was at least twice as fluffy as it usually is.
the bed was the perfect temperature.
the fan was blowing a slight breeze onto my face, yet was not blowing any of my hair into my face.
lacey was cuddling with me under the covers with my arm as her pillow - she was actually falling asleep.

everything, that is, except for one large problem: it was morning.

didnt get home until after 2 from celebrating damons resignation. absolutely positively had to be up by 7.40, didnt really get up until 7.50. which was because one of the apartment dwellers dog team in the back yard started howling in harmony.

random meditations

June 12, 2002

the underwire part of an underwire bra should stay put, not slide out toward my armpits. makes for droopy boobs and painful armpits.

laundry did not get done tonight. again. b fell asleep on the couch. on top of me. so i couldnt even go do it alone. its all separated into piles and everything. at least i didnt take the sheets off of the bed yet.

pizza crust should never be so crispy that it cuts the roof of ones mouth.

pick your spot

June 12, 2002

took a survey a few days ago to see which cities in the states would be best for me and my interests. the results:

Salida, Colorado (pop. 7,250)
Wenatchee, Washington (pop. 25,000)
Estes Park, Colorado (pop. 5,500)
Whidbey Island/Oak Harbor/Coupeville, Washington (pop. 22,000)
Springville, Utah (pop. 16,000)
Dillon, Montana (pop. 5,000)
Divide, Colorado (pop. 11,000)
Glenwood Springs, Colorado (pop. 15,000)
Medina, Washington (pop. 3,000)
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (pop. 33,000)
* Palmer, Alaska (pop. 4,400)
Anacortes, Washington (pop. 15,000)
San Juan Islands, Washington (pop. 5,000)
Helena, Montana (pop. 28,000)
** Homer-Kenai Peninsula, Alaska (pop. 8,000)
Aspen, Colorado (pop. 5,500)
Bozeman, Montana (pop. 30,000)
Vail-Minturn-Red Cliff (Vail Valley), Colorado (pop. 11,500)
Kalispell, Montana (pop. 18,000)
Durango, Colorado (pop. 21,500)
Bigfork, Montana (pop. 5,100)
Steamboat Springs, Colorado (pop. 9,000)
Jackson, Wyoming (pop. 8,700)
Heber, Utah (pop. 6,200)

fairbanks didnt make it to my list. heres why - its not in their database! how absurd! they have dinky medina, washington, but no fairbanks? crazy. its only the second largest city in the state. thats all. not really worth putting in the list.

im amazed at how many little towns are in my list. i didnt really think i was a small town type of gal. but then i came from a small town. (john cougar mellencamp, anyone?)

b and i have pondered moving out of state. this list gives me good ideas of where to start looking. colorado sounds like a great place to me. so does washington. who knows.

* i would never live in such a po-dunk town as palmer. its a farming community. only thing interesting there is the state fair every september. and i dont want to have to deal with the millions of tourists streaming through there for that month. bah.

** my hometown made it onto this list? oh my. ok i admit that i do like it there. just way too much emotional crap associated with that town now.

temp girl just showed up

June 12, 2002

temp girl just showed up - so im no longer stuck doing administration and transportation. this stinks. i hope she got into trouble.

in other news, i am worth a whopping $1,827,760.00. sadly, thats only 200k above average. average self worth.

went and saw episode 2

June 11, 2002

went and saw episode 2 last night. didnt really want to go since im really not hot on the whole star wars thing anyway.

i dont have a personal thing against star wars like i do with the movie titanic - its the genre that i despise. dont get me wrong - i love most everything sci-fi. its the fantasy aspect that i cannot get into. i have to be able to believe the movie in order to enjoy it.

its believeable that there are flying ships and flying motorcycles and galaxies far far away and blue people with tenticles.

but for a group of 5 monks ruling all of the galaxy? sorry. i dont believe it. nor do i believe that the one chick was completely smitten for that arrogant guy.

but i went so that it could be a group activity. heaven forbid that we do something without the entire group there.

i ended up not hating - but not enjoying - the movie. leaving, i kind of felt stupid because i have no idea who the characters were or how they were connected with each other. possibly because i havent seen episode 1.

and i saw the last three in one sitting with b in high school. i cant believe he talked me into that.

dental hygene

June 11, 2002

toothbrush at work = great idea

daily frown

June 10, 2002

daily photo project. talk about a depressingly somber set of pictures. doesnt he ever smile?

while pondering that, lets try a random word association:


socks and roses

June 8, 2002

i just got home from burying socks, beths dead cat.

see, socks died over three years ago in the winter. because temperatures regularly drop below -40°F, the cat could obviously not been buried immediately. socks went into their large freezer in the garage.

beths dad is quite old, quite sick, and quite depressed. most things he only does half way. the rest he hardly gets started. he dug a hole for socks resting place the following summer underneath a rose bush, but did not want the cat to be buried because the previous cat that died wasnt buried deep enough.

i say 4 feet is plenty deep enough for a cat.

he wanted to dig up the first cat before burying the second cat. so the hole remained empty and the cat remained in the freezer for three years.

tonight the cat (in its box) was removed from the freezer, placed into the hole (by my brother), and the hole filled. we had to use pitch forks to really break up all of the roots that had grown in the dirt pile throughout the three years.

seeing my brother sprawled on his belly underneath a rose bush gently placing socks box in this hole, i realized that you dont do this type of stuff for people you merely call friends.

you do it for family.

dog thief

June 7, 2002

i really do not understand someone who has a general distrust of anything and everybody. i have always known on some level that there are those who exist with the firm belief that everyone is out to screw them. how can anyone live in such paranoia?

stray dogs are rarely seen in fairbanks because owners take more than great care for the dog, and the general public does not allow lost dogs to wander about.

last night driving home from my brothers, b and i spotted a groomed, black wiener dog standing in the grass alongside the road. i had him go back so that i can see if i can find the dogs owner. i hop out of the car and, talking very sweetly to the pretty dog, go over to it.

approaching the dog, i heard 'hey thats my dog!' i bend down and pet the dog as her owner walks over from the yard across the street and one door down. i pick up the dog and walk to the lady.

me: 'did she get out of her yard?' handing the dog to her.

she: 'were you going to take her home?'

me: 'i was going to see if she had a collar on' (the dog didnt).

it was about this time that i realized her definition of home was my home, where i was thinking she meant the dog's home. she now gave me that look. you know the one: "whatever you may say, i know you were going to steal my dog. good thing i caught you in the act, you terrible person."

that she suspected me of such a terrible act really really hurt me. i was crying by the time we got home. i had the most noble of intentions.

i am still shocked that anyone would let their small dog wander out of their yard, a house down, and across the street without a collar. and then to have the nerve to blame me of being a dog thief...

i cannot really think about it for too long. i can only think of one nasty swear word to apply to this lady. but since i dont swear, i can only put it out of my mind.

geez, lady.


June 6, 2002

looks like the tagboard (if youre in ie its the chat-thingy on your right - if youre in ns, you can ignore this entire message because i dont think it shows) is, as of today, being supported by ads.

the ads are text, yes. but the font is twice as big as i specified for the rest of the text. and the ads stay at the top. that combination of those two annoying things makes it so that the chatting text does not show at all.

the big question(s): who will use the tagboard, especially now that it has an ad covering up the small iframe? is it worth keeping the tagboard with the huge ad?

post your vote in the comments...

battle of new orleans

June 5, 2002

have been humming this all day long:

In 1814 we took a little trip
Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip'
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans

We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin'
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they began to runnin'
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

Yeah! they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go
They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

We fired our cannon 'til the barrel melted down
So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round
We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind
And when we touched the powder off, the 'gator lost his mind

my class this morning wasnt

June 4, 2002

my class this morning wasnt as bad as yesterday. half of the class didnt show back up - the half that was crawling at a snail's pace. so at least we were a smidge faster. and i did learn some cool things - i even got the answer to the question barb asked me a month or so ago. woohoo.

i was on an hp pavilion 6830 - #92. one of four in my class. on my monitor was a sticker that read:

MPRII Low Emission
This device meets Swedish
MPRII Standards

i guess the swiss have some very powerful MPRII standards.

power point and porn

June 3, 2002

i was sent to have some power point class this morning. the second half is tomorrow morning.

the first hour and a half this morning was stuff i either already knew ('this is the office assistant - this is how to use it') or stuff that would have taken me 5 minutes or less to figure out ('this is how to open a template or use the wizard'). bah.

the second half i learned some neat things - like where to find the master templates. but other than that, i was completely bored.

most classes of any subject do not move at a quick enough pace for me, anyway. its been that way since i could remember. too bad alaska didnt have any other schooling options when i was in school - i probably would have developed study skills, not been bored throughout all of my education.

i ended up writing my husband a letter with a certain porn-esque quality. except instead of having drop-dead-goregeous-chick-with-rack and 300 men, it starred slightly-squishy-wife-with-rack and only him. it was fun - first time i had done that.

and im sure that the letter was not the quality of published porn. but then i dont read/watch/listen to that stuff (now im going to get lots of google hits for 'porn'). all that matters to me is that it was fun to write, and hopefully fun for b to read. cant wait to see his reaction.

he had to go to the court this morning for jury duty. he was there an hour before the clerk came and told them that the defendant had changed his/her plea. so thankfully it wasnt too painful.

i have to remember to remind him to call in every night this month. ugh. its hard enough to remind myself to take my pill. what a pain.

im sitting here with a

June 1, 2002

im sitting here with a box of tissues and a too-small blanket. my sinuses are going to explode, my eyeballs are liquifying right in their sockets, and my nostrils are raw. i smell like vapor rub.

i am sick sick sick. guess who gave it to me? mmhmm, my wonderful hubby. bah. went garage saleing today, and i used up almost an entire roll of toilet paper with all my sneezing and nose-blowing. im not a happy camper.

we got home at 5 and i crawled into bed. got up a half hour ago. b is out putting a new (working) tape deck and 10-disc cd changer into the mustang. we got both of them today at garage sales.

ooh ooh and i got a deep fat frier. now it will be much safer to make fries and sopa pias.

im gonna go plop onto the couch and watch a disney movie. maybe eat some chicken noodle.

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