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my lack of sleep last

July 22, 2002

my lack of sleep last night has yet to hit me. and im braced for the impact.

i didnt get to sleep until almost 2am... i know it doesnt sound very late, and that i shouldnt be complaining for getting all of 5 hours sleep, but this is my site and i do as i please.


i finished most of the comic lettering and responded to a high school friends email from march. a little late, but at least i didnt just dismiss it.

oh, and homemade pizza is so much better than from a pizzeria or from the store. even if i make it. especially if i make it. it just takes so much time and energy to make it. you know, i have to wash a few dishes and chop an onion and all.

im looking to hire someone to do my dishes. washed and dried by hand. its a good 2-3 hours of work. anyone interested?

as cute as this dog

July 22, 2002

as cute as this dog is in my lap, her farts sure do stink.


July 21, 2002

ive got a new friend. keeps my playlist on the left updated. i hope its not upset that were friends only because of its programming knowledge.

yes, i have actually spent the time to download those songs and i *do* still listen to them. i dont want to hear about it.

when i got home last

July 21, 2002

when i got home last night, b was sitting in the computer chair. the fishing trip had ended a day earlier.

and, get this: he missed me.

he missed ME!

im so glad. because i was moping around here missing HIM.

that whole self-esteem-problem thing. you know that one: "i really really miss him and hes out there having the time of his life and completely NOT missing me. probably wondering whats so fun about me after all. fishing is so much more interesting."

you know.

then he took me out on a date. we saw road to perdition. it was pretty good - a bit slow, and i cried in parts. partly because the scene required crying, partly because i was verging on depressed. where tears flow too effortlessly.

but tom hanks was great. the kid was so non-emotive... i couldnt tell if he couldnt act, or if he was his fathers son. and the comparision between the two father-son relationships was quite interesting.

but it was good to spend time - time i wasnt expecting to have - with b.

now lets see if i can get to sleep before 3am, like last night.

in shocking news, ive been

July 20, 2002

in shocking news, ive been forced (no, really) to download aim. i really really really didnt want to. but then i said that about messenger, now didnt i?

so, thanks, ryan. thanks alot.

b left last night on

July 20, 2002

b left last night on another fishing trip. hopefully this weekend hell bring something home besides a stinky sleepingbag and some candybar wrappers. last time he gave all the fish to one of the guys. [humph].

the server was down last night for hours. it was very sad - especially since i had all this time where i didnt have to fight for computer access at home.

after dinner - pizza. which i made for b to eat before heading out... he didnt even have the time to sit and eat with me. ended up packing it in a plastic bag. sigh.

anyway... right... after dinner i put away all the leftover pizza, read a bit to quell the rising tears (im mush when it comes to people leaving, even for a few days... especially him), then decided to head to the church to finish up some work so i didnt have to go on saturday (today).

in the 2 / 3ish hours i spent there, i managed to rearange the filing drawers into a logical (gasp!) order, finished and prettified the file index, and threw tons of stuff away. not to mention chasing lacey all over the church for about 15-20 minutes.

its kind of sad that she is so often stuck in this small apartment when she really really loves to run.

and its also kind of sad that after the 15-20 minutes of chasing her (and being chased), i was so out of breath that i wanted to die -- and she didnt look the slightest bit tired. if im going to keep up with this dog, im going to need to get into shape or something.


remove immediately

July 19, 2002

thankfully, i only own one album from the One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately list. its #79. bought it junior (?) year in high school.

i dont really listen to it much anymore...

[via jish]

im glad i went to

July 19, 2002

im glad i went to the church last night after work to do some work there. the wind blew a few trees over onto my new cars parking space. it would have been crushed. so would have i.

right this very minute, there

July 18, 2002

right this very minute, there is something spectacular going on outside.

lightning. thunder. in alaska. LIGHTNING.

i have never seen lightning before. ok, well there was that one time driving back to fairbanks from homer. but that was is still highly debatable whether it was a ufo landing/abduction or lightning.

we were in thick-thick fog, around 10pm, in the sterling area, and the entire sky lit up. the whole thing in front of us. all of it. probably lightning, but you never know.

lightning isnt supposed to exist in alaska. nor is anything resembling a hurricane. we can have high speed winds, but never is it called a hurricane or a tornado. its just... windy.

(alaskans tend to be burlier about things like that than other states. heck, valdez gets 10 feet of snow and its a 'little snowy out' but people still drive to work. fairbanks temperatures drop below -40°F and its a 'bit nippy', but youre bound to find at least one person wearing sandals. a 5.x earthquake causes people to look up but not jump under a table.)

in any case, i have seen lightning tonight. numerous times - probably at least 5 bolts and the same number of light flashes.

i know that i was gawking out the window of my car. and im not an attractive gawker.

at least i didnt pull over to take pictures.

i just dont understand the

July 18, 2002

i just dont understand the physics of it.

how does a carrot piece land on my glass lens after eating carrots then sneezing?

photoshop: edit > transform it

July 17, 2002

edit > transform
it rrrrawks


July 17, 2002

i just signed up. you should too.

girly is as girly does

July 17, 2002

skirt: black
blouse: button-up, green
lipstick: mauve
hair: curly wavy, soft
toenails: pedicured
eyelashes: curled
shoes: heeled

am feeling quite girly today. and im rather enjoying it.

why 'must' one reserve the

July 16, 2002

why 'must' one reserve the delicacy of ice cream for evenings and weekends? last time i checked, it contained nothing resembling:

WARNING: Food product may be harmful
if ingested at work. Proceed at own risk.

it was on sale, and i had a craving. so i bought it. then ate it. at work.

im very glad i did.

i think its pretty cool

July 16, 2002

i think its pretty cool that i get to be in charge of the digi cam at work. i get to 'make sure' that the new card reader 'works' all day long.

the only two good pictures ive taken were somehow 'lost' when i put the card into the reader upside down.


xerox support

July 15, 2002


(minutes spent on phone with incompetent xerox first-level support desk personnel who failed to fix my problem)

feeding the soul

July 15, 2002

i have been thinking a lot this weekend, and have come up with a list of things that gnereally make me happy and fulfilled. things that are never on a to-do list, but probably should be in order to keep me sane.

things that feed my soul (or monday positives):

colored pens
white out
sticky notes in color
thai curry
chocolate syrup
snuggling at night with b/lacey/teddy bear
layout design
reading in the bathtub by candle light

i am vowing to do more of these things. at least one once a day. if i need to schedule it in, so be it. i demand some more life in my life.


July 15, 2002

i slept just over 35 hours this weekend, including friday night, saturday night, sunday night, and a few different naps. i had to be pried out of bed this morning. which was no fun. at all.

and still, the tingling sensations in my arms, legs, and cheeks will not go away.

am feeling depressed tonight. i

July 14, 2002

am feeling depressed tonight.

i dont do anything right, be it spooning curry into a bowl or training my dog.

tears flow too easily. when im depressed.
depression weakens the force field that holds them snuggly into place.

the size of my to-do list is overwhelming.
it presses down on me like a black shroud.
i have a large desire to complete the majority of the list.

and an equal desire to curl into a fetal position.

and cry.

i slept late today, and enjoyed the accompanied dreaming.
which reminded me that its been too long since ive updated.
sometimes i cant remember the details. that bugs me.
other times i cant find the time to record them.

too often, i feel the need to 'catch up' what i have neglected.
then avoid the increasingly-daunting task.

i need to quit taking on volunteer things.
at least im quitting my part-time job.

lettering the comic -- logo design/implimentation -- rt percussionist extraordinaire and co-treasurer -- its all just sapping the energy right out of me.

yet still, i feel depressed.

ive been sitting at the computer for over an hour doing nothing.
or aimlessly surfing. virtually synonymous.

semi-chatting with moe.
i should learn by now that she doesnt 'chat'. yet i miss her.

the sister with whom i would have long conversations.
with whom i would go swiming in the alaskan ocean every sunny summer afternoon.
for whom i would cheer my voice raw at a softball game.
for whom i cried at graduation.
for whom i love. who (i think... maybe) loves me.

blasted. im crying again.

google fun

July 12, 2002

some google fun.

[via jish (maybe?) and mefi]

i simply cannot concentrate on

July 12, 2002

i simply cannot concentrate on much of anything this afternoon. and i even get to do web design.

well, not really.

its already been designed. i have to add content and make sure the heirarchy is okie-dokie.

thats probably why im not all gung-ho over it. the fun part is over, i want to move on.

i do that too often. i love creating a new design, i hate going through the process of implementing it. i have two (three?) new layouts for this site, but thinking about the work it will take to get it all up - yuck.

hear me? YUCK.

i think id rather surf weblogs. wishes wishes.

one would think that being

July 12, 2002

one would think that being labled as 'office computer guru' would provoke warm squishy feelings.

it doesnt.

thought id share.


July 11, 2002

moe called last night around 11 - it was a miracle i was still up. she was on the playground with a group of friends calling on her cell phone.

she sounded quite energetic, despite the small amount of sleep shes been getting. and she told me all about how much 'fun' shes having this summer. you know - things like vandalism-with-spray-paint and stealing road signs. fun 'fun stuff'.

she didnt sound very interested in much of what i had to say, and a few times completely interrupted to tell me something, then didnt apologize or say, 'you were saying..?'

im not sure if she was on something or not, but i wouldnt be surprised. it was good to hear from her, but i think i might have rathered being deluded and thinking she was turning her life around for the better - or at least not getting worse.

shes applied for an apartment in those low-income buildings - whatever theyre called. the ghettos? close enough. she hasnt heard back from the lady yet though.

when she hung up, i was mad that she had called and basically dissed me. i was mad that she didnt want to talk with me, just at me. i was mad that shes been running around so blatantly breaking the law. and i was completely devastated that i cant do anything to help.

thats the worst thing - just knowing that whatever i could possible do wont help.

thursday threesome

July 11, 2002

and because i dont want to be back from lunch quite yet, the thursday threesome:

onesome: Long -- long tall drink. what's your favorite beverage, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic?
orange juice / coca-cola / water. no alcohol for me.

twosome: Hot -- do you like it hot? spicy hot food, that is!
no way. food needs to be mild. how can i enjoy the tast of food when all i can focus on is my esophagus being charred?

threesome: Summer -- summer makes you think of what food? what's your favorite summer recipe?
i love fresh watermelon. b often worries that my entire family flavors it with salt. yes, NaCl. salt. ooh - and home made popsicles. my favorite recipe is potato salad. i need to make some for this weekend, in fact.

thursday thumb-twiddler

July 11, 2002

thursday thumb-twiddler:

would you prefer to be blind or deaf?

blind. i think. even though i would miss seeing my website (egads) and bs face (not to mention my future children), i think i would be able to work around being blind better than being deaf. having to learn a whole new language just to express myself is daunting and seems like much more work. and i would be very sad if i couldnt have verbal conversations with people.

if you could transfer to your mate the one trait that you possess that you wish s/he did, what would it be?

the ability to correctly and quickly articulate feelings, ideas, and thoughts into verbal words. he gets so frustrated that he cannot find 'the' word to describe what he is thinking, and when in the midst of a heavy discussion, he can take five minutes or more to think of the best way to phrase his next sentence. which can be quite irritating, because i speak pretty quickly and rarely need much time to find the words to describe my thoughts.

if you could fly in a hot air balloon over any city in the world, what city would you choose?

i dont think i would choose a city. ive seen paris from the eiffel tower, and though beautiful, it was just another city. ive seen homer from my dads small float plane, and the ocean and mountains were much more interesting than the city. so it would have to be some beautiful vista that i have not yet had the chance to see. perhaps antarctica (i know the balloon-thing is out of the question in that cold of temperature... but this is an 'if' question anyway).

from our work dress policy

July 11, 2002

from our work dress policy effective 01feb02:

"Dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts should not be more than three (3) inchess above the knee."

"Inapropriate Attire: ... House shoes and flip-flops."

once again, judy has walked into the office wearing attire that does not fit within the paramaters of the personnel dress policy. who knows if she will be 'spoken to' about it this time. i know that the last few times she wasnt.

the problem: if i were to walk into this office during office hours wearing flip flops or my favorite pair of jean shorts (that are obviously not 3" above the knee), i would be told to [a] change, or, if i did not bring a change of clothes, [b] go home and get the appropriate clothes to change into.

but judy is a director. the only person above her is bob, and i doubt he notices things like that. im irritated that the standards are different for directors than for regular staff. its never been that way around here before.

it isnt right to publish a dress policy and then enforce it to only a select group of people.

i really want to say something to her. but i dont have the authority to do that. actually, i really want to make a photocopy of the pages in question, highlight the two parts i quoted above, and place them on her desk when shes not there. anonomously, you see.

ive talked to karen about it before, and she agreed that i had legitamate concerns. she told me that the last time judy wore her flip-flops, she didnt know what to say or who to say it to. she thanked me for bringing it directly to her - but i dont know what she did with it.

perhaps nothing, because its happened again.

and im irked.

it would seem that some

July 10, 2002

it would seem that some evil people have been misusing and abusing my email server. i find this out by replying to some spam with a 'remove me' message.

heaven knows i dont send out any spam - and im currently the only one with emails on this server, so i cant blame anyone specifically. so someone is just using my server to send spam.

ive had an inkling this was happening... ive gotten 2 or three 'mailer-daemon' emails saying one of my emails couldnt be delivered because of and incorrect address.

only, the original email was not something i had sent. or created.

ive gottn a few pieces of spam because of having my address on this site - and thats to be expected, i suppose. but to be using me and my server to send spam??

that is just plain mean.

i think ive heard of it before. has this happened to anyone else? is there something i can do about it, besides changing my domain?

ever wanted to create "new

July 10, 2002

ever wanted to create "new Web illustrations featuring Jakob Nielsen"?

who doesnt?

[via vaughan]


July 9, 2002

we saw it. last thursday, actually, but i just remembered. not like my adoring blog audience - [cough]shigatsu[cough] - can tell the difference.

the story line was lacking - but who in their right mind would go to this movie expecting a well-thought-out story? maybe - maybe - someone who didnt see the first one.

but the effects were cool, and the one liners were very funny.

i laughed, therefore i liked.

oh, and beware the chubb chubbs.

theres a crack in my

July 9, 2002

theres a crack in my new windshield. we got it on the drive to north pole for the patillo concert. it (the crack, see) was about 8" long by the time we could get it in to novus. they dont like to repair cracks any longer than 6". problem is, insurance will waive the $500 deductible only if the crack is repaired - not if the windshield has to be replaced.

the guy said that he could repair it, but he wouldnt guarantee it like he usually would. all well and good - im not paying for it. if we had them replace the windshield, it would be over $300. another company would cost us over $400. someone else, only $150. i wonder who were going to go to if we have to replace it... especially if we are paying out of pocket.

so he filled it in, and its barely noticeable unless the sun hits it right. i hope is stops its terribly quick-paced crawl up to the top of my windshield.

i knew it. but i

July 9, 2002

i knew it. but i love it so much...


July 8, 2002

how many ways are there to not say "i told you so"?

for me? apparently not many.
but i can still do it.

give it away

July 8, 2002

is the smell of the bathroom spray at work a little overpowering after Joe Schmoe exits? is it wafting over into your cubicle and 'making you sick'?

i have the perfect solution:

complain loudly to everyone within earshot, then give it to a volunteer to take home.

thats right, just give it away. even if its never bothered you before. and even if you can really hardly smell it.

give it away. who needs it.

no matter that the office for which you volunteer for bought it.
no matter that its the non-aerosol kind that smells like yummy citrus.
no matter that no one else can smell it.
no matter that Joe Schmoe was a young teen who was probablly sniffing the fumes.
no matter that the office for which you volunteer for bought it.

with their own money.

just give it away.

leon memories

July 7, 2002

patillo concert memories:

the kid who impressed us all with his 'magic' tricks consisting of pulling a card from his sleve, making one of his fingers 'dissapear', and faking out a handshake. the one i wanted to kick.

damons awesome moonwalk to "i lay in zion". not to mention his pelvis-boogie (which im not going to mention, you see).

my burnt nose from the sun that hid behind raindrops until a half hour before we started playing.

though his music may suck, hes a pretty cool guy that actually wanted to show up in time to hear us play (he didnt, but oh well).

non-wheat oatmeaL chocolate chip cookies are pretty yummy.

the realization that my boobs shake a considerable amount while playing the maracas.


July 5, 2002



July 5, 2002

addivtive fun

my prediction of being up

July 4, 2002

my prediction of being up at 6am this independance day wasnt supposed to come true.

and it wouldnt have, had laceys attraction to the hamburger grease in the kitchen trash not existed.

maybe ill go take a nap.

leon patillo

July 3, 2002

the band is opening this saturday, 6pm, at north pole worship center for (drumroll please) leon patillo.

for those who dont know (which im assuming/hoping is everyone reading this), mr. patillo used to be the lead singer for santana. he got saved and started his career as a christian singer in the 80s.

hes got a pretty big following up here i guess. darryl expects around 500 people. last time he did a concert, it was sunday at 2p and 300 people showed up.

from what ive downloaded of his stuff, he still has that 80s feel. ick. but this is our first of three gigs this summer. were praying for no rain.

im kind of nervous because of the expected size of the audience. but excited of the exposure were going to get.

and excited of my four day weekend.

you worry me

July 3, 2002

you worry me

word association

July 2, 2002

staff meetings that make me all gooshy inside. its an endangered species. one that im not sure i want to die off.

for lack of content today, another random word association:

rules: first person posts the first word that comes to their mind from reading the word i put on the page. second person posts a word they associated with the first persons word. third person posts a word they associated with the second persons word. and so on and so on. we all live happily ever after.


ive never been picked up

July 1, 2002

ive never been picked up at mcds before. never. not even one attempt.

until today.

he was a military man. and, unlike most of the other gentleman who have made "romantic" advances toward me, he was probably only a few years older than i.

for some reason i often attract much older guys. like grandpa older. i suppose my figure is more of a 40s-sexy - everyone knows that curvy curves arent really "in" these days. and my face isnt striking. not much of me is... except one feature.

this guy in mcds made it very clear to his buddy (before the attempted pick-up) that he was very impressed at the size/shape/appearance of my breasts.

its good to be known for something.

i guess.

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