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July 8, 2002

is the smell of the bathroom spray at work a little overpowering after Joe Schmoe exits? is it wafting over into your cubicle and 'making you sick'?

i have the perfect solution:

complain loudly to everyone within earshot, then give it to a volunteer to take home.

thats right, just give it away. even if its never bothered you before. and even if you can really hardly smell it.

give it away. who needs it.

no matter that the office for which you volunteer for bought it.
no matter that its the non-aerosol kind that smells like yummy citrus.
no matter that no one else can smell it.
no matter that Joe Schmoe was a young teen who was probablly sniffing the fumes.
no matter that the office for which you volunteer for bought it.

with their own money.

just give it away.


huh? O_o

maryann - a volunteer here at work - did just this. complained and complained about the smell of the stupid bathroom spray one little kid overused.

then, when no one did anything to appease her, she gave the bathroom spray bottle away to another volunteer.

i couldnt stop laughing for the afternoon. all to hide my anger.

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