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mirror project submissions

August 30, 2002

who knows when i will be able to make another post before tuesday. long busy weekend filled with cleaning beths house, you know.

so i will leave you with the word association game below as well as a few of my mirror project submissions.

word association

August 29, 2002

in lieu of actual content, a word association:

rules: first person posts the first word that comes to their mind from reading the word i put on the page. second person posts a word they associated with the first persons word. third person posts a word they associated with the second persons word. and so on and so on. we all live happily ever after.


so this is whats wrong

August 29, 2002

so this is whats wrong with my site...

if only i had known.

so that everyone knows i

August 28, 2002

so that everyone knows i did not forget:

happy birthday, mom!

an email from barb, a

August 28, 2002

an email from barb, a co-worker:

1 : a person skilled in the art of healing; specifically : a doctor of medicine
2 : one exerting a remedial or salutary influence
3 : Someone [rhapsodie] should call about her physical condition- Today 8/28/02

who knew they were still

August 28, 2002

who knew they were still making betas!?

if i had known, i wouldnt have spent hours trying to get my parents old one to work just so i could watch the 'original' video of friday the 13th.


head pounding, pounding. with a

August 27, 2002

head pounding, pounding. with a sledge hammer.
nose stuffed up and around to my brain stem.
coughing so hard i just might vomit.

am glad im not at work today.

we spent all weekend cleaning

August 26, 2002

we spent all weekend cleaning beths house.
to the average person, that hardly sounds like anything new.

but if you know beths parents, you would be agape and your heart would have stopped beating.

we threw away a years worth (or so) of newspapers.
we piled up all the magazines.
we vacuumed the years worth of cat hair.
we started to wash a kitchen full of dishes.
we sprayed and sprayed and sprayed the cat pee spots.
we bought new storage options. furniture at salvation army.
we did loads and loads of laundry.

two more weekends, and the house should be a whole lot better and ready for her parents to move back in (theyre out of town for his heart surgery).

i am never ever letting my house get built up with so much stuff, let alone cat hair.

im allergic to the stuff, you know.

successfully making a diamond from

August 26, 2002

...successfully making a diamond from cremated human remains...

"honey, instead of buying you a ring for our wedding, id love it if you wore grandpa."

want to

August 25, 2002

i want to be woofed at.

i want to be flirted with.
i want to be found irresistible.
i want to be the Greatest-Thing-That-Has-Ever-Happened to you.
i want there to be passion.
i want to have eye contact while im talking.

(how long before someone notices

August 23, 2002

(how long before someone notices the sites working again ...?)


August 23, 2002


change the 'Zilla' part of the url to something dirty. then add your own url. you will be assimilated.


with trying to catch up

August 22, 2002

with trying to catch up with blog stuff that happened during the past month, ive done this and this.

whew. you should, too.

the whole campaign is an

August 22, 2002

...the whole campaign is an invitation to masturbate...


waxed my eyebrows last night.

August 22, 2002

waxed my eyebrows last night. first time ive ever done it myself, and only the second time ive had anything waxed.

it was quite an ordeal.

i had talked to damon, and he suggested heating the stuff up a bit even though it was the cold gel kind.

that turned out to be a bad idea.

no hairs were being ripped out, yet the accompanying pain was still there. and the tears, too.

i have this thing with plucking my eyebrows.

for some reason, my brows have very sensitive skin underneath the hairs. i usually get only about three hairs plucked on each side before im crying so hard i cannot even see the mirror 2" from my face (bad eyes get worse when taking off glasses, you know). so i give up.

but with the waxing, its all the pain all at once (unless you heat the gel and no hairs come out - then its all the pain a couple different times). and that special waxing pain covers up the horrendous plucking pain.

i was able to completely wax/pluck my eyebrows for the very first time without professional assistance. but i think i got a few too many hairs in the center above my nose.


August 22, 2002

yaaaaayyy!! its WORKING!! oh yeah. uh huh. [does a happy dance].

ive been skipping - yes, actually skipping - around the office for the past five minutes because i didnt get a 500 error when starting greymatter.

want to know my secret to success? the one thing that has made me the happy girl i am today? my husband? noooo. my brand new host!

and that is seriously the only thing i changed.

so im back - and after a month, man, it feels so good!

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