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gottschalks is having a sale,

December 31, 2002

gottschalks is having a sale, underwear included.

last night after work i bought one string thong, one string bikini, one g-string, and one tanga1,2.

tonight i bought one string thong, one g-string, and six string bikinis.

grand total: $37.

im in heaven.

last night was filled with:

December 31, 2002

last night was filled with:
a giggly dinner
a long drive
a starry sky
'no tresspassing' signs
tears of love (cheesy, i know)
smooches in a car
a view of the alyeska pipeline
frozen nylon-clad legs
a movie during which we fell asleep

what a great anniversary. cant wait to do it again.

monday positive

December 30, 2002

some positives for monday:

- a husband who believes i am worth more than he could ever give me
- two years of (un)perfect marital bliss
- sparkly diamonds and platinum
- planned date nights
- acceptance and love as i am
- being spooned by the husband...
- ...and spooning the dog
- short work weeks

a smelly fart in a

December 30, 2002

a smelly fart in a crowded elevator, or a loud fart in bed with your lover.

which is worse?

think your trash is private?

December 30, 2002

think your trash is private? aint so.

apparently it is the opinion of numerous judges and police officials that as soon as the trash can is sitting on the sidewalk, it becomes public property.

but they didnt feel that way when their own trash becomes the focus of investigation.

because he was so pleased

December 30, 2002

because he was so pleased with himself, b and i decided to exchange anniversary gifts last night.

i got him a pair of 4" speakers for the dash of the isuzu - he told me that hes never owned brand new speakers before. score one for me.

then he gave me something special (pops up). 12 round diamonds set in a platinum channel setting adding up to 1/4 carat total weight.

score three hundred for him.

nemesis felt like a long

December 28, 2002

nemesis felt like a long series episode rather than a full length movie.

there were many cool huge aspects that were glossed over - mentioned and forgotten. if more time had been spent with the super-terrible radiation it would have felt like a bigger deal that earth was going to be demolished.

why does picard insist on destroying a ship a movie?

and who would marry richer? eww.

thankfully i managed to get

December 28, 2002

thankfully i managed to get damon and dana to go shopping with me today. otherwise i wouldnt have wandered into that auto audio equipment store and found the perfect gift for b.

instead i would have whined that fred meyer no longer carries that type of audio stuff, and kmart is just crappy, and sears was all out of stock.

but then damon said �i think theres an audio store next to radio shack downtown...� and the day was saved.

our two year anniversary is on monday. two years of marriage, another year and a month of engagement before that, and a year and a few months of tonsil-hockey before that.

almost four and a half years since our fist kiss. my very first kiss. since i convinced him to stop seeing his then girlfriend. since i decided that i could let a boy open doors for me.

well, that actually took a bit longer. well say three years on that.

it feels like yesterday. i cant believe these two years have sailed by. i cant wait for the next 50.


December 27, 2002

spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for the break that will make it okay
there's always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
i need some distraction
or a beautiful release
memories seep from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
i'll find some peace tonight

angel, sarah mcLachlan


in an hour and a

December 27, 2002

in an hour and a half, i managed to drive home, pick up the dog, bring her to the vet for her shots, fill the car with gas, do a bunch of grocery shopping, and get home again.

im feeling rather productive thus far.

im about to leave work

December 27, 2002

im about to leave work for the weekend. how nice to start the weekend early. at least i have something to occupy my afternoon as opposed to yesterday.

lacey gets her rabies vaccination at 3pm. she is not going to be a happy dog.

fly guy becomes much more

December 27, 2002

fly guy becomes much more relaxing once you realize its not a game to be won or lost.

here are some gorgeous scanned

December 26, 2002

here are some gorgeous scanned flowers by Katinka Matson. so very pretty.


if there had been someone

December 26, 2002

if there had been someone with whom i could have spent today, the day would have ended with me being much less depressed than i currently am.

soending hours alone is not good for a people person, let alone a depressed people person.

you dig it?

happy boxing day. i want

December 26, 2002

happy boxing day.

i want to go shopping.
anyone want to go?

a couple of times ive

December 25, 2002

a couple of times ive started to write something for here, and each time ive not known what to say.

but i want to say something, you know?

happy wednesday.
enjoy the day off im sure you have.

i got off from work

December 24, 2002

i got off from work at 1 today, then sat at jiffy lube for 45 minutes while the escort (finally) got an oil change to winter oil.

not like its been reaaaally winter (below 0°F. and white - it has to be white) for more than a week anyway.

driving home, the road looked different. really pretty with the trees and light poles and power lines all encased in white, but slightly different. and i couldnt put a finger on just what made it different.

then i pulled into the apartment parking lot, and all the windows of the building also looked different. sitting staring at the building for almost a fill minute, it finally hit me.

i havent driven to or from work in daylight in a very long time.

only time im driving farther than mcdonalds during the day daylight is on the weekends, and then b drives and we take the isuzu.

but with the sun rising at 10.59a and then setting at 2.43p, who could blame me?

who wants to take a

December 24, 2002

who wants to take a stab at the quiz of the year?

i went ahead and bought

December 23, 2002

i went ahead and bought the new jeans. two pair, in fact - they were on sale. i wish i could have found 501s that were only one inch larger instead of two - after a day of wear, they are stretched out to where it feels like theyre sagging big time.

i like jeans that hug the curves (that are indeed getting curvier by the moment), not hang on them.

im also starting to get serious about some sort of weight-loss-program-type-thingy. lacey, b and i went for a walk this evening after work. if it werent -10°F, we would have walked longer, i wouldnt have chilled my lungs so much, nor would i have needed to apply vicks vapo-rub between my boobs (theres a search term for google).

hopefully some excercise will help alleviate the depression, which will help motivate the excercise and we all live skinnily ever after. right?

my tattoo itches like the

December 23, 2002

my tattoo itches like the dickens. and i cant even reach it.

would you scratch my back?

staff christmas party: tolerated and

December 23, 2002

staff christmas party: tolerated and finished.
how i want to go home and nap.

this is how out of

December 21, 2002

this is how out of it i am:

i just printed 100 bulletins for church tomorrow (being the good little secretary i am, i didnt forget like i did last week), and they all had the wrong date.

its not like i can just reprint them, because theyre on pre-printed, date-(semi-)specific bulletin masthead.

gah. whiteout must be my friend.

the perfect words for any

December 21, 2002

the perfect words for any christmas carol.

a study has shown that

December 20, 2002

a study has shown that a womans body self-image affects mental performance.

go figure. simply shocking.


the stairwell at work smells

December 19, 2002

the stairwell at work smells like hot dogs.

did you know that 555-7667

December 19, 2002

did you know that 555-7667 is 555-poop?

sculpture for math and schience

December 19, 2002

sculpture for math and schience geeks. 72 pencils is definitely my favorite.

im now thinking of buying a kit for my nieces.
you know, from the geeky aunt.

next time i go to

December 19, 2002

next time i go to buy a pretty wool seater, would someone please remind me of my wool allergy?

that would be helpful, thanks.

game: save them goldfish! i

December 19, 2002

game: save them goldfish!
i managed to save 26 on my first try.

lord of the rings

December 19, 2002

i saw it last night.
i dont know how i was talked into opening night.

the speakers were set too loud.
my cough was too obnoxious.
it was too late and too long.
i had to keep myself awake.

(oh, and the story isnt really about two towers)

and thats all im going to say about that.

little by little every day

December 18, 2002

little by little every day i feel myself sinking further into depression.

things that once would send me into a rage or flood me with tears now plop a heavier foreboding weight on my shoulders.

i think of my sister, friends who have long since severed contact (though passively) with me, the days work, having to make decisions, melissa.

i feel beaten. worthless. unable to face any challenge, make any decision, no matter how slight.

this post once had a point. then i started crying, and lost the point all together.

for the first time since

December 18, 2002

for the first time since i was 14, i am not able to fit into my jeans.

not that ive had the same pair of jeans since i was 14 - that would be a little gross. rather, ive wore the same size and style since then.

since the funeral, however, ive gained at least 10 pounds. this changes the jean fit from comfortably-bum-huggin-snug to i-cant-breathe-tight.

since my 501s are a wardrobe staple, im at a loss for what to wear. i can only wear so many skirts before going girl-batty, and the only pair of jeans that doesnt cut me in half are quite dirty.

i remember new jeans making me feel skinny; will the same magic work if the new waistline is 2" larger?

pummelos are yummy.

December 17, 2002

pummelos are yummy.

oh, the rest of the

December 17, 2002

oh, the rest of the frog tats can be seen here.

forging 60+ signatures is harder

December 17, 2002

forging 60+ signatures is harder than it sounds.

the bottom of my foot

December 17, 2002

the bottom of my foot is kinda yellow-y.
anyone know why that might be?

[fanfare] presenting the small poisonous

December 16, 2002

presenting the small poisonous dart frog that cost me $100 and a half hour of pain:
the frog tat

im never doing that again.


December 13, 2002

speaking of, im getting a tattoo.
five of us are, actually.

a copy of moes tat by the same artist.
on damons thigh.
danas rose tattoo.
beths thigh... maybe.
bs lower back.
my shoulder.

thereafter i will have a piece of her always with me. a tribute to her and her permanent affect on my life. a public statement that i have been changed by knowing her, and changed by the event of her death.

its gonna hurt. but thankfully, ive got friends.
friends with drugs.
im planning on not feeling a thing.


December 13, 2002

my 2002, a mayfly project:

destructive puppy.
addiction ultimatum.
new car.
logo design.
waxed eyebrows.
cough. cough.
insufferable loss.
memorial tattoo.

still not sure what to

December 13, 2002

still not sure what to get that special little lady for christmas?
how about a beauty kit?

a great way to teach your daughter, neice, or neighbors child about how to attain real beauty.

the makers have thoroughly considered the childs safety and includes antiseptic spray in each kit.

a very fun coloring book

December 13, 2002

a very fun coloring book in the flair of keith haring.

i must be pitiful enough

December 13, 2002

i must be pitiful enough to convince coworkers (the related kind, even) to get me a soda when leaving for an appointment and not planning on returning.

but hey - im not complaining.
im sipping coke right this instant.
and i didnt even move from my desk.

its been snowing off and

December 12, 2002

its been snowing off and on all day.

its about time we got some snow.
this is alaska, after all.

whats wrong? ill tell you

December 12, 2002

whats wrong?
ill tell you whats wrong.

my back hurts. as does my neck.

even though i am asleep on my feet at 10.30p, i cant manage to get out of bed before 7.45a. and when my boss is on time for work, im late. which is not even funny-haha-ironic.

i must not be eating enough food because my stomach starts eating itself every four hours.

for at least 6 hours of each day i stare at my work computer as though in a fog. my senses slow down - my reactions, my hearing, my perceptions. my eyes glaze over, my head aches.

my evenings are filled with nots. not cooking, not cleaning, not moving.

its getting harder and harder to ignore that the christmas season is practically sitting on my face (or head, as the case may be). im torn between denying the holiday season and buying presents so as to not upset my family.

who am i kidding - i dont care what they think. but i do at least need to get something for b... i do care what he thinks.

and i cant call melissa to tell her all about it.
thats really whats wrong.

true phone conversation: me: administration,

December 11, 2002

true phone conversation:

me: administration, how may i help you?
other lady: yes, i just have a question for you.
me: all right.
other lady: im living over here in sanvick and im wanting to cut my hair. how many inches should it be?

we help people with all sorts of things, but hairdo decisions? go to a salon, for petes sake.

theres nothing like having a

December 10, 2002

jenni on my headtheres nothing like having a sweet young 15-year-old sitting on your head at work.

unless shes hanging christmas decorations in a stairwell. and she has to hang ribbon and bows. and she keeps dropping the push pins. and giggling uncontrollably at dropped push pins.

and a coworker runs to get the digi cam.

ever been in the middle

December 10, 2002

ever been in the middle of an orgy you are hosting and realize you didnt plan the money for enough salted butter?

do not despair! there is an orgy budget calculator to aid in perfecting your orgy planning.


its a bit odd when

December 10, 2002

its a bit odd when i start dreaming about other bloggers.

ok so someone might not

December 9, 2002

ok so someone might not be too hot on my layout, because i recently gave her the idea of using a pinup in a layout she was working on.

in fact, i even gave her the pinups.

the reason i had the idea to begin with is that ive had a rough of this layout just sitting in a nice .psd for a month or so, and i was getting ready to put it up.

now im having second thoughs - she wont really be upset that i, too, have a similar design-concept. at least were not using the same girl.

word association: pinup

December 8, 2002

word association:


just a note to say

December 6, 2002

just a note to say that ive still been updating my dream journal. i just added 23nov through today.

theres still one dream from august i need to add... its a toilet dream, very exciting.

Making Rhapsodie Taste Better -

December 5, 2002

Making Rhapsodie Taste Better - Investment Rhapsodic Department (IRD)


thumb twiddler

December 5, 2002

lacking content today.
thursday thumb twiddler

Would you like to know the precise date of your death?
heavens, no. i would worry and worry and worry and... then b would kill me.

Do you have a favorite sexual fantasy? Would you like to have it fulfilled?
yes. and.... yes (details savored, but not provided).

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
the facts of life. who didnt want to live there? shoe shopping with blair, cracking jokes with natalie, boxing practice with jo, rolerskating with tootie, and baking with mrs. garrett sounds oh-so-wonderful.

chewing on a straw can

December 4, 2002

chewing on a straw can be addictive, you see.
it has the lovely petroleum flavor.


December 4, 2002

heres a nifty advent calendar sans chocolate.
this one doesnt let you skip ahead, either.

not for the weak of

December 4, 2002

not for the weak of stomach.

the megabyte shortage has been

December 3, 2002

the megabyte shortage has been solved; crisis averted.

i had uploaded a bunch of 40s/50s pinups for someone. i forgot they were there taking up over 30mb. those are some fat pinups.

so im back down to a comfortable, reasonable, expected 63mb. i like that.

it did make me do some cleaning up, and thats good.
but now i have to reupload two mp3s, and thats bad.

How to Know It is

December 3, 2002

How to Know It is Winter (part two of something):

sunrise. at 11.20am.


December 3, 2002

when attempting to upload the mp3 for the last entry, i discovered that i am thiiiiiiiiiis close (if you can see my fingers, youd realize i mean 0.6mb) to maxing out my 100megs here.

im aghast.
shocked. stunned. amazed. bewildered.
floored. perplexed. startled. dumbfounded.
in other words, a human thesaurus.

i might need to gasp! get more web space!
a nice domain for my font site would be quite nice..... suggestions?

i need a strategy. a game plan.
enh. ill probably just bum off of the other domain.

UPDATE: moving some mp3s and some needless pictures and deteing this and that has freed up a whopping 7megs. and a friend just found a cheap and seemingly good hosting service. more and more im seriously thinking about this new domain.


December 2, 2002

has tuna fish, and the way it is packaged, changed in the last 5 years or so?

im a big tuna fan, dont get me wrong. but there used to be a time in my golden youth when i was able to drain a can of this sumptuous meat with no problems.

no problems, no hassles. i opened it with a can opener, then used the lid to squeeze the liquid from the meat. tipped it over, water all fell out.

nice and simple.

but now when i squeeze the lid down, the lid bends with an abrupt pop and the contents of the can squirt out onto my shirt. and pants. yes, and even in my hair.

this phenomenon has caused me to buy the silly little gadget they sell for such things.

but even that thing is out to get me - i get squirted with the same amount of sloppy, juicy meat, only in small spurts instead of one lump.

perhaps years ago my fingers were more delicate (yes, i hear you laughing; stop that), my patience more abundant. perhaps tuna manufacturers have proven that i will eat more tuna when i am covered in it.

is flaky tuna really too much to ask?

rippy the gator

December 2, 2002

Billy and his family went on a holiday
they went down to florida, to laugh and dance and play
Bill went in for a swim, he didn't see the harm
but when he came back out again, he was short an arm

everybody sing...


in under five hours i

December 2, 2002

in under five hours i need to be at work.
at least my dog is getting some sleep.
this is not a good start to a week.

stressed. overwhelmed. frustrated. sleepy. happy

December 1, 2002


happy december.

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