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flight/drive to homer: successful. not

January 31, 2003

flight/drive to homer: successful. not as long as it could have been.

moms new computer: disaster. motherboard is fried. i get to check it back in as luggage for my return trip to fairbanks. then i get to make sams club replace it for me. then i get to make another trip to homer (who knows when that will be) to properly install it for my mom.

moral of the story: open the computer box and make sure the darn thing turns on before travelling 600 miles with it.

on occasion i have enjoyed

January 30, 2003

on occasion i have enjoyed a mayonnaise sandwich: bread slathered in mayo.
it thoroughly disgusts b every time i do it.

what odd/disgusting thing do you enjoy eating?

tonight i head to my

January 30, 2003

tonight i head to my brothers for a 3d-puzzle-assemblage-frenzy.

ill probably bring a load of dirty laundry.
im nice that way.

what are you passionate about?

January 29, 2003

what are you passionate about?

a list of things to

January 29, 2003

a list of things to bring to homer this weekend (to be added to sporadically [not that ill be able to read this anywhere but my two places of work]):


isnt it a triffle odd

January 29, 2003

isnt it a triffle odd that its warmer in most of alaska than in other parts of the united states right now? like florida?

last night we celebrated my

January 29, 2003

last night we celebrated my birthday at bible study. my brother damon made a yummalicious chocolate fudge cake from scratch and i made home-made chocolate chip ice cream. it was very delicious.

damon got melissas super nintendo and sega genesis from my mom in the mail. last night i got to play all the super nintendo games that i adored (and was actually good at). it was great fun.

donna brought some beaded bracelets from her recent africa trip - probably from C�te d'Ivoire. these blue and white bracelets are traditionally given from one native african to another and are not tourist-y items. they are beautiful, if a bit tight going over my hand. oh and they happen to really pinch and pull at my arm hairs. do africans have less arm hair than alaskans (which actually, now, it makes sense that the answer is yes)?

beth got me some purple roses (which i promptly forgot to take home) and painted then framed a great excerpt from the little prince.

my mom got me the biggest and heaviest basket of bath goodies ive ever seen. with the new apartment and its bathtub that (im sure) wont make me feel dirtier after a bath, i will definitely must try some bath salts, bath bombs, aromatherapy oils, and body washes.

and ive been told one more gift should be here today.

what a great evening.

i want to give a

January 29, 2003

i want to give a big and giant hug to miss sigatsu for my wonderful birthday presents!

some useless thoughts: -- its

January 29, 2003

some useless thoughts:

-- its nice to come to work 10, 15, or 20 minutes late and still be the first one here.

-- most disconcerting is the bowl of carrots submerged in water sitting in the work kitchen sink presumably all night. does this ward off evil spirits or something? if so, why havent i heard of it?

-- the air mattress b and i are sleeping on while the waterbed heats up claims to be a 'downy air mattress.' doesnt 'downy' suggest some sort of feathers existing within this mattress? well, there arent any.

-- i really need to get to sleep earlier than 1am.

-- 22 feels just like 21. go figure.

when youre holding the moon

January 28, 2003

when youre holding the moon for ransom, you value the stability of an application.

switch to linux.
and move to iceland.


my butt cheek (the right

January 28, 2003

my butt cheek (the right one, actually) feels as though ive been clenching them for days. in that not-so-pleasent way; they hurt.

happy birthday to me.

we spent the weekend moving.

January 27, 2003

we spent the weekend moving.

friday night b recruited help from work to move the behemoth of a couch.

saturday we packed like the dickens and then ran errands - including renting an electric pump for emptying the water bed. i highly recommend this over siphoning. we got a couple more boxes moved over, mostly kitchen stuff, but nothing big.

sunday afternoon we moved lots of stuff. we got help from my brother and others; we managed to move the waterbed, our chest of drawers, the armoire, most of the clothes in each piece of furniture, most of the entertainment center, the computer system sans monitors, bookshelves, the entire contents of the bathroom, and other things im sure.

we also made sure to get necessities - bs uniform and gun, underwear, socks, the dogs food, our books, shampoo, shower curtain, bedding. all this so we could spend our first night in the new apartment.

the one major thing we forgot was the fan. with b so warm at night, he likes to sleep with a (or two) fan at night. for two years ive learned to sleep with a fan. now i cannot sleep without that blessed white noise.

the waterbed also takes a few days to completely warm up. so we pulled out the sofa-sleeper, put an air mattress on top of that, and slept there. its much smaller than the waterbed, and not nearly as comfortable. besides, i think we put too much air in the mattress.

i hardly slept a wink.
and the dog has let us know that she is more than ready to go back home whenever we are.

food items to never mix:

January 27, 2003

food items to never mix:

black licorice + dr. pepper

in honor of bubble wrap

January 27, 2003

in honor of bubble wrap appreciation day:

perpetual bubblewrap
boxco bubblewrap
snap bubbles
virtual bubblewrap

stereoscopic photography is enough to

January 27, 2003

stereoscopic photography is enough to give me a headache. i was able to properly view kottke's thumbnail - and was it ever cool. after that first viewing, every other picture comes oh-so-close to lining up before the two separate images pop back into focus.

the process reminds me of the magic eye posters. i find the magic eye posters much easier... and once ive seen one magic eye, all of the others pop out perfectly.

however... maybe its just the computer screen. im also having problems with their samples.

the vulcan groin meld. caulking

January 27, 2003

the vulcan groin meld.
caulking & spackling.
thumping the flesh sculpture.

all this and more in the absolute bottom 50 euphemisms for 'doin it'.


thats that, then. plans have

January 25, 2003

thats that, then.
plans have been made. cars have been rented. flights have been booked.

my brother and i are going to homer to visist my parents for the weekend. we will fly into anchorage friday morning where ill pretend to wave at steveo (but not this steveo, and not that steve-o. instead, i mean the alaskan steveo. confused yet?). well grab a rental car and drive the 4 hours to homer.

its much much quicker than driving fairbanks to homer (which is a 12-hour trip one way), and much cheaper than flying all the way into homer (were saving about $200). besides, after driving the 12-hour fairbanks to homer trip numerous times, a four hour one way is a walk in the park. but were driving. obviously.

im also bringing my mom a new computer. hers is four or five years old, and i act as her tech support. its much easier on all involved (including me) to just get her upgraded. im going to have fun teaching her windows xp.

now that theres no turning back, no renigging the trip, let us look at the trip in further detail.


since most of my search

January 24, 2003

since most of my search referrals are for manolo blahnik shoes, and since a few of my coworkers have the idea that i am completely and utterly addicted to shoes (which im not - even if i do own a book, i can completely resist a pair of shoes. underwear, however, is a completely different story), this will fit in quite nicely.

century in shoes gives an awesome look into the shoes of each of the past ten decades as well as a brief look into the culture of the times.

of further interest is the bata shoe museum in toronto.


i was listed on linkdump

January 24, 2003

i was listed on linkdump today.

hi to all you link-dump-peoples.
nice to know im included amongst all the porn links.
...must be the girl in my layout.

my grandma can yodel like

January 24, 2003

my grandma can yodel like nobodys business. in that no one should attempt yodeling - but she manages to make it sound fun and kind of okay.

however, she refuses to do it when anyone is around. including a bug. shes so very shy about it that i have only heard little bits of yodel from her mouth.

but i have heard stories - oh, have i heard stories. im glad she doesnt yodel all the time because, lets face it, i would have to disown her (not that i see her a lot anyway; thats besides the point).

now you can learn to yodel in ten easy steps and be disowned by your own family and friends.

view the earth from 10

January 23, 2003

view the earth from 10 million light years to 100 attometers.

this shows quite well that we know more about the macrocosm of the universe than the microcosm of atoms. but i think the microcosm of atoms is much more interesting.

huey long talked constantly in

January 23, 2003

huey long talked constantly in the senate for 15.5 hours.

a male seal refuses to eat during the mating season.

the human eye can wink in one-fortieth of a second.

and other useless facts.

how could i go all

January 22, 2003

how could i go all day long and not realize today is the four month anniversary?

go vote for the bloggies

January 22, 2003

go vote for the bloggies like the good little blog surfer you are.

(new girl)

January 21, 2003

(new girl)

heres a fun game. the

January 21, 2003

heres a fun game. the goal: steal apples behind your neighbors back. its ok because your neighbor desparately needs to shave.

my high schore: 1225. go ahead - do better.

sometimes i just want to

January 20, 2003

sometimes i just want to scream.
sometimes i just want to cry.

right now i want to do both.

today i feel like someones

January 20, 2003

today i feel like someones fifth priority.

create a brokenpoem. who doesnt

January 18, 2003

create a brokenpoem.
who doesnt love poem randomness?

this marks post #400. boy

January 17, 2003

this marks post #400. boy howdy.

did you know that kettle

January 17, 2003

did you know that kettle corn comes in a microwaveable bag?
did you care?

its always a shock to my tastebuds when im expecting the satly/buttery flavor of popcorn but instead i get a shockingly sweet taste.

i adore kettle corn.

ever notice how i swing

January 17, 2003

ever notice how i swing from weeks of blog-like links to weeks of journal-like stories?

i do. and its kinda weird.


January 17, 2003

were gonna be moving in the next month.

we were just approved for a nicer apartment than the one were currently in, but we havent yet given 30 days notice to our current landlord.

which means we will be paying for the old apartment through the end of february. so probably paying two rents for just over a month. which isnt cool, but it does give us some time to move... 5 weekends, if im counting right.


pssst. the dream journal looks

January 16, 2003

the dream journal looks different

the transmission is fine! the

January 16, 2003

the transmission is fine! the transmission is good! the transmission is in perfect working order!
thank you, jason, for helping that come true.

its the engine thats broken.

a rod exploded/shattered/disintegrated, causing the piston to blow, causing the pump in the pistons to completely seize.


attack of the curry

January 16, 2003

last night b took me to the thai house - a great thai restaurant in town. we had already tried to go to a thai favorite - the lemongrass - but its closed until the 20th. so back to the other side of town we went in search of thai.

garee-gai: yellow curryi got a mild yellow chicken curry - one of my favorites - and b got a spicy red beef curry. halfway through my first plate, a piece of food takes its time heading down to my stomach.

i often have this problem: i dont chew my food enough, and i have some food allergy that i have yet to pin down. the combination results in my needing to 'help' my swallowed food with a gulp of water.

last night i used my helpful water chaser, but it didnt help the food down. instead, it backed up and cut off my airway. no coughing, no noise.

thats right, ladies and gentleman.
i choked in a thai restaraunt.

as my eyes bulging three times their size, my love quietly asked: 'sweetie, are you choking?'

in less than thirty seconds i nodded, he jumped up and proceeded with the heimlich maneuver, a lady to my right said, 'oh my god, shes choking,' a waitress brought a pile of napkins, and i was harfing onto my plate.

i sat down and harfed a couple more times. which, if you havent done in a public restaurant, i would highly reccomend.

shaking, b led me to the bathroom where i harfed into the toilet, washed my face and my glasses, and wondered aloud if i should induce more vomiting - it still felt like my throat was clogged. he assured me it was merely stretched out.

oh. is that all?

walking back to our table, i was the most self-conscious i think i have ever been. it was terrible. we didnt stay any longer.

this happened once before when i was about 12. the culprit was a burger from dennys. my grandma slapped my back a couple of times (something you SHOULD NOT do to a choking victim) and out popped the half-chewed burger patty.

have you ever seen someone choke in a restaurant? ever helped someone who was choking? i havent.

i am 82% happy. how

January 15, 2003

i am 82% happy.
how happy are you?


it sat on my desk

January 15, 2003

it sat on my desk all neutral and un-assuming brown awaiting my return.

happiness in a box: photoshop 7.0.1 and pagemaker 7.0.

anyone care to drool?

airport security is starting to

January 15, 2003

airport security is starting to request a traveller take a picture with their camera to prover it is not a bomb.

in a split second one must decide what should be the photos subject.

the insecurities project showcases these photographs. and i think it is just cool.


due to popular request, and

January 14, 2003

due to popular request, and thanks to david raynes for the plugin file and kristines plugin directory, dream teasers are now available.

while supplies last. call within the next 5 minutes! and youll receive a set of ginsu knives absolutely FREE!

dates of the dream are on the hover.
would anything else be useful there?
besides a redesign?

right, then. the class is

January 14, 2003

right, then.

the class is over and im dreading going back to work. i mean, they really expect me to be there at or, get this, before 8am.

i wont be able to sleep until 8.20, jump from the bed, encourage the dog to eat as fast as i can pee, and race to work.

ohhh no.

i will be forced to be out of bed by 7.40 (if i am to really be there on time that is when i ought to leave the apartment - but i digress), encouraging the dog to eat as fast as i can pee, and then, then, battle all of those annoying cars on the road.

ill be expected to make hot water -- sweep the walkway of snow that im sure hasnt been swept/shovelled since i started class last wednesday -- make director-esque decisions as my supervisor is most likely out of town for a few weeks -- interact with people whom i dont much identify (though with whom i do enjoy working).

thats a lot to expect from just one girl. a girl who just doesnt want to.

maybe ill call in sick.

$55 - tow truck that

January 13, 2003

$55 - tow truck that couldnt find our car but charged us anyway.

$160 - impound fee we couldnt do anything about until monday, which is $100 for the tow and $20 per day. if possible, we would have taken care of it saturday, and it would have been $120.

$60 - tow truck to pick it up from the impound lot and take it across the street to our mechanic.

$scary - the amount to find and fix the reason the car was impounded in the first place.

repeat after me:
-- we dont need to replace the transmission
-- we dont need to replace the transmission
-- we dont need to replace the transmission

if only the car would obey.

i am so horny right

January 13, 2003

i am so horny right now, its not even funny.

how long until class is over?
an hour and a half?

i wish

January 12, 2003

i was just listed over at i wish you wish under january.

you should sign up too, if you havent already.

in the course of an

January 11, 2003

in the course of an hour:

driving down the highway to lunch.
our isuzus engine died.
my brother tried to jump the battery.
it wouldnt start.
we called for a tow, then went home.
the tow truck couldnt find the car.
it had been impounded by city police.

we wont be able to do anything about it until monday.
this really, really, really sucks.

we really did nothing wrong; the only thing we really could have done was stand by the car and wait for the tow truck. but at 10 below zero, who would want to do that? and how would we know that it would be impounded?


January 10, 2003

just to give some hints that my birthday is coming up at the end of the month.

at least i wont link to my wishlists. that would be real low.
not like me at all.

ooh - if i made

January 10, 2003

ooh - if i made a small section here on the front page listing the five most recent dreams entered in the journal, would anyone be more compelled to read some of them?

would you be more interested in 'naked at the supermarket' and 'sex in a cathedral' teasers than the plain 'dream journal' link?

im on a break from

January 10, 2003

im on a break from class. in an hour i get to go home.
yay for the weekend.

i also have a splitting headache.
i think its the lights in the classrooms here.
anyone have some asprin i could use?

i wish the cashew chicken

January 10, 2003

i wish the cashew chicken i made actually had cashews in it.

everyone go wish miss shigatsu

January 9, 2003

everyone go wish miss shigatsu a happy birthday.

oh, wait.
shes my only audience.
that wont work.

can you get whiplash when

January 9, 2003

can you get whiplash when in super-hurry-mode in the shower?

i think i might have this morning.
8 minutes must be a record shower for me.

this morning i almost forgot

January 8, 2003

this morning i almost forgot that my a+ prep class started today. i know i already took it once, but this place lets people retake any class once for free.

since the pacing and material of this class depends on the skill level of the students, i figured it would be pretty beneficial to retake it.

besides, its free. and i dont have to see any of my coworkers for a week.

and we get 2 hour lunch breaks. how cool is that?

so until next wednesday, posts will be pretty sporadic. not like anyone will notice.

so i have a bunch

January 7, 2003

so i have a bunch of these pinup girls just sitting in a file; i decided it was time to put them to good use.

at the very least, ill get a new girl every so often.

but i might, i just might, set them up on a rotation schedule. i dont want you to get bored with the same girl.


January 7, 2003
One should respect public opinion in so far as is necessary to avoid starvation and to keep out of prison.
Bertrand Russell

whats grosser than gross?

January 7, 2003

whats grosser than gross?

even if youre not a

January 6, 2003

even if youre not a race car fan, how can you not enjoy an invisible race?

if you could not take

January 6, 2003

if you could not take five things to a desert island with you, which five things would you not take? [via]

cassette tapes
instant hot cocoa mix
a tv remote
jumper cables

lying in bed not ten

January 6, 2003

lying in bed not ten minutes ago listening to b's breathing get heavier and heavier, i couldnt stop thinking of her.

the very moment i was told of her death replayed again and again in my mind.

she was killed. a motorcycle accident. she was killed.

again and again i hear damons shaky voice giving me what has been the worst news of my near-22-year life.

she was killed.

its as if this replay were necessary to remind me that it wasnt all a bad dream.

shes not coming home. she wont be calling a half hour after i fall asleep. she wont get to see 2003.

how depressing. no wonder i cant sleep.

think you dont hold a

January 4, 2003

think you dont hold a racial, gender, or some other type of bias? take a selection of tests to discover what might be your hidden bias.

today was an all-day staff

January 3, 2003

today was an all-day staff retreat at work. we brainstormed the vision of the new year and ate lots of goodies.

to show for the days work, i brought home the remains of the banana bunch, the leftover orange juice, and a splitting headache.

yay for the weekend.

chris tried convince me to

January 2, 2003

chris tried convince me to do laundry so i could suprise b when he came home with my domestic skills.

(okay, chris didnt really use the term 'domestic skills,' but it makes for a better story)

i laughed at him, then did it anyway.

the laundromat is much busier in the afternoon than the evening. i expected the opposite.

in any case, its washed, dried, and most of it is folded. a few articles hang in the bathroom air drying, and the pile of evil socks await b for tonight. other than that, im done.

feels good to have accomplished something.
now for some food and some shopping.

anyone interested in an 84

January 2, 2003

anyone interested in an 84 mustang lx?

the goal is to pare down to only 2 (running) vehicles.
the stang is the only thing in our way of accomplishing that goal.

its got a great body. ill make you a good deal. you just have to come pick it up.


the things i thought of

January 2, 2003

the things i thought of last night that i might want to accomplish today, my second day off, to keep depression levels low. in no order.

clip the dogs nails
do laundry without b this afternoon
or do laundry with b later tonight
peruse through gullivers
as well as value village
head to the church to finish the bulletin
get some flats of soda from sams
perhaps whip up a site layout. you know, for fun.
bake more stuff

now all i have to do is get out of the computer chair and actually do something on that list.

a long december

January 1, 2003

we went to a church fireworks show last night. one of the church members is licensed as a fireworks specialist or something and is able to get the big stuff.

we were able to stand righ underneath the explosive colors - it was great. cold, but great.

happy 2003 all.

a long december and there's reason to believe
maybe this year will be better than the last
a long december, counting crows

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