your procrastination is not my

your procrastination is not my emergency.
can you get that through your thick-skulled me-me-me pea-brain?

i dont care that Super Important Meeting is this afternoon and you have done diddly-squat in preparation for it. i dont care that you thought of 18 Very Important Things To Be Done an hour before Super Important Meeting and dont have the time to do it yourself.

what i do care about is how everything was dropped on my desk while you hid away for Mental And Emotional Preparation For Super Important Meeting. i care that i am expected to clean up after you. i care that We will look badly if i dont cover for your sorry self.

not my emergency.
remember that.

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i can see how you feel that way.

i’m kinda guessing that your coworkers don’t read your blog.

and your parents don’t read your dream journal. certainly not b’s mom.

lol. my coworkers arent computer savvy enough to search for anything online, let alone know what a blog is.

and my parents (the biological kind as well as the in-law kind) know just enough to check their email and thats it. oh, wait - my mom can find recipes on the internet. but thats it.

but if b’s mom asked, i would tell her. im very open about most things - especially my dreams. i would tell her how it probably means she is his main female influence right now. she would love that.

GRRRRR. Some people!

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