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July 31, 2003

new album: 26 things.
a july scavenger hunt by
i am submission #97.
that was too fun. must do again.

boss-man took my digital camera

July 31, 2003

boss-man took my digital camera to wasilla for the weekend.
its completely unfair that he took it just like that. who does he think he is? does he think he owns that camera?

what am i going to do all weekend without a camera? walking the dog just wont be the same if i cant get her mug up online on monday.

i really need to stop using works camera and get my own.

this is the story all

July 31, 2003
this is the story all about how
my life got flipped upside down
id like to take a minute - just sit right there
ill tell you how i became the prince of a town called bel air

frighteningly, i can still sing the entire song from memory.
today, i blame the black saint.

its great when, the day

July 31, 2003

its great when, the day after a server switch, no one notices any change or difference with the network.

which means i did my job well and didnt loose gobs of data. yay for me.

a bit shaggy, but still

July 30, 2003

a bit shaggy, but still a face anyone can love.

on the second third day

July 30, 2003

on the second third day of christmas, my TypePad gave to me...

photo albums! yay!

these photo albums have to be the greatest part of TypePad. all i have to do is upload my photos - up to 15 at a time - give each photo some title or caption or location or place or whatever i want, and BAM: instant photo album.

instant navigation, instant thumbnails, instant cover page, instant happiness.

my least favorite thing about hand coding such albums are those bleep-ity-bleep back and next links. how i abhor those. especially when i want to wedge another photo in the middle sometime later - everything breaks too easily, and im fed up with dealing with them.

i know that there are album gallery software out there, but they are just so... ugly. and last time i looked at them (its been a while, ill admit), they werent very customizable.

these photo albums are like a good maid: takes the chocolate-stained white blouse from my emotional hands, disappears into the back to work some magic, and reappears with the stain gone and the blouse brighter to dry my tears. there there, its all better now.

i want to curl up with these photo albums and snuggle for hours while it whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

there are server problems. so

July 30, 2003

there are server problems.
so expect the site to play hide and seek all day.

i just found out that

July 30, 2003

i just found out that once again, as a direct result of boss-man's procrastination, i will have to stay in the office a few hours late tonight to work on more stupid computer crap.

a few hours.
i am not a happy camper.

everyone could use a little

July 29, 2003

everyone could use a little anti-comic sans propaganda.
a cause worth supporting.

comic sans is not an appropriate typeface for every brochure, flier, newsletter, and buisness card. in fact, its hardly ever appropriate.

and for the love of your peter, if you just HAVE to use a comic font, there are plenty of nicer ones to choose from. heck, specializes in faces specifically for comic lettering: conversation, effects, and even titles.


today has been brought to

July 28, 2003

today has been brought to you by...

i went to a dance

July 28, 2003

i went to a dance just the other night
i met a girl there she was out of sight
i asked a friend of mine who she could be
he said that her friends just call her Sweet Pea


anyone interested in seeing more

July 28, 2003

anyone interested in seeing more information about TypePad (of which i am a beta-tester), those six apart people are releasing one slice of information every day this week.

today they discuss the automatic template builder, complete with screenshots. it slices, it dices, and comes with its own set of ginsu knives.

while i prefer having more control over my templates, the template builder was pretty snazzy and had gobs of options to control a fair amount of the template.

if my site were actually with TypePad, i would definitely take the time to design a unique layout. but as my time there is only temporary, i am pretty happy with the level of control the template builder gave. i did change a few minor css stuff, but otherwise pretty much stuck with what the builder gave me.


July 28, 2003


ive got a monster headache,

July 26, 2003

ive got a monster headache, gobs of chorse to do around the apartment, and a movie to look forward to. should be an interesting saturday.

why oh why put a

July 25, 2003

why oh why put a shortcut key that closes the program (without a warning of any kind) right next to a key that closes an individual document within that program?

i dont know how many times this past week i have inadvertantly closed down photoshop while collecting a large group of photos to work with.


i have a few default

July 24, 2003

i have a few default programs i work with nearly every day. when i start up my computer at work each morning, these programs are the first to be opened and are the only ones kept open pretty much until i leave.

outlook. pagemaker. photoshop. our custom databse.

some days additional programs are added to the all-day list (ws_ftp and notepad, or word, excel, and wordperfect), but those are the big four. they are the only visible shortcut buttons (as well as norton system works and the show desktop necessity) on my quick launch toolbar.

this morning went much like any morning until i tried to open photoshop. the shortcut could not find its corresponding file, photoshop.exe.

i opened up the photoshop directory and saw that the .exe was not there. it was not there.

but where could it have gone?
a search on the c:\ drive revealed the complete absence of it. the trash can was empty. there was no trace of my photoshop.exe anywhere to be found.

i know it was working fine yesterday because i was using it right up until 5pm.
i was able to completely uninstall, so it seems like the .exe was manually deleted.

no one knows of anyone tinkering on my computer after i left last night. but then if i wouldnt admit to doing it, either. and my computer is certifiably virus-free.

im starting to think it was the aliens.

css heart. spiffy. click in

July 24, 2003

css heart. spiffy.
click in the black space below the heart for more info.

my bathroom smelled like beef

July 24, 2003

my bathroom smelled like beef stew this morning.

i just realized that

July 23, 2003

i just realized that my bookmarks toolbar probably makes zero sense to anyone but me.

there were original fried chicken.

July 23, 2003

there were original fried chicken.
and crispy fried chicken.
spicy fried chicken.
fried chicken strips.
fried chicken burgers.
i ended up getting a fried chicken tortilla wrap with three shreds of lettuce.

this place is insane.
no, whats insane is the number of people who eat fried chicken to keep this place in business all over the country. do they have no shame?

when a staff memeber has

July 23, 2003

when a staff memeber has a birthday, the office takes them to the restaurant of their choice for lunch. these lunches often last upwards of two hours and usually take place in restaurants the birthday girl/boy love but cannot afford.

once a year is about my limit on fried chicken intake, and today gets to be the fried chicken day of 2003. a staff member chose KFC for her birthday lunch. ive never even been to a KFC; and the idea of a place only serving fried chicken kind of disturbs me.

i dont even know what i am going to eat. do they serve anything other than fried chicken? maybe a chicken salad? i can always nurse a sprite during lunch and eat a bagel when i get back to the office.

a sharp intake is when

July 22, 2003

a sharp intake
is when that song plays on the radio
that makes me breathe in deeply and sharply
and forces images to flash in front of my eyes.
when ancient feelings spring up
refusing to be forgotten or ignored
and once again i taste a life that should have been.


Steveo has posted the 1000th

July 22, 2003

Steveo has posted the 1000th comment on the site.

this feels like it calls for some sort of celebration or prize or something. but im a bit low on inspiration. any suggestions?

i am increasingly annoyed with

July 22, 2003

i am increasingly annoyed with people today.

with this one for their gramatical editing nuances.
with that one for their sudden focus on unimportant details.
and the other one for thinking general meeting etiquitte does not apply to them.

i really want to rant more, but im now annoyed with my lack of writing skill.

i finally saw the animatrix

July 21, 2003

i finally saw the animatrix last night and found it to be brilliant and depressing.

i was going to write up a mini-review for each of the short animated films, but realized that i dont do that sort of thing, and there are plenty of other people out there who do.

every part of him

July 21, 2003
... every part of him screaming for release, Harry felt the creature use him again...

out-of-context innuendo is often the best kind.

i have less snot than

July 19, 2003

i have less snot than yesterday.
this is a big improvement of which we are very proud.

but i still have that pesky dizziness.
it will be a neat experiment to see how it effects my ability to perform as the band plays for the golden days street fair at 5 today.

youre welcome to come and watch, so long as you pay little attention to the sneezing, hallucinating girl with the drum.

im so dizzy that if

July 18, 2003

im so dizzy that if i didnt live three minutes away i would have Boss-Man drive me.

screw you guys. im going home.

last night

July 18, 2003

7:00 leave work and get home
7:30 complain to husband about staying at work late and how nothing worked like it was supposed to
8:00 whine to husband about being sick
8:05 force-fed drugs
8:20 asleep
12:30 wake when husband and dog come to bed
12:35 force fed more drugs
12:40 dozing
2:30 awake
3:30 still awake and thinking of every hotel i have ever stayed in
4:30 finally doze off and on
7:00 stupid alarm
7:20 stupid dog bladder
8:00 at work again trying to figure what went wrong and wasted two hours of my evening the previous night

my friend beth has been

July 17, 2003

my friend beth has been in washington for three months now; her flight comes in either tonight at 1am or tomorrow night. i havent seen her in three months, have only talked to her once during her absence, and have only sent one letter.

i cant wait. i just might ignore this oncoming cold and see her at the airport.

there is a slight possibility that someone else might be on that plane besides her. if that happens i am going to be so pissed i will never talk to her again. never ever.

update: she wont be in until tomorrow night. grumble.

engrish monkey mazes are harder

July 17, 2003

engrish monkey mazes are harder than they look.

echinacea tea is not yummy.

July 17, 2003

echinacea tea is not yummy.


July 16, 2003

am looking for a volunteer (or two) with access to mac os9 or osX to view a site for me. anyone willing and able?

update 15:20: i have my two volunteers. thanks MX and Peter!

sisqo's thong song + purple

July 15, 2003

sisqo's thong song + purple sumo hippo = kozo


awholelotta mt

July 15, 2003

matt haughey has come up with a great article on extending movabletypes functionability. its a pretty good read if you use mt or are interested in it.

ive actually tossed around the idea of powering my (now stagnant) font collection with mt. it would be great to be able to keep a running list of newly added fonts (whenever i get around to doing it), as well as be able to sort by font type.

i know that any sql database can do this, and im betting a few other languace could as well. but i have had no experience or knowledge with mysql or any other languages (i take that back: there were two or so weeks a few months ago that steve made me learn some php).

but i know am comfortable with movabletype. i could easily get into doing more of my site with it. it might even prompt me to add more fonts to the type section more than twice a year.

not to mention a redesign... that purple hurts my eyes.

sleep deprivation 101

July 15, 2003

i go through distinct stages of sleepiness.

phase 1, philosophical: i can hold deep conversations on profound topics and amaze even myself. this stage usually occurs 1-3 hours after my bedtime.

phase 2, subdued: i can sit for a half hour and stare at an object. this stage usually occurs 2.5-3.5 hours after my bedtime.

phase 3, the giggles: i realize that i have been staring at my feet for the past half hour and find it incredibly funny. everyone around me looks very funny. everything i do is funny. the fact that i am giggling quite hard, and cannot stop is even funnier. this usually happens 4-5 hours after my bedtime and lasts for no more than 20 minutes.

phase 4, grumpy-mumpy: my giggles taper off and my emotional high gets pushed off a cliff. i complain quite loudly about how sleepy i am and how its too difficult to [a] get off the couch], [b] walk to the bedroom, and/or [c] drive to my apartment. this usually occurs 5 hours after my bedtime, at which point everyone i am with is fed up and ready to kick me out.

last night i used a carrot-top phrase in an otherwise normal conversation with b and burst into giggles at the sheer ludicrousness of it. i couldnt stop giggling.

phase 2 had pounced and sucked me in.
there was no turning back.
it was only 6:30pm.

[also posted here]

say it.... saaay it...

July 14, 2003

squash patch: impossible to say seven times fast

squashpatcha: new martial art; kin to the art of heiyachow


July 14, 2003

10pm sunset
sunset: saturday 10pm
at a playground on the chena river

1am sunset
sunset: sunday 1am
at the soccer fields


July 12, 2003

burninating the countryside,
burninating the peasants,
burninating all the people in the thatched-roof cottages,
Trogdor comes in the niiiiiiiiiight!


again ive been seriously considering

July 11, 2003

again ive been seriously considering taking part in the blogathon. i think of all the charities that do good things and could use a little extra help. i think of how fun it would be posting regularly like that. i think of what i would find to say for 48 posts.

and then i think of how utterly silly to think i could get out of bed at 5am on a staurday just to hop on the computer.

shyah, right.

so as to not leave

July 11, 2003

so as to not leave the weekend on such a depressing note, i would encourage everyone to make a pillow dance.

and then go home and act it out while jumping on your bed wearing underoos and pigtails.
you know you want to.

we were not far into

July 11, 2003

we were not far into fievel goes west when i had (mistakenly) thought about john candy doing the voice of tiger (it was actually dom deluise, but that is of very little importance).

i remembered back to when he died during the filming of canadian bacon and how weird i thought it to be that someone could die in the middle of a project like that. i thought: he is dead. like melissa is dead. dead.

the air immediately turned to molasses, through which the word dropped heavily and echoed slowly. i had troubles breathing and took deep, unsatisfying breaths.

in a few months, it will have been a year since she died. a year since we have spoken. a year since i last saw her in the airport. a year since i hugged her. a year since i tried to hide my tears as she headed for the security line, the plane, her new life.

i wont see her for years. decades. i will go the rest of my life not seeing her, not talking with her.

oh my god.
my sister is dead.

dump it

July 10, 2003

some stuff, y'know?

sideblog is a neat little application similar to blogrolling that lets you add a sidebar link-lovefest without needing any knowledge of includes. niftarooni.
  • creative pull quotes with css; and a follow-up about IE's buggy rendering.
  • new mirror project photo
  • design a photolog layout and win a nokia phone.
  • the price is right sound effects (in .wav). includes that crazy mountain climber. i am a little too excited about this.
  • gah! tiled backgrounds are back and just as scary as ever, contrary to previous opinion.
  • evil eye
  • this cellphone is going to be a big hit in alaska, i can already tell.
    ...[the] particular spectrum of sound waves are undetectable by human ears, but the frequencies annoy mosquitoes...
  • italian men can no longer pinch women's bums in public. i cannot believe this was controversial.
  • so

    July 9, 2003

    so whats the deal?
    i get back from my long weekend and everyone has run away?

    gravity-defying game of ping pong

    July 9, 2003

    gravity-defying game of ping pong sans CGI.
    how do they do it?

    (hint: the poor quality and stage color hides the fact that there are like six or seven people on stage)


    road trip

    July 9, 2003

    i just got up a photo album of our road trip to the arctic circle on monday.

    it explains the 45mph return trip and includes gratuitous chin.

    ive also now got a place for all those adorable puppy pictures.

    the Great Flip-Flop Search

    July 9, 2003

    my new teva flip-flops my new teva flip-flops

    the Great Flip-Flop Search of '03 is finished, thanks to the coolness of beaver sports.

    i jumped out of bed

    July 9, 2003

    i jumped out of bed at 8.22a and was at work by 8.30a. the office is supposed to open at 8.00a. i was still the first one here. i want a nap.

    2.30 and my eyes are

    July 9, 2003

    2.30 and my eyes are finally getting a bit swimmy-droopy.
    work is not going to be much fun.

    when ive got something to

    July 9, 2003

    when ive got something to post, i now need to decide if i put it here or there.

    and when i choose there over here, i feel like im cheating on my domain.

    how sad is that?

    that TypePad's so hot right

    July 8, 2003

    that TypePad's so hot right now.
    and im a beta tester.
    ill prettify it up some tomorrow.

    im still around. but on

    July 7, 2003

    im still around.
    but on vacation.
    so not very tied to a computer.
    like i am at work, you see.

    and since we just drove one hundred miles home at no more than 40 miles per hour (more on this to come, i promise), i am rather inclined to not sit in a chair.

    sprawl on a couch, lie on the floor, stand and do the polka.
    oh please, anything but sitting.

    charlies angels full throttle: a

    July 5, 2003

    charlies angels full throttle: a whole lotta ass and way too much bernie mac.

    the air carries smells of

    July 4, 2003

    the air carries smells of summer this afternoon.
    charcoal, simmering hot dogs, watermelon, cherry popsicles, cut grass.

    i need to find my sun screen.

    claustro much?

    July 3, 2003

    when i was younger, my father would 'tickle torture' us kids by holding us down on the floor, sitting on top of us, and tickling until long after we were crying. i wouldnt recommend this for any parent.

    i believe every single one of my siblings are severely claustrophobic.

    which is why this bondage bed (safe for work, but the rest of the site sure aint) of vacuum sealed goodness scares the bejebus out of me.
    i probably wouldnt be a good candidate for a bondage partner.


    in bed

    July 3, 2003

    a fun game that makes any chinese dining experience turn into a pre-teen slumber party jamboree:

    The In Bed Game.

    to play, everyone cracks open their fortune cookies and toss the cookie pieces into the leftover sweet and sour sauce (because the cookies are more plastic than sugar) but keeps their fortune.

    going around the table, each person reads their fortune aloud and (heres the critical part) adds "in bed" to the end. this makes dinner great fun and the fortunes more interesting.

    You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you in bed.

    i cannot recall where i first learned of this game, but i have been playing for years. i even introduced the game to b's parents and sisters when they were visiting a few summers ago.

    You have natural grace and great consideration of others in bed.

    eleven twelve

    July 3, 2003

    who doesnt remember that great sesame street pinball counting song? its been in my head all day.

    four five
    nine ten
    eleven twelve

    heres the full length remixed version of a wonderful 70s drug-trip for children. ahh, the good old days.

    i happened to mention to

    July 3, 2003

    i happened to mention to my supervisor the whole wanting-to-take-time-off-but-cant thing, who happened to mention it to Boss Man just after he happened to mention to my supervisor how he wished we could postpone newsletter production just a few days so he could write his article.

    they gave me monday and tuesday off, even though that would make the admin office completely empty.

    just before i told b that i have a 5 day weekend and how we could go to valdez to see our friend matt, he told me that hes working on saturday.

    so we wont be going on any long road trip. we will bum around the fairbanks area, maybe drive to the arctic circle just so we can say we have stood on it, see a few movies, and torture the dog.

    what are you doing this weekend?

    nasa scientists exposed spiders to

    July 2, 2003

    nasa scientists exposed spiders to different mood-altering drugs and documented the drugs effect on the webs.

    "...the more toxic the chemical, the more deformed was the web."

    looks like the spiders were more likely to complete their web while exposed to mescaline (and even marijuana) than they were while exposed to caffeine.

    all the more reason to stay away from that coca cola.

    anyone who is anyone has

    July 2, 2003

    anyone who is anyone has been reading my pointless dribble for any time will probably know how addicted i am to the coca cola beverage. i would drink glass after glass, can after can, bottle after bottle.

    i would periodically realize how awful my addiction was getting and have a week-long coke fast. i started a similar fast a month ago.

    i am proud to say that i have not drank coke for over a month.

    i take that back - i did grab one of the three lone vanilla cokes out of my refrigerator for my blogging anniversary just over a week ago. i couldnt finish it.

    yay for me.

    here is a music review

    July 2, 2003

    here is a music review site that hates anything and everything, even if it doesnt know the artist.

    Hmm, you've got me there. I've never heard of "Revival Town" ... but I'm sure it's like a retarded cat defacating through a sieve into my ears.

    b gets next monday and

    July 1, 2003

    b gets next monday and tuesday off, making for a nice 5 day weekend.

    two seconds before i requested the same days off, it occurred to me that newsletter content is due this thursday. which means layout will be done monday and tuesday.

    im one of three staff memebers who know that a .p65 and .pmd file are to be opened in pagemaker, and the only staff member not scared of the program or the newsletter grid. and im the only one who understands why we cannot have a list all centered in Comic Sans 26pt.

    which means i cant take those days off.
    very sad.

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