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September 30, 2003

gratuitous photo of myself. just for you.

only bad thing

September 30, 2003

the only bad thing about a convex monitor mirror is learning to look into it.


September 27, 2003

ive got some textbooks that i really want to get rid of. my campus bookstore wouldnt buy them back - i was too late - and i dont want to just throw them away. they are in near-new condition.

  • Organic Chemistry. McMurry. 5th edition. Includes CD.
    ISBN 0534362745
  • Calculus. Anton. 6th edition.
    ISBN 0471153060
  • Calculus Resource Manual. Anton. 6th edition.
    ISBN 047124628X
  • Physical Chemistry. Atkins. 6th edition. Includes CD.
    ISBN 0716728710

and i know that i had a physics textbook around here somewhere, but all i can find is the accompanying cd.

i cant decide whether to list them on amazon,, ebay, or some specialized used textbook site. where would i have the best chance of someone buying them, provided they were dirt cheep? i paid over $100 for each of these, but am planning on selling them for around $30.

anyone have any ideas? or anyone want one of these? say something in the comments.


September 26, 2003

layout-o-matic solves all your layout needs. it doesnt allow much in the way of customization, but its pretty fun.

theres a guy who works in the local fred meyer who could no doubt win the world beard championships for his moustache. when he waxes it straight out, each side is almost a foot long. i prefer it curled - the thought of it poking an unsuspecting customer rather frightens me.

while my new office is a 300% improvement of my prior desk, i want to work here.

first snowfall

September 26, 2003

while the first snowfall of the season is just a light dusting, it still counts.

driving to work this morning i was struck with the idea that snowfall further separates the haves and the have-nots. the have-nots drive around in ice-encrusted vehicles with a visible scrape or two aross the windshield for visiblilty. the haves show no sign of snow on their vehicles.

bastards. i want a garage.

distinctly recall

September 25, 2003

i distinctly recall that in the moments before i fell asleep last night i smelled a dirty diaper. which is odd, because no one in the 4plex has children - especially not us.

and it wasnt the smell of dog or husband fart - i have experienced those far more often than i would like. baby poo. it was definitely baby poo.

permanent fund dividend to be

September 25, 2003

permanent fund dividend to be $1,107.56.
which is cool in the i-didnt-earn-it sort of way, but very uncool in the $400-less-than-last-year kind of way. bah.

i just remembered that i

September 24, 2003

i just remembered that i have an eye appointment at 5pm, and am really nervous. like first-day-of-school nervous. which is weird.

birthday sale

September 23, 2003

holy fuck.
birthday sale. cheap-ass hosting.
do it. now.

the sale is over, but they are still a good host.

yesterday was the one year

September 23, 2003

yesterday was the one year memorial of my sisters death. this was a hard weekend for me, and has been a difficult month. i dont want this to be something i live with.

we celebrated her life with mud, illegal activity, and fire; we expressed our loss with hammers and a pick axe. pictures to soon follow.

there was a moment yesterday,

September 21, 2003

there was a moment yesterday, probably when all four wheels were definitely no longer touching the bottom of the lake, when i thought we should have thought through this a little bit more.

my loves

September 19, 2003 is a collaborative event

September 19, 2003 is a collaborative event calendar by the wacky andy baio. all i need is for some fairbanks people to sign up (preferably those who are unrelated to me) for the site to be useful.

and the lazy butt in me adores the new list-o-matic
(probably inspired by the listamatic). plug in some basic links and the list-o-matic spits out the appropriate code. comes with a free set of ginsu knives.

both links found on other peoples linklog thingies, but i cant remember where.

arrrr. but only half-heartedly.

September 19, 2003

but only half-heartedly.

to b's coworker: when the

September 19, 2003

to b's coworker:

when the phone rings at 6.30a (an hour before i even consider getting up), it is more than likely that i will run through the massive list of family members that could have died the previous night while i crawl over my husbands and dogs still-sleeping bodies to answer the phone (note to self: move phone closer to my side of the bed).

and then i will be rude to whomever is on the other end of the phone. and will not be able to get back to sleep to finish my Seinfeld dream. and will most likely be grumpy at work.

so next time you are interested in coming over to our apartment when i cook japanese curry, or cashew chicken, or anything more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, keep in mind that i have a good memory.

fall trees

September 18, 2003

BM_solid: a really poor choice

September 17, 2003

BM_solid: a really poor choice for a file name.

how to: by you where

September 17, 2003

how to: by you
where content is provided by you, the home audience.

free 12 week course at

September 16, 2003

free 12 week course at westciv: html and xhtml for css. it looks like it will be pretty elementary stuff, but worth browsing through the weeks.

saturday marked the start

September 15, 2003

saturday marked the start of the winter season with the first layer of frost. made me very happy to have harvested all of my edibles last weekend.

the frost clung to any shaded surface well into the afternoon.
its the beginning of the end, my friend.

this online font browser is

September 13, 2003

this online font browser is very sweet and pretty fast.

i wanted to say that its faster than any font browsing software i have ever downloaded, but then i remembered than i am on my laptop right now with all of my 37 default fonts and i use font browsers at work with 1500+ fonts. so i dont think its really comparable, so nevermind. its still cool.


today my brother, his wife,

September 13, 2003

today my brother, his wife, and i participated in the parade of homes - 11 different architectual/construction companies each open a home up to the public for gawking, touching, tromping, and licking.

some of the homes were finished and had families already moved in, while some homes were still at the frame stage. it was a lot of fun for free entertainment.

the biggest thing we learned is that the closet for the master bedroom must be located in the master bathroom. the closer to the toilet the better. because that lovely toilet/air freshner smell is much cheaper than bounce softener sheets.

it is a song that

September 12, 2003

it is a song that has haunted my thoughts for years.
it would come on the radio only when i was alone in my car.
i hummed along and loved it.
i wished i had a cell phone and access to a song recognition service.
i hummed it quite poorly to friends and family members who were of no help.
i searched google for "oldies instrumental."

6.26pm last night it was on again. but this time, i was at home with B. he didnt recognize it. i called my brother just too late; but he suggested i call the radio station. they were closed. miss shigatsu suggested i email them.

and now, after years of aggravation and frustration, i present:
Classical Gas by Mason Williams.

i woke to my raidio

September 12, 2003

i woke to my raidio announcing Johnny Cash has died at 71.
you can watch the video for his cover of hurt.

who will now be our man in black?

Oh I'd love to wear a rainbow every day
And tell the world that everything's okay
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back
Till things're brighter I'm the man in black

-- The Man in Black

[video via]

well we're movin' on up

September 11, 2003

well we're movin' on up
to the east side
to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky
we're movin' on up
to the east side
we've finally got a piece of the pie

moved into a new apartment today complete with four walls and a door that leads to the hallway rather than the front porch. no longer will i shiver every single time a volunteer enters or leaves bringing gusts of ice fog to my ankles.

and dont forget that i now have a door of my very own that i will probably rarely get the chance to close. and double (at least) the desk space.

did i mention a door?

midnight croquet.

September 11, 2003

scratchy thumbnail

midnight croquet.

a general announcement: im depressed.

September 10, 2003

a general announcement:
im depressed. have been for a while, and will probably continue to be for a while. i am seriously expecting to be depressed through the end of the month. at the very least. there are reasons and explanataions, but frankly im too depressed to go into it. i would rather sleep until 08oct.

so. dont expect a lot of posting from me the next few weeks. i will consider it a great achievement if i find something to post once a day.

its not you, its me.

im bored. b is having

September 9, 2003

im bored. b is having this smallville marathon party. im very grateful for this laptop and its nic card. its keeping me from the weeks worth of dishes opressing my kitchen.

i need some cool links to share, yet have nothing.

bala catfish are freshwater fish

September 9, 2003

bala catfish are freshwater fish that are community-minded and love sharing a tank with other community-minded fish. unless, of course, you are never told that catfish are bottom feeders and require a special kind of shrimp pellet food.

then your bala catfish would starve to the desperate point of eating other fish in the tank before floating to the surface with its dying breath.

or so ive heard.

since you asked, 112

September 8, 2003

carrot thumbnail

since you asked, 112 is for the number of carrots harvested from my tiny garden this weekend. a handfull of which were about 8" long, most between 4" and 6", a handfull were bite-sized.

112 orange, sweet, tasty carrots.
there arent many left.

112: saturdays magic number.

September 6, 2003

112: saturdays magic number.

note to self: with the

September 5, 2003

note to self: with the sun setting just after 9p now, 9p is not a good time to start a croquet game. while the darkness does add a 'fun' little edge to the game, it is quite difficult to find the green and blue balls.

if you had to get

September 5, 2003

if you had to get them online, where would you buy anti-static bags?

our steel mantle clock sits

September 5, 2003

our steel mantle clock sits on one of our system speakers in the corner of the living room slash office slash dining room area. its the perfect place to see the time when sitting on the computer (before the new processor and mainboard, the computer clock was completely unreliable and often claimed to be the year 1601).

being now a nifty habit to look there instead of the monitor for the time, i just noticed that the clock is facing the corner. and im seriously temped to put a pointy hat on it.

the powerful List-a-matic combines 15

September 5, 2003

the powerful List-a-matic combines 15 different css tweaks to unordered lists. i really like that all of these tweaks have been put into one resource; i get to replace 10 or so bookmarks with this one.


i crawled out of bed

September 5, 2003

i crawled out of bed at 8.30a after a fun dream of screaming obscenitites at my father. and i think my blood pressure is still up.

dear bloggers whose sites i

September 4, 2003

dear bloggers whose sites i love to read,

i love you guys.
group hug.

love, Valette

big idea productions (the makers

September 4, 2003

big idea productions (the makers of veggie tales and 321penguins) files for bankruptcy in plans to be bought out by Classic Media LLC.

i hope the quality of the movies doesnt change.


shebang (!?).

September 4, 2003

shebang (!?).

is it really that impressive

September 4, 2003

is it really that impressive that someone with boobs would know how to [a] find the oil dipstick and coolant container and [b] check to make sure each fluid is at its appropriate level when filling up with gas?

or do the boobs make the whole process more impressive?

dear bloggers whose sites i

September 3, 2003

dear bloggers whose sites i love to read,

okay. people. bloggers. you have to make some actual posts to retain that title. and once a week does not cut it. i am going into some serious withdrawls here. its not even summer anymore; you have no excuse.

its your fault that im actually getting some work done.

love, Valette

ive been looking all over

September 3, 2003

ive been looking all over the web for a cursive pixel font. the only reference i can find to one points to which hasnt been responding for the past week or so.

does anybody have one they would be willing to email to me?

i just noticed that my

September 3, 2003

i just noticed that my mozilla isnt popping up screens at their propper size. and i think it started yesterday afternoon.

evidence 1: my comment pupup screen is popping up to a height of 350px instead of the designated 400.

evidence 2: the mt rebuild popup screen is popping to a height of 150px instead of the designated 210ish.

and i cant find the "make all allowable popup screens 50px shorter than they are intended" option anywhere.

chicken rotolo with mushrooms is

September 2, 2003

chicken rotolo with mushrooms is just as yummy as it looks.

man, i am funny.

September 2, 2003

man, i am funny.

somewhere over the rainbow

September 2, 2003


somewhere over the rainbow is its own reflection.
taken on 30aug at 8pm-ish.

the paper shredder in my

September 2, 2003

the paper shredder in my office sounds just like my moms ancient electric cheese grater. whenever someone puts more than 2 sheets through at a time, my brain flips on the 'were having pizza tonight' switch. and that switch is difficult to turn off.

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