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a message from management

October 24, 2003

icy snow

October 23, 2003

the weather has been weird the past few days. theres a thin layer of icy-snow stuff clinging to all of the trees and assorted vegataion, but it doesnt stick to anything else.

and then each afternoon the trees shed their layer of ice and the snow stays on the ground below. each tree looks like a woman who just dropped her slip.


October 23, 2003

im so nervous its not even funny anymore.


October 23, 2003

rated R movies are the only ones worth watching because they have better action.

being 'normal' means being able to watch whatever kinds of movies you want, rated 13, or R, and being able to listen to whatever kind of music you want.

only 1/10 of the world listens to classical music.

if you like rap, rock, and slang, then you are modern day and smart.

so says a boy of 13.

randonly generated

October 22, 2003

random generated goodness.

May 62 funkedified dead baboons explode pennies while performing a drive-by-shooting on your mother.

--arabian random insult generator.

Thou dankish hell-hated coxcomb!

--elisabethan curse generator.

Snivelling hologram of a vat-grown bilge spore.

--space insult generator.

english: May a pack of drunken Fomorians lick your manly part.
irish: Go l� scata Fomh�rach �lta do bhall fearga.

--irish curse engine.

If a nipple clamp related to a sheets often takes a peek at the seldom nuclear taste, then the hockey player for the dick laughs out loud.

--slash sex scene generator.



October 22, 2003

because the office kitchen smells like an entire bottle of super-sweet cough syrup was spilled and fermented for a day ir two, i am having to concentrate on keeping my agel happy in my tummy.


October 21, 2003

okay, no more putting this off.
the dog gets her tranquilizer pill, ill make myself an almond rocca mocha, and when she can no longer stand up we will dive into the haircut.

21.46.13, addendum: oh, the flatulence! (hers, not mine)

frozen cherries

October 21, 2003

no denying it any more.
winter is here.


October 20, 2003

le sigh.


October 20, 2003

my computer decided to commit suicide this weekend, most likely due to separation anxiety. i knew i should have stopped in on saturday to see how it was doing.

i blame the aliens, really.

the good news: i dont have to bugger with it. someone else gets to.

the bad news: megabytes of photos and graphics and website backups that could possibly be gone. and today was going to be my backup day, ironically.

the good news: the hard drive might still be good. maybe. i hope. then i wouldnt lose anything.

the bad news: all my bookmarks. grumble.

the good news: i get to use the boss's computer, which is slightly more soupped up than mine.

the bad news: the boss's computer doesnt have any of my programs or preferences or anything.

i want to go back home and crawl into bed.

let your senses guide you

October 17, 2003

close your eyes.
let your senses guide you.


buh bye

October 17, 2003

i had lots of cool links to share today, each one proudly holding its place as a Tab To Remain Open. and then i right-click-closed the entire program.
so long.


October 17, 2003

the russians are coming.
the russians are coming.
the russians are coming!

its a hooker

October 16, 2003
- How can you die from a fall of a whopping 3 inches?
- He's only an inch tall. He's a little short fat guy who eats way too much pizza.
- Who's that chick Mario is rescuing up there?
- It's Princess Peach.
- It's a hooker.
- She looks cut in half.
- Oh wow�she's one of those pole dancers.

pre-teens (how i hate that term) review 'classic' (read: original and old) video games.

the whole thing doesnt even make me feel old. really. honest.
no, im lying.



October 15, 2003

i was on my way to the store and the traffic was awful - worse than i have ever seen it in town. when i finally got close to the front of the line, i saw what had been causing the traffic jam: a large male buffalo. standing in the middle of one lane and stubbornly refusing to move.

im sure it had been given some nive offers - offers of food and candy and carrots (or whatever buffalos eat) and probably even sex, but the big guy stood still.

as i passed, i saw that he had no eyes. the poor little guy was blind. then some space ships zipped overhead and zapped the blind buffalo up into some bay door. distracted as i was, i hit a huge pothole and now my car is sick.

which is why i now spend too much time at my office waiting for my husband to come pick me up. that buffalo needs a seeing eye dog.


October 15, 2003

i could so do this job.
think they would pay for my daily commute?


October 14, 2003

i inherited this sad root-bound philodendron and put it into a nice big pot. i hope its happier.

6 degrees

October 14, 2003

6 degrees of connect any two items sold on amazon by using the 'other people also bought...' links.
currently its a bit slow, though.

on addiction

October 14, 2003
Addiction is many things to many people. It wears many masks and comes in many forms. But it always has one fundamental rule: it does not leave room for anything else. It does not leave room for politics, or polemics, or personality. It does not leave room for anything. That is its essential nature.

mark pilgim on addiction and rush limbaugh


October 14, 2003

css floats are probably the most difficult css thing for me to grasp right now.
floatutorial to the rescue!

anonymous confessions

October 14, 2003
I chopped off my hamster's head and put it in the stew pot when my mom wasn't looking, and no one noticed, when I was 5. anonymous online confessions. slightly less anonymous confessions.



October 14, 2003

the box of teabags is definitely the most logical place to store the toenail clippers.

also: perhaps the reason that i keep forgetting to bring some blank cd-rs to work is because deep down i feel very guilty for... no, thats not it.

fuzzy thong slippers

October 13, 2003

terry cloth thong slippers!
fuzzy slippers!
that will keep my feet cool and happy!

linklog collections

October 13, 2003

as a bookmark for myself: low threshold links, aka, linklog thingies.

supid dreams

October 13, 2003
and the birds would laugh at me and talk behind my back.

-- stupid dreams, by sam brown


October 10, 2003

so i went and got myself another domain. that makes 3 now, if anyone is counting. but i can stop any time i want to. honest.

a photolog. of sorts.

what you can be sure to find on commenting capabilities on each photograph, blurbs about each photo, and even proper capitalization and punctuation (ooh, ahh). there are still a few tweaks to be made, but who knows if i will ever get around to them.

oh, and the great thing is that the bugger is valid xhtml 1.0 transitional (1, 2, 3), and the css only throws me one indecipherable error. does anyone know what this means?

currently, the only pictures there are ones of my dog. but really, what more would you want? i will be moving my photo albums off of my typepad account before i close down typepad shop - not all of them will be put on the new site, though.

i will also still post the occasional picture here, so dont you worry your pretty little head.


October 9, 2003

my love turns 23 today.
hence the cake.
and the sherbet.

what sherbet? you ask.


mom's goofy cake

October 9, 2003

while you might be thinking that it be entirely possible for someone - say, me - to run home and bake a cake on their lunch break, you would be right.

but just barely.
i was 7 minutes late getting back to work.



October 8, 2003

anyone ever notice how it looks all perfect and buh-yootiful in photoshop and then as soon as it is duplicated - pixel for pixel the same - in html, the whole thing makes you want to vomit?

just me, then?

15 dots

October 8, 2003
...a framework for retrieving and visualizing biologically and psychologically relevant information from biological motion patterns.

it is amazing how 15 dots (and, optionally, a few lines) can so accurately represent a human body.



October 8, 2003


October 7, 2003

is there really a difference between sorbets and sherbets?

open for business

October 7, 2003

Type Pad is now officially open for business.
i still have some discount codes that will be available only through the end of november - good for a 20% discount. if anyone wants them, let me know.

magazine paragraphs

October 6, 2003

magazine paragraphs mimicked with css. way cool, but appeals not to the lazy butt within. all the extra ids and classes... bah. (i am so pathetic)

accept no substitutes

October 5, 2003

note to self:

your husbands sister will never be a substitute for what you had with melissa. she is a completely different person. if you expect any close relationshop like that from her, you will be dissapointed.

come a little bit closer

October 4, 2003

and as i rode away i could hear her say to jose...

new shades

October 3, 2003

new shades

new shades.
expensive, prescription shades.
i forgot mine in the rental car when damon and i went to homer at the end of january, and i have really missed them.

plus i now have this thing about posting pictures of myself all over the internet. sounds fun.

killing for dummies

October 3, 2003

i havent had any spamming going on in my comments since i started this site. heck, my brother has gotten comment spam after only a few short months of blogging. and im irrationally jealous.

in any case, a great reference for movable type users is killing comment spam for dummies by jay allen.

russian prison tattoos

October 2, 2003
barbed wire tattooed across the forehead signifies a sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

russian prison tattos. simple, beautifuly designed site. some images are nsfw. most images are depressing.



October 2, 2003


(what is, the sound of the css lightbulb finally clicking on?)

linklog idea

October 2, 2003

maybe with the next redesign (whenever will that happen?) ill include some fancy linklog like everyone else is doing. until then:

compleat diagram of strange persons 2003. reminds me of the fetish map and geek heirarchy.

the online picasso project has digital copies of most (all?) of picassos work. theres a neat little trick to gteting hi-res copies of each picture.

post-apocalyptical glow

October 2, 2003

sunrise this morning cast an orangish post-apocalyptical glow on the clouds and buildings. creepy. and my pictures didnt turn out - i waited too long.


October 1, 2003

The Ledgend of Fuckzilla
how we made melissa proud


free analyzer

October 1, 2003

can anyone suggest a great (free, preferably) log analyzer?

potpourri. the yummy kind.

October 1, 2003

sql scares me. and will continue to scare me until i just jump in.

its an unusually warm day today. though the mid-60 temps are a welcome change from the frost and snow of a few weeks ago.

i switched servers yesterday. everything seems to have gone better than expected, though i think i lost one comment. and the dns change only took 6 hours. rocks.

with depression being the common theme of this september ("the month of fuck"), certain chores have been ignored: grocery shopping, laundry, and dishes, to name a few. last night my annoyance with this level of irresponsible living came to a climax when i hand-washed (dish washers kill the whole rustic-alaskan look) nearly every dish we own. 2.5 hours of washing later, the counter was empty. hoo-ha.

my pommegranite isnt yet ripe. so sad.

the picture i posted yesterday while the server switch did its magic was taken on 22sept during some wild and crazy memorial activities. took it myself, too. i think the ones i take of myself always come out looking way better than if someone else takes it. couldnt say why.

the memorial photos are still on their way to being posted. patience, young grasshopper.

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