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virtual drum set

November 30, 2003

virtual drum set.

peanut butter balls

November 28, 2003

dont hate me because of my peanut butter balls.

cheap socks

November 28, 2003

im ashamed to say that i became one of them today.
the swarming post-turkey-day masses.
and all for cheep socks.

i went alone.
which, i know i know, is highly unsafe.
its just asking for trouble.
especially considering how much i dislike shopping, and how much i dislike begin alone, it was not the best of times. not to mention my disdain of socks.

though im still unsure how the day after thanksgiving has been come to be known as the Half Off All Socks Day - its almost a national holiday.

ready for bed

November 27, 2003

the Rolls That Would Not Rise have been eaten anyway.
the chocolate covered peanut butter balls have been devoured.
the games and laughter have gone into the night.
the gluttonous eating frenzy has ended.

and i am ready for bed.

sun dog

November 26, 2003

sun dog and halo picture taken today at 1.30p.
i also got good pictures of the left side and the right side.

more information on sun dogs, halos, and arcs.

inaugural speeches

November 26, 2003
A few people with a lot of bad ideas have nearly destroyed the vast cultural heritage of the Reagan years, and I vow to end it, because I am Jem�Truly Republican! Thank you and God bless.

inaugural speeches from our heros.


too much spirit

November 26, 2003

i think the holiday spirit has just stepped over the line.

good freezer

November 25, 2003

at eight degrees above zero, ones vehicle makes a pretty good freezer and an awful refrigerator. fresh vegetables should not be left in ones vehicle at this temperature for four hours.

just a general fyi.


November 25, 2003

a bit of what fairbanks has been like for the past week or so:

how to survive harsh winters: nap on perfect couch pillows:

stream it

November 25, 2003

my shoulders kind of hurt. they have hurt for a while now, and b keeps promising to rub some icy hot on them but something distracts him, like food or the game or my boobs or something. can you believe i have yet to do any work while sitting at my computer. i sit here and surf and get upset that the internet isnt working right and so shut the whole thing down then get it back up only to surf and find the internet still isnt acting properly. bah. and to top it all off i have nothing of interest to say, no cool links to post, and so i will just quickly type off a stream-of-consciousness-type thing that im sure no one will read but it will at least make me feel a little bit better about my sad little site. though im not sure exactly how this will help. golly i need to redesign. these shoulders. argh. and also my hips hurt really consistently. i wish i wasnt too ticklish to get a massage. i also wish that this monitor mirror thing worked better. restless. racket. rubbish. rutebaga. root beer. i might read this in a few hours and delete it. dont mind me.

they all go out

November 25, 2003

this morning has consisted of the staff running in cirles around me asking "are we there yet?" while i systematically and peevishly played the one-light-goes-out-they-all-go-out game with the network.

and no: when i tell you that its not working, i do not want to hear your three possible reasons it may not work. the three reasons i eliminated an hour before you drug your lazy behind to work. i know what im doing while you dont. perhaps you should just nod and be quiet.

im ready for this week to be over.


November 24, 2003

flower erotica is a good thing.


November 23, 2003

145. rah.


60 degree change

November 21, 2003

since i live in alaska and all, and since people are often amazed and scared at the weather we get up here, i feel justified in saying that it is almost 30 degrees above zero (F).

for those of you at home who are keeping track, that is a change of sixty complete degrees from the beginning of this week (when it was thirty below). i dont know if i have heard of many places where that sort of temperature difference is considered normal.

schfifty five

November 20, 2003

schwenty-one... schwenty-seven and a heif... schfifty-five.
faster than you can say poopty peupty pants-ss


November 20, 2003

i got the silly thing fixed.
yay for the mt support forums.

imminent death

November 18, 2003

negative six degrees (F) is a whole lot warmer than negative thirty. i like that the decision to wear a coat to go star my car does not involve any thoughts of imminent death.

afternoon slump

November 18, 2003

surely im not the only one who hits a 3pm slump where the top of the desk looks oh-so-comfy and perfectly fitted to the shape of my head.

what do you do to combat the mid-day slump?

missing in action

November 18, 2003

ive lost it.
it being a word too often up for interpretation.
not meaning my mind, in this particular instance, but meaning, instead, my cd. my cd full of fonts. 1500 unzipped true type and type 1 fonts. my entire font collection.

i have been keeping it at work because, really, when will i be able to find enough time at home to do my thing when the husband isnt online.
dang it.

purple. in a slim case.
with FONTS scrawled on the cover page.
and a running tally of how many fonts are on the cd.
have you seen it?

mama cass

November 17, 2003

And everybody's gettin' fat except...

inaccurate on... uh... purpose

November 15, 2003
I think this clearly shows Canada's nefarious plans for invading and annexing Alaska, no doubt for it's sweet, sweet oil.
-- moonbiter

map on CBC lobby floor isnt supposed to be accurate - its 'art.'


sing it for you

November 14, 2003

let them sing it for you.
there are a lot of words not in the database, but adding words is quite simple.
and i couldnt get the email function to work.
but it sure is fun.



November 14, 2003

am swamped at work.
thank goodness its the weekend when tonight is over.

i moved my today blog from TypePad to my domain.
it can be found at


November 13, 2003

i am (surprisingly) feeling much, much better.
air is able to pass through both nostrils.
sinus-acid has apparently been neutralized.
i can think straight.

its so wonderful.

sinus acid

November 13, 2003

i think my eyes are being liquefied.
probably by the acid in my sinuses.
then it drips out of my nose.
my liquefied eye, not the acid.

and theres this twinge.
i think in my sinuses.
near there, at least.

its a combination of the eye liquefaction and sinus-acid boring into my brain.

each time it twinges, i twitch.
upper body muscles contract.
my hands go to my head.
wrap themselves around my hair.
i might start pulling the stuff out.

i think this cold might make me insane.

plans to be sick

November 12, 2003

disney cartoons and stupid green couch, here i come.

drip drip

November 12, 2003

it feels like i have been wiping my nose with a cheese grater.

my water-like snot will not cease dripping, even into the night so that i do not get more than 10 minute stretches of sleep.

the sneezing has toned itself down. now it only comes in fits of 30 sneezes once an hour.

i dont know how good of an idea it is that i am at work this morning, but at least i am off of that supid green couch. after three straight days on it, i really hate that thing.


November 10, 2003

am home sick today.


November 8, 2003

just saw matrix revolutions.
loved it.
still have a few questions, but thats okay.

one thousand

November 7, 2003

on my way to post something about how bored i am and how im glad i get to leave for home in ten minutes, i noticed that this would be my ONE THOUSANTH POST. and i really shouldnt waste such greatness on how bored i am.

but i cant really think of anything else to write.
one thousand posts.

caught up

November 7, 2003

i just caught up on entering all of my dreams.
a month behind no longer.

there were only nine dreams left to type out, for a total of 11 in october. and only a few in november, but i forgot to write down the main points. so i cannot remember anything about them. a large group of people wandering aimlessly is about all i can conjure up.

chewy flavor

November 6, 2003

its great snowball weather outside.
the dog is amazed that ice cubes now come in 'chewy.'
and me without a camera.

interpreting avatars

November 6, 2003

buttafly guide to interpreting friendster* photos
*or bulletin board, IM, blog, or any kind of online profile

road conditions

November 6, 2003

the incredibly sad thing about living so close to the office is that i cant use road conditions as an excuse to go home like everyone else can. but at least i can blast my music.

men make dinner

November 6, 2003

if today really is men make dinner day, then i can look forward to one of the following tonight:

  • kraft macaroni and cheese
  • spaghetti with sauce from a jar
  • frozen burritos
  • frozen pizza
  • cereal
  • canned soup

doesnt sound too bad, actually.



November 5, 2003

countdown until a plethora of matrix revolutions reviews start clogging up the blogoshpere (yes, i just said blogosphere).


November 5, 2003

this morning i have 11 items on my Needs to Be Done You Lazy Pile Of Poop list, 5 of which are in the Urgent Yellow Highlighter realm, and 3 more which are circled in Someone Else's Emergency Red pen.

i can just feel this day sliding further into Grumpy Mumpy Land.

wtf, mate?

November 4, 2003

so everyones dead except for austrailia, and theyre like, 'wtf, mate?'
end of the world (quite a bit of profanity).


November 4, 2003

i just had the opportunity to completely goof off from work by stopping at some extra places while out doing some office errands and i couldnt think of a thing to do. pathetic.

puppy prozac

November 4, 2003

the dog is depressed.
she doesnt play with her toys or bother us to entertain her.
instead, she lays on the couch, on the floor, on a pillow, on a blanket.
and sleeps.

one of the doggie rules at our place is that animals are not allowed on the furniture when humans are sitting on said furniture with food. usually she jumps right down without being told. but last night i plopped down with a bowl of ice cream and after three commands she wouldnt even lift her head to look at me. i ended up physically moving her from the couch.

there were just so many dogs in homer to play with.
and now she is all alone.
so lonely.
no one likes her.
everyone hates her.
sniff. sniff.

geez, i hope this doesnt last long.
the idea of puppy prozac doesnt appeal to me.

homer pictures

November 3, 2003

i wasnt able to take the office camera on my trip south - i think someone definitely would have missed it. but i wasnt too worried because my mother has a digital camera. it turned out to not be a very good one, and the only pictures that were of acceptable quality happened to be of a fairly small resolution.

lacey couldnt get enough of the beach as long as she didnt have to get too close to the water.

a panorama that wasnt planned in the slightest.

my sister-in-law taught me how to make sushi. raw tuna, scallops, and eel. this is a plate of four rolls sliced into pieces; three-fourths of these pieces were made by me.

in the know

November 3, 2003

for those that dont know:
old engine oil is black.
new engine oil is a clear yellow-ish color.

therefore, if you have just gotten an oil change and cannot see for the life of you any color on the dipstick, do not - for the love of your peter - put two more pints of oil into the engine. even if the engine light comes on first. it will take 300 miles for that much extra oil to burn off... that is more than a drive from homer to anchorage. and it will stink. and mechanics, even especially biologically related ones, will laugh at you.


November 3, 2003


  • afternoon naps
  • reading in the afternoon sunshine
  • coffee and catching up on old high school gossip with an old friend
  • being asked more than 5 times when we were going to start having kids
  • being tempted more than 5 times to share detailed information about our sex life so you people would just BACK OFF
  • smelling, seeing, and touching the ocean
  • talking on the phone with b at 1am like we did in high school
  • introducing lacey to the popping seaweed
  • my sweet mother
  • sushi rolls
  • not being online for more than ten minutes
  • trick-or-treating with the neices
  • being glad to get back to my home and my husband

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