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December 31, 2003

stop trying to impress.
must not get hopes up.
im trying too hard.
this is too stressful.

new layout

December 31, 2003

new year, new layout.

anniversary highlights

December 31, 2003

highlights from our romantic anniversary evening include:

  • discovering 99 is the maximum number of lives allowed in super mario 3 on the original nintendo
  • two moments where my stomach stopped hurting and i thought i was healed
  • the dog thinking her jumping on our stomachs would help
  • and whining back and forth to each other on the couch while fighting for blanket real estate

design fasion trends

December 31, 2003

2003 web design fashion trends in review: background images, unordered lists, and css, oh my!

spongebob trailer

December 30, 2003

oh, and: spongebob squarepants trailer


December 30, 2003

it started last night with a buzzing behind my eyeballs. at first i attributed it to the kinda spicy turkey fajitas i made for dinner (we still have gobs of turkey left over). it felt like the spice crawled up into my sinuses and decided to bury itself directly behind my eyes.

i fell asleep around 10, and b woke me around 11 - for what, i cannot remember. but i do remember groggily complaining to him about my eyes and my stomach about to explode.

i tossed and turned all night while my stomach did acrobatics of pain. and now im home from work, which is no fun because, obviously, im sick. when i finally got up, i felt great and figured that i would eat, shower, and head to work for half a day.

the moment i stood, i realized leaving the apartment for anything more than relieving the dogs bladder was not going to happen.

plus, b is also sick and still in bed.
i hope there wasnt something wrong with the fajitas.
i hope we dont spend this four day weekend sick.

happy anniversary to us.

pajama pants

December 29, 2003

spending the past 4.5 days in my husbands pajama pants makes for a rough transition back to Proper Christian Work Attire. already im looking forward to this weekend - yay for another four day weekend.

and whoever invented pajama pants should get a kiss on the lips.


December 27, 2003

what a depression-filled, wasted saturday.

grazing throug the holidays

December 26, 2003

yesterday was perhaps the weirdest christmas day i have ever experienced, but only because it never really felt like christmas.

through all of the gift opening, the turkey basting, the nutcracker on pbs, the reading of Jesus' birth story, it never really felt like a super special day. though it was a day of firsts.

it was our first christmas at our own place.
our first year of starting our own traditions.
my first try at roasting a turkey.
and making a pumpkin pie.
and making mashed potatoes.
and stuffing. and gravy.

and everything turned out superb, just like B had expected it (his confidence in my cooking is enormous and wonderful) - everything, that is, except the gravy. it was this greasy-lumpity pile of goo that resembled the color of the turkey drippings. we set it out with the rest of the food and promptly ignored its existance.

once the food was set out to eat, i couldnt stop grazing.
from 2ish until 9ish.
at least seven straight hours of putting food in my mouth.
i must have gained 15 pounds yesterday afternoon.

holiday shopping

December 24, 2003

for a gallon of milk and some cool whip:

  • 20 minutes in The Line To Enter Grocery Store Parking Lot.
  • 15 minutes inching through said parking lot before bailing and amazingly finding a parking lot.
  • 10 minutes to grab what i needed and choose a checkout line.
  • 10 minutes in checkout line, the checker of which was unusually chipper for such a busy day.
  • 15 minutes waiting for someone in The Line To Get Out Of The Parking Lot to let me into it.
  • 5 minutes inching through The Line To Get Out Of The Parking Lot.
  • 10 minutes following idiot refusing to go over 30mph.

that was insane.
and i dont even like cool whip. or milk.
if you can, i would highly suggest staying home today.
think of the children.

diet change

December 24, 2003

for those concerned, the appointment with the vet went very well.

apparently, schnauzers are prone to gastro-intestinal problems. laceys stems, most likely, from her going for too long without food in her stomach. schnauzers have an eating disorder - if there is food, she will eat it. bowls and bowls and bowls of food, if available. so we ration her intake: the routine is breakfast at 7ish and supper at 6ish.

now her evening meal is split into two smaller meals and she gets to take a pepto bismal tablet with her later meal. she is also on a strict no-rawhide diet for the time being.

and she didnt throw up this morning, so that is good.
we shall see what tomorrow brings.

get happy

December 24, 2003

more is a beautifully animated short film that is depressing as all get out. which means you have to see it. available in quicktime, 16mb.

dear betty crocker

December 24, 2003

Dear Betty Crocker,

You have always been so good to me.
I have trusted you for years.
Why have you let me down?
I may need some time... apart.

With love,

ball droppings

December 23, 2003

ball droppings is a fun excercise (work threshold: low) in physics and music. plus its pretty and a kind of addicting. really. and my dog likes how it sounds: she cannot sniff the computer speakers enough.

all mupets, all the time

December 23, 2003 all about the muppet show! it includes an eopisode guide and a very thorough character list.

do you remember the rubber band men? how about fozzie's agent, irving bizarre? who was your favorite character?


December 22, 2003

merlin's lists of five things is very fun.
it could easily turn into a meme, but i like it as is.
wish i had thought of it.

its pat

December 22, 2003

the hubbys place of employment treated everyone to a wonderfully expensive dinner this weekend at the turtle club - a steak and seafood place located 20 miles from civilization.

i was the only one i saw not wearing pants, and i noticed at least three people glancing at my legs - including one of B's coworkers.

between bites of my battered prawns and bites of the husbands not-that-hot lobster, i swear i saw an its pat convention, consisting of at least four different individuals of questionable gender. and not only did B completely not get my movie reference, he managed to nearly blurt the whole thing to the party.


December 22, 2003

my hip hurts like i slept all night on the floor, and my knee feels all swolen. its like my body turned 55 sometime during the night.

not to mention the dog waking up vomiting at 5am. this is like the 5th morning in the past week that she has done that, so to the vet we go tomorrow. she needs a booster anyway.

because of all of this, plus a good dose of the should-have-been-done-yesterday scramble, im grumpy.

15 months

December 22, 2003

even after 15 months, my heart still stops when i see the calendar pointing to the 22nd.

monkeys make it better

December 19, 2003

johnny cash's desperado - but with monkeys
not as funny as one might expect

classical gas

December 19, 2003

xerox customer support hold music consists of every version ever made of Classical Gas. its a good song, but gets a little old after 20 minutes. you know.


December 19, 2003

while salt scrubs are one of the best bath/shower goodies around, it probably isnt a good idea to use one immediately after shaving. pain.

i should bring a small pot of facial moisturizer to work because i never remember to use it until im sitting at my desk and my face is all tight and itchy.


December 18, 2003

liquidating our assets.
(high giggle factor)


December 18, 2003

the sound of the dog harfing is not an ideal way to wake up.
neither is rolling over and swiping a hand through it.

evil master genious

December 17, 2003


oh yeah.

the things i remember

December 17, 2003

its pretty sad, i know, but
i have our xerox copiers serial number memorized.


December 17, 2003

yeah, i think giving children nightmares is the best way to get a point across.


nice guy

December 16, 2003

while i hate being on the phone with customer service for three hour conversations that resolve absolutely nothing, at least xerox hires some pretty nice people. the people that are at the first level of support usually suck donkey balls, but second level analysts know their stuff. rah.

monday woes

December 15, 2003


hows your monday been?


December 15, 2003

for me to look at after lunch


December 12, 2003

right, then.


December 11, 2003

hmmm.... maybe two weeks before christmas isnt really the best time to be bidding on ebay items.


December 11, 2003

rarely closed.


December 11, 2003

i wish i excercised more.
no, i wished i liked excercise more.
then id do it more.

no, i wish there werent so much past emotional crap associated with excercise, the gym, or any kind of (dis)organized sports. i wish i could stop worrying about when the next jock is going to run past me gloating about his 30 second mile run and asking when im going to run it in under 12 minutes. i wish i could stop knowing that everyone is looking and laughing at how slow im going, or how light the weights are, or how stupid i look. because everyone looks stupid when excercising whether they have 13 spare tires or a 9-pack. i wish i could stop worrying about doing it 'right' and just get to doing it at all.

whoa. where did that come from?


December 11, 2003

bot-valette (otherwise known as "me") posted a story on my blog of auto-generated goodness about a lady who locked her [non-biological] kid in a dryer for weeks at a time.

it made me think that maybe i should read my bot-blog more often, but then i realized that post is preceeded by a bush post and i immediately reconsidered.

knock damnit

December 11, 2003

no one in this office understands a closed office door.
it truly confuses each individual with whom i work; and im not the only one who closes my door.

when a staff member approaches a closed door, one of 4 things happens:
1: peek through the crack (provided the door is not latched) and then come in
2: peek through the crack and whisper 'hello? hello?' then come in
3: peek through the crack, whisper a few hellos, and lightly brush fingertips on the door, then come in
4: come right on in

if a volunteer comes to a closed office door, there is 98.9% guarantee that they will ignore every ettiquite about closed doors and barge right in.

what if i were wrapping their christmas goodie? or lookin at porn? or sacrificing chickens? why do i have to put a 'please knock' sign on my door to ensure i wont be interrupted? were you people raised in a barn!?


December 11, 2003

what would prompt someone to wear a bunch of bicycle horns on his body and play music with them? it reminds me of something that would have been on the ed sullivan show.

casio ex-z4

December 10, 2003

i have found the camera that shall be mine.

but i want the casio ex-z4 model, not the ex-z4u. the one without the 'u' is the international version and has digital video recording capabilities. im going to be trying to get one on ebay for cheap-cheap, but i know that with its popularity that cheap-cheap may not be happening.

though if someone wanted to buy me a canon eos rebel for christmas, or even the casio ex-z4, i have streamlined the process by adding them to my wishlist.

fannys your aunt

December 10, 2003

not one soul in my office has heard the phrase, bob's your uncle. and not to even mention fanny's your aunt.

once again i am forced to bring fun, culture, and a bit of innapropriateness into the workplace. oh darn.

r. robot

December 10, 2003
On The Late Show, Valette engaged in outrageously distasteful duplicity that most Americans found shocking.

featured in r. robot. another weblog with auto-generated content based on a simple name input. from the mefi thread about the weblog service mentioned below.

automated blog

December 10, 2003

ive got a new blog.
the best part, the absolutely best part, is that i dont have to do a thing!

its a new weblog service by the creators of so many other fun little programs. you fill out a little survey with features such as weblog name and a list of interests. the design, content and everything else about it is auto-generated.

i cant wait to see what i post next.


home alone

December 9, 2003

after a quick errand before dinner turned into a 2.5 hour trek through every corner of the city,
and after a newly purchased toy enticed the husband away,
i find myself at home alone.

i think i might like it.


December 9, 2003

if you were my husbands parents, what would you like for christmas?

birthday steve

December 8, 2003

its steve's birthday today!
happy birthday!

rather be

December 8, 2003

id rather be in a hot tub at chena hot springs than sitting in my office with its dreary light and my kinked shoulder.

where would you rather be?


December 8, 2003

i forgot how good it feels to get back to a workstation of my own. after working with a 'temporary replacement' for the past two months or so, this morning has been heaven as i played with all of the little options and settings. even getting firebird reinstalled again makes it feel oh-so-right.

just a car

December 5, 2003

it was the best car i ever owned.
the first car we ever paid more than $2000 for.
the first car we bought from a dealer.
our only vehicle that had nothing mechanically wrong with it.
our only car with a ufo in the trunk

i said my last goodbye today as i stripped it of every evidence i ever drove it. i toted boxes of stuff from its interior to the isuzu. toothbrushes, feminine hygene products, gum, first aid kit, jumper cables. it almost felt like a romantic breakup.

i worked through all of my emotional issues monday night with tears - that was before its totality was a reality and no longer a 'what if...?'

with my personal effects in the black rodeo, the red escort looked cold and naked. and i had no emotional response besides holy-crap-its-too-cold-outside-for-my-ears. i drove away feeling indifferent.

it is and was just a car.


December 5, 2003

shake it up with this fun flash snowglobe. if you let it sit for a little bit, the people do some pretty fun stuff. there is sound, but at least its enjoyable to hear the little guys screaming as you toss them way into the air.

feel like an idiot

December 4, 2003

how to not feel like an idiot, #54:

when the keys wont come out of the ignition,
when the car doesnt start,
before you hook up the jumper cables,
before you go off to look for someone to jump it for you,
you might want to think about how
you havent driven an automatic transmission in forever
and maybe,
just maybe,
you forgot to put it into park.


December 3, 2003

im wearing cool green wool socks that clash with my cool green top. while not bothered by the clashing (they are socks, after all), i am a bit bothered that both my shirt and my socks are green. at least i dont have a matching hair bow.

whose bright idea was it to slather hot wax on legs and rip it all off? that red, irritated, hairless third of my right calf is probably the stupidest thing i have ever done.

i am physically incapable of starting my brothers truck. if i could start the thing, i wouldnt be without a vehicle today. and i wouldnt be fretting too much about trying to pick up our isuzu from the mechanics and being home in time for my landlord to look at this supposed hole in our kitchen wall.


December 2, 2003

i cancelled my Type Pad account just a few minutes ago at the last possible second of my free trial for being a beta tester.

that beta testing period was a whole lot of fun, but I am not going to be paying for its service and a domain and this and that... though im a bit sad that im no longer part of that community.


December 2, 2003

"The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) is a club for scientists who have, or believe they have, luxuriant flowing hair."

if i had stayed on the path to the Land of Great Chemists as originally intended, i could be up on this site. if i were british, that is. or i could have started my very own alaskan chapter. or not.

what a highly specified fetish.

the car

December 2, 2003

its totaled.
i loved that car.


December 2, 2003

take a load off of your horrid tuesday morning with mr. picasso head. much fun.


December 1, 2003


go away

December 1, 2003

i know this will probably come as a big ole frickin shock to you, but a closed office door with a huge I AM UNAVAILABLE sign taped to its outside does not mean, "Please come on in and start talking at your leisure. I have nothing better to do than to entertain you."

knock, or go away.
for crying out loud.

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