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and sometimes

February 29, 2004

and sometimes, B can make it all better.

and your night?

February 29, 2004

chewed out by postal workers.
tears tears tears.
walked out of a traumatizing movie.
spent the night alone with a nightlight.

cant wait for work tomorrow.


February 27, 2004

i love having teenage boys giggle and whisper about my breasts.
makes me feel special.


February 26, 2004

nerds are the way to my heart.

super mario tragedy

February 26, 2004

a super mario tragedy: 1, 2, 3, and awaiting the 4th.


its never enough

February 25, 2004

when im packaging up the leftovers of my asian cooking into quick-nuke containers, there is too much of the substance/sauce/dish and not enough rice.

by that point, i dont want to spend the thirty minutes steaming two extra cups of rice.
so my lunches are always spicier than i would like. and then i complain.
i never make enough rice.

polar bears

February 25, 2004

green polar bears.

world mood

February 25, 2004

the world mood chart.
how are you feeling today?

through the sludge

February 24, 2004

what is with all of those *Note: you are not bidding on actual item, but for information on where to get item you cheap a$$* auctions on ebay?
its all crap.
and i hate wading through it.


February 24, 2004

the video for steriograms walkie talkie man is crocheted.
great song, too.

formerly known as spam

February 23, 2004

what would one make of a nonsense comment from an unknown source that included a contact email yet omitted a website url posted to a highly specific and emotional site?
spam? not spam? unspam?

cease & desist

February 23, 2004

last thursday i mentioned that i would be participating in civil disobedience during grey tuesday.

today i received a cease & desist email from capitol records' lawyers (didnt steve predict this?). and i am not the only one.

im not so sure about this 'cease your intent' part of the letter - its bordering on thoughtcrimes of 1984. in any case, i will not be hosting the album, but i will still be participating.

i submitted this c&d to chilling effects. the full body and my reply are posted below.


dog video

February 23, 2004

like you needed any more proof of how adorable my dog is, right (avi file, 1.6mb)?

buffer overrun

February 23, 2004

happy monday.
Boss B is on vacation.
my buffer to Boss A has been removed.

this will not be a good week.

not done yet

February 20, 2004

Boss A wants to see the progress of the newsletter (the progress being held up, incidentally, by Boss A and Boss A only). i print out the current mutation (and an ugly one, at that) and set one copy in Boss A's box as well Boss B's desk with the disclaimer recognizing this mutations ugliness and that it is NOT DONE YET.

while i am away at lunch, Boss A confronts Boss B and explains how it is all laid out wrong. if only this should be higher, this more to the outside of the page, and the cover is too cluttered with articles when it should have one large smiley picture.

Boss A demands to know why it doesnt look like a newsletter of years past when the logo was some freeware clipart physically cut-n-pasted from a magazine.

Boss B tries to explain my reasoning to Boss A but comes a little short. Boss A doesnt care and wants the whole thing redone, without once consulting me.

perhaps Boss A should focus more on the three week late article.


February 20, 2004

the main thing i have disliked about every aggregator i have tried is keeping it in sync with the aggregator downloads on the numerous computers i use. bloglines is a spiffy web-based rss aggregator that makes it easy to keep up with my blog habit while at work, home, on the laptop, or at a friends house.

i have even made my subscriptions public so everyone knows who i am stalking.

no sooner have i set it all up than i find another, rollup. i haven't tried it yet, and i dont know if i will. maybe if bloglines fails me ill give it a go.


February 20, 2004

the six apart team really needs to learn how to iron.

site title

February 19, 2004

anyone else have the periodic problem of the title of this site being [object HTMLImageElement]?

addendum: screenshot. i get this in the title bar of the window as well as the tab thingy on the taskbar while the tab displays the title fine (im in firebird .7). usually a refresh will clear it. it may be an issue with the browser.

the truth in advertising

February 19, 2004

the truth in advertising.
i want to do this in the office today.

grey tuesday

February 19, 2004

the grey album is dj danger mouse's mix of the vocals from jay-z's black album and music samples from the beatles original white album.

in swoops emi with cease-and-desist orders. as other sites jumped in to make the album freely available, cease-and-desist orders were freely distributed.

february 24 will be grey tuesday: a day of coordinated civil disobedience in protest of emi's censorship attempt. numerous sites will be all grey and will offer the full album as free mp3 downloads.

i will be participating.


February 18, 2004

why do you have to explain things to me with that condescending you-are-so-stupid voice?

i love death

February 18, 2004

lodger flash movies: i love death (an innapropriate/nsfw scene at the begining) and doorsteps.

i could almost swear i have posted this here before, but i cant find it.
if its a duplicate, watch them again.

new truck

February 18, 2004

the transmission in our rodeo is shot it is not worth putting a rebuilt tranny in it.

not that anyone in alaska will rebuild transmissions for isuzus. not that anyone knows how to diagnose and fix isuzus in alaska.
but thats a sore topic.

after five months of being down to one car.
and then a few weeks of being compeltely vehicle-less.
after test driving five vehicles.
after bringing three of those to a mechanic for inspections.
after much consideration and prayer.
we bought a truck.

truck thumbnail

this will mostly be b's truck while i will mostly get the car.

he has been the most put out during the past five months. while i was terribly inconvenienced by having to get up a half hour earlier to bring him to work, he was terribly inconvenienced by having to bum rides home and waiting until i was done with the car before he could take it to do errands.

not that he did many errands, mind you. and he drove whenever we went somewhere together.
but still.
its not the same as a vehicle to call your own.

death to muppets

February 18, 2004

disney buys the muppets.
i am horrified.
might as well flush the whole thing down the crapper.


1000 words

February 17, 2004

i have a picture featured on 1000 Words today.

actually, currently the site is experiencing some technical difficulties (that result when you dont have any money). to see my submission you have to click on the back arrow - or i suppose you can see it without all the frame stuff here. darn frames.

crimson room

February 17, 2004

can you escape the crimson room?
i only had to cheat once.


kamasutra magic eye

February 17, 2004

the esiest way to view porn at work: kamasutra magic eye.


February 16, 2004

if someone ever tells you that car shopping is fun, dont believe them.
they lie.


February 14, 2004

as my faithful audience and circle of cyber friends, i want you to know just how much i love you.
happy valentines day.

keep walking

February 12, 2004

its plain to see
your brains are very small
so keep walking...

different ways indeed

February 12, 2004

"As you can see, we have many different ways of doing some stuff."
a coworker training a new volunteer.

needing ideas

February 11, 2004

the directors are all out of the office this afternoon.
and the best thing i can think of to do is work-related.


February 11, 2004

how do you feel?
i feel grrreat! (mirror)

type playing cards

February 10, 2004

p22 type foundry is offering some way cool type specimen playing cards that i really really want. sadly, they arent available for direct sale - you have to buy $100 worth of fonts before you can get the cards. but i am still too cheap to pay $20 a font.


February 10, 2004

multi-tasking xtreme: nerd attention deficiency disorder

green goo

February 9, 2004

while my brother has been out of town, i conspired with his wife to do all sorts of surprise-type things to their home.

one such surprise-type thing we did was clean out his fish tank.
theres a little history here, but frankly its not that interesting.

let me just say that he hates the fish that were in it (originally mine) and the hordes of sex-crazed, orgy-lovin' snails that came with them. plus, he wants to go to a brackish tank. he doesnt have the heart to flush the whole thing, but he doesnt have the willpower to actively keep them alive. you know, with food and stuff.

the snails took over the tank. and then the Green Goo of Gog took over and quietly enveloped the snails into its fold. you couldnt even see the fish anymore.

we touched the Green Goo.
everything in the tank was slimy.
the water slightly burned our skin.
the last five inches of water was black as sin.
and i managed to get bathed in it.

he doesnt deserve it.
but now he owes me dinner.

a primer

February 9, 2004

boobies: a primer.


February 9, 2004

driving to work this morning, the horizon caught my attention.
it was a nice black sky with hints of blue and green right at the fringes.

it was dawn.

this is the first time i have seen color in the pre-work sky for months.
spring is on its way.

the glass is half full, my friend.

what to rent

February 8, 2004

what to rent - automated movie recomendations. you answer a few preliminary questions and it will suggest a movie. it seemed pretty accurate as the first few it recommended were either in my personal collection or ones i want to see.

theres also movielens and gnod.


veggie tales

February 8, 2004

im wanting needing to eat more veggies.
and i hate veggies.

no, wait, thats not fair.
what i hate is when someone drowns them in heat to make them all mushy and hot and gross.
i like my veggies cold, fresh, and crunchy.

but eating fresh, raw vegetables is getting a bit boring.
as a consequence, im not eating as many.
and i might be willing to try some hot.

so im wanting some advice.
what is your favorite mostly-vegetable dish/side-dish?


February 7, 2004

i need to install this extension at work.

i blame you

February 7, 2004

it is all my brother's fault that i spent my friday night scrubbing dishes and folding laundry.
if he had just not gone, i could have had something else to do.
but no.
dirty dishes and clean laundry were my only companions.
and i blame him.

so sad

February 6, 2004

i just realized.
the creepy eye pictures finally got pushed off the front page.
its a bit sad, dontcha think?


February 6, 2004

be my anti-valentine.
we love you, yes you.

tis the season.

self worth

February 6, 2004

the staff took me out for my birthday lunch today.
it turned out to be the most expensive birthday lunch in the history of the organization, and it wasnt that ritzy of a place.

i am completely stuffed.
i am completely worth it.

mini golf

February 6, 2004

last saturday was miniature golf, alaskan style.

think 2x4s duct taped to the floor with horse shoes for the 'holes'.
think long lines of antsy people trying to edge into our conversation.
think waiting 30 minutes to go through holes 10 and 11.
think the first hole supervisor cheating for everyone while standing next to a 'you can be ethical and still have some fun' sign.

and the moment that beth needed to confirm every article of clothing i wore was of mixed fabrics and looked at the tag of my pants, i really liked when the creepy middle aged guy in front of us leaned in for a closer look.

leta dorrito

February 5, 2004

leta dorrito: a blurbodooce baby

pdf online

February 5, 2004

adobe's create pdf online tool is handy-dandy in times of dead cd drive crisis causing ones inability to install acrobat.

boiled peanuts

February 5, 2004

what could have prompted someone to think, 'hey, i bet these yummy, salty, crunchy peanuts would be better salty, soggy, mushy, and warm. we should boil them!'??


February 5, 2004

its danielle's birthday today.
i had her birthday listed as being on saturday, but then i was wrong.

happy birthday, girl!

let go

February 4, 2004

when will you let go?

without sanctuary

February 3, 2004

without sanctuary is an online colection of photographs and postcards taken as souvenirs at lynchings throughout the united states.

the photographs are very disturbing, but are a loud reminder of the evil humans are capable of. they remind me of some of the german concentration camp pictures i have seen. seeing pictures of little black children being hanged while little white children stand by gawking break my heart.


February 3, 2004

corn dogs are almost like food.

flash card

February 3, 2004

i had yesterday off from work.
a birthday holiday, if you will, spent mostly on my couch and fighting old ladies and teen girls over dressing rooms at value village.

but right now i cant figure out why i can see all of my pictures on my compact flash card by using my camera, but the moment i stick the card into the office's card reader, its giving me a blank. i hope the reader isnt going bad.

but i doubly-hope that i dont have to plug the camera into the usb port in order to upload all the pictures.

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