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May 30, 2004

css naming conventions.
theyre all so... boring.
and yet, im just as guilty as the rest.

rejecting the rejection letter.
"Despite your company�s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet with my requirements at this time."

the wicked worn look: part 1.


May 29, 2004

apparently the dog doesnt limit herself to eating only dandelions.

the next time i catch her standing IN my flower bed eating my pansies, there will be hell to pay.

with the movers

May 28, 2004

Valette: your scalp is going to slough off, you know
Valette: all those chemicals
nomad: I'm meeelting. meeeeeelting.
Valette: dont get it on the carpet, please
nomad: and all my bandanas are with the movers

stock photography suggestions

May 28, 2004

royalty-free stock photography suggestions

weekend to do

May 28, 2004

i took today off from work to give me a nice cushy weekend. and since i cant find my dayplaner, and i need to get this stuff down somewhere, here is what i want to accomplish today:

  • make that i-know-what-im-doing, get-out-of-my-kitchen apron from the fabric that has been waiting by my sewing machine all week
  • get to the gottschalks sale for some unmentionables (and hope to god they have what im needing; gottschalks, please dont make me go to walmart)
  • vacuum
  • do a few tshirt reconstructions
  • water the garden
  • give lacey a much-needed haircut (before the vacuuming)
  • get some more tranquilizers for the dog
  • swing by the joann's fabrics sale, maybe get a loop turner that i wont need for another year and a half
  • take the hairless dog and the sparkly camera and the trusty sunscreen out for a walk
  • kidnap a friend to hop through thrift stores

loop turner

May 27, 2004

i just turned two huge loops of fabric (probably an inch+ wide and four feet long) without a fancy loop turner.

yes, by hand.

never, ever again.


May 27, 2004

how can you live without guacamole?

thank you for watching

May 27, 2004

vincent twice, vincent twice

bitten feet

May 27, 2004

why are mosquito bites on the feet almost impossible to ignore? much more so than bites on any meaty part of my body.

and believe me, i have plenty to compare (bites, not meaty parts).

which reminds me, i need some more benadryl spray.

more cowbell

May 26, 2004

more cowbell!

so far

May 26, 2004

he lives so far away from me

take me out

May 26, 2004

franz ferdinand - take me out.
introduced to me by seansix.
thought i would share some of the love.

choco peanut butter

May 25, 2004

i could really go for a glacier milk shake right now.
anyone in homer want to mail me one?

chocolate peanut butter.

icelandic milk

May 25, 2004

"afterwards it will be 1985 and you will be thirsty for icelandic milk" (quicktime).


stabbing dream

May 24, 2004

last night i dreamt i stabbed melissa in the thigh with b's diving knife. she bled all over my car while i drove around looking for the hospital.

kat kuhns

May 24, 2004

dani informed me just a bit ago that a classmate from high school, Kate Kuhns, died this evening of brain tumors. my mom then confirmed it.

i didnt know her very well; we had classes together all through school. but homer is a small town, and the graduating class of 1999 was just over 100. we were both in the group who went through all 13 grades in the homer school system.

but i do remember being invited to her birthday party in, what, second grade? third grade?

her family had two horses, and that was the highlight of the party: getting to ride the horses. but we had to ride 2 or 3 on a horse. i got stuck sitting behind the saddle on the horses sweaty butt.

b dated her for a brief time in fourth grade. one of those 'wanna sit by me at lunch?' kind of relationships.

i didnt think it would hit me this hard.


May 24, 2004

doubletype is an "open source graphical typeface designer that builds TrueType font file[s]." woo!

drafting patterns

May 24, 2004

im linking this pattern drafting program so i can find it at home.


May 24, 2004

kaleidodraw: a fun way to waste 20 minutes.

on base yard sales

May 23, 2004

community yard sales on the military base are great if you have children. otherwise, they blow chunks.

dye color chart

May 21, 2004

koolaid dye color chart



May 21, 2004

what is WITH all the commentary on this site lately?

i need to balance it with a boobies link, or something.

of hair, knuckles, and blood

May 21, 2004

i give myself nearly enough time to get to the office presentable (read: not smelly) each weekday morning. sometimes i give myself less.

however much time i have, i will be hurrying. guaranteed. usually sans glasses (so blind, basically), but always half-asleep.

this morning was no exception, and i had opted to air out my smelliness during the three minute drive to my office rather than wash my three feet of hair. time does not grow on trees, you know, especially when there is 5 more minutes of sleep to be had.

i brushed my unconditioned hair, trying to ignore the pain shooting to my scalp, and whooshed it up into a ponytail. that is when it happened.

my hair is so thick and so long that not just any hairband will do. they have to have some extra stretchy and extra super strength.

on the second loop, the hairband broke.
the shiny metal piece flew up and bit a knuckle on my left hand.
it stung.
i said ow and went off in search of another.

finally out the door, i noticed a fat red drop of blood on my right hand. i stop halfway to my car thinking that this is a big enough drop that i should probably determine where it was originating.

my left knuckle was gushing a lot of blood.
too much blood for 8am.

i ran back inside for a bandaid and promptly forgot about it.

i just took off the bandage to find a quarter inch gash and a hugeass bruise on my knuckle. the bruise is seriously an inch and a half long... and i have dainty girly fingers. it makes me wonder why it didnt hurt more.


May 21, 2004

another friend gives in to the dark side of the internet and gets a blog: aack.


May 21, 2004

i am now completely addicted to craftster.

it is summer

May 20, 2004

the dog and i have been spending quite a bit of time the past few days on the tiny lawn outside my apartment building. i sit on the lawn chair (snagged from my brothers garage sale), read, and try to keep her from barking at the kids on bikes.

lacey runs around on her long, retractable leash eating grass and dandelion petals (wth? dandelions already?), and barking at kids on bikes. kids are scary, but kids on bikes are nightmare-inducing ghoulish fiends that need to be frightened off by her fierce barking.

during all of this, i keep wondering if i have on enough sunscreen (usually not) and how long it will take me to burn. and i realize how much i have missed the summer sunshine, and ohmygoodnessitissummer!!

fun stuff

May 20, 2004

i just got back from a very long (and surprisingly enjoyable) staff lunch. i love when there is leftover food from some meeting. FREE FOOD!!

where was i?
oh yes - heres a bunch of fun stuff sitting in my aggregator of choice on my return. it feels like friday for some reason.

robots on strike: what would they be protesting? who knows? theyre robots, it doesnt have to make sense.

3d css box model for the visual learners among us.

a mt 3.0d review with some cool screenshots. it looks more like typepads sophisticated, older cousin.

troy in fifteen minutes

May 20, 2004
PEOPLE OF TROY: Paaaaaaartay!

PARIS: *mopes*

PEOPLE OF TROY: *get bombed and fall asleep in the gutter*

The Greeks climb out of the horse, affording the ladies in the audience a spectacular view.

WOMEN IN AUDIENCE: *wolf whistle SQUEEEE throw dollar bills at screen*
troy in fifteen minutes

homstar runner wiki

May 19, 2004

the homestar runner wiki has everything you ever wanted to know about the crew. most awesomely, it has transcripts and easter eggs of strong bad emails!

no stealing

May 19, 2004

it is a really bad idea to convince the dog to crawl back under the covers at/after 7.30am. i am absolved of any responsibility for her and am able to dream about stealing cable access from dreams within the dream. making me very, very late for work.

lesson learned: stealing cable access is bad.

how do you?

May 18, 2004

how i am using movable type
by valette, age 23

i am using one installation of movable type for my blog here at, consisting of one user (me) and four weblogs: the main blog, a link log that is still in the developmental stages and currently not public, my dream journal, and today blog (that is rarely updated anymore).

i am using one installation of movable type for my photolog at with one author and one weblog.

if those two installations were able to count for two seperate licenses, then i would be able to use the free version of the recent developer version. if they do not count for two seperate licesnses, then the personal license would do nicely.

however, i am also using one installation of movable type non-commercially as a group memorial website for my family. that particular installation runs three weblogs: one for the main memories, one for the photos, and one for her poetry (which is pretty much static [the section, not her poetry]). there are currently 16 author accounts for 16 seperate people posting to the site. not all 16 authors are terribly active, and there are even a few who have not logged in in the past three months. but the author count is still growing as more of her friends become aware of the site.

this is the installation i would not be able to afford to upgrade.

counting them all together, that is a grand total of eight (8) weblogs and eighteen (18) authors.

gmail login

May 18, 2004

if i cannot log into my gmail account, how am i supposed to open a help ticket?

circles of hell

May 18, 2004
You will spend eternity doing Theater 101 exercises. All righty! Get started playing Soundball. Then after about fifty years, I'll come back and teach you Mirror Exercises. Get to it! Oh, and every now and then, harpies will rend your flesh.
other circles of hell

board games

May 17, 2004

summer board games suggestions.

dumpster rabbit

May 17, 2004

i am so hard up for friends that i accompanied someone dumpster-diving (for wood for art projects, nothing terribly gross or lowest-of-the-low class [if it sounds like i am trying to justify this creepy excursion, its because i am]).

the highlight of the excursion was seeing a rabbit cage with the deceased rabbit still inside.

i need some more friends.


May 17, 2004

Restrictions: They only keep you down, man.


May 17, 2004

my brother is back on the internet and already stealing my content.


May 15, 2004

looks like the six apart crew clarified their user licesnses for the new developer edition this morning. the biggest changes that affect me were their definitions of an 'author' and a 'weblog':

"Author" means one individual with a unique login name generated by the Software via the "Add/Edit Weblog Authors" function of the Software who has logged in within the prior 90 days. The sharing of an individual login name for more than one person is prohibited.

"Weblog" means a single Web site viewable at a single URL (Uniform Resource Locator), consisting of one or more weblogs as generated by the Software via the "Create New Weblog" function of the Software.

which makes me think these limits arent as hard-coded as i originally thought. if i can create four weblogs through the software and have it count towards one of the licensing 'weblogs', then how will the software not know if i have fifteen weblogs in the sofware counting towards another one 'weblog'? the software cannot surely know that.

perhaps the author limit is more hard-coded into the software; the 90-day activity limit sounds easier to implement. so it would seem that the free developer version would fit my sites pretty well, considering that there are only really two or three active authors on melissas site.

they also added in a way to add more authors/weblogs to the installation: $10 will get you one additional author and one additional weblog. which still feels a bit steep to me.

and yet no information of this 'genereal release' mena alluded to in the licensing announcements made a few days ago. i want to know more about it.

incredibles trailer

May 14, 2004

the incredibles!
i caught the teaser at the begining of some movie i rented (finding nemo, maybe?) and could not stop laughing. the new trailer looks super funny.

pixel block

May 14, 2004

someone needs to buy me a pixel block set.
then i would love you long time.

color blender

May 14, 2004

color blender by eric meyer.
too much fun and yet incredibly useful.

chil, yo

May 13, 2004

dear blogopshere


May 13, 2004

considering all the animosity verbalized against our in/out board, im actually very surprised it took this long for the board to erupt into complete chaos.

not that its a bad thing.

mt release

May 13, 2004

ive been trying all day to formulate my thoughts on the new movable type release and its accompanying pricing structure.

many people are very upset about the pricing, as can be evidenced by the nasty trackbacks on menas announcement as well as the sniveling at metafilter (though that is what they do best).

i, personally, do not see anything wrong with charging for movable type. the program is robust, versatile, and whoops ass as far as im concerned. i would happily pay six apart for the use of this great publishing platform.


blah blah walmart

May 12, 2004

will everyone please just shut up about the new walmart that recently opened in town?

its like jesus has returned IN THE FLESH bringing low prices and crappy work ethic.


May 11, 2004

looky looky.
melissas broken database up and fixed itself.

i think im still going to switch it to mysql, but at least now the site wont be down while i do it.
and maybe i can wait until the next mt release.

new zelda

May 11, 2004

nintendo reveals a new, realistic zelda for the game cube. the demo clip looks way cool.

i really post this for damon, so i can remember to tell him when he gets back to internet-dom.


fat-kins diet

May 11, 2004

shut up and have a bagel.
fat-kins diet.

mix cd offer

May 10, 2004

i was offering a mix cd way back when, and promised to post a playlist so the viewiers at home could play along.

i call the mix Music for Melissa.

these are not songs that she asked me to mix for her, nor are these all songs to which she often listened. instead, they are 19 songs that remind me of melissa in one way or another.

each of the songs on the list are connected with either a specific memory of her, or a specific emotion about loving or missing her.

it is a very emotional mix for me. but even if you didnt know her, and even though you do not have the memories of her that i do, you can still enjoy the mix. maybe they will bring back memories of your own.

here is what you are missing.


ie/mozilla conflict

May 10, 2004

ive spent weeks getting this internal procedures html-based porogram recovered from the dying robohelp and into a more compatible format. i spent hours redoing the relative, internal links so that they point to the correct directories and blah blah blah.

then i opened it in internet explorer.
the browser all of the staff and volunteers use.
the browser i do not use.
none of the links work.

how can relative, internal links act so differently in mozilla and ie?
heres hoping i kept some sort of backup...

goodbye girl

May 9, 2004

my brother and i have become the best of friends through the five years i have been living in fairbanks, despite our shared dna. we talk with each other about anything and everything. every weekend plan includes him. i dont know what i would have done up here without him.

i just hugged him goodbye.
he and his wife drive out in the morning.
out of the state, through canada, and to their new home in washington.

if God has a plan and a purpose for his move, then i have to trust that i am also included in that plan.

and yet.
the moment he turned away and closed my apartment door, i cannot stop thinking how the last time i said goodbye to a sibling moving out of state, she didnt come back.


May 7, 2004

all you never wanted to know about beef tapeworms, and then some.



May 7, 2004

after my whining and snivelling request for some sort of a firefox extension to curb tooltip cropping, my friend maker rose to the occassion and prompty found that there was already a patch in existence, then proceeded to make it simple for this blonde to install. maker rocks.


May 6, 2004

how to make friends by telephone (just call 1-900...)

evil url - similar to tinyurl, but more crass. we like crass.

official officiator officilating

May 6, 2004

the official "official" registry of the internet
there are some crazy people on the internet; who better to organize them?

to the elements

May 6, 2004

its raining.
which isnt fair.
my butt is wet.

i left all the windows open in my car last night.


May 5, 2004

id like to see a mozilla extension that lengthens the default display for the title attribute.
pretty please.
with a cherry and everything.

bethany correira

May 5, 2004

pray for bethany correiras family as her body was probably found in a gravel pit near talkeetna yesterday.

it feels like one of those it-could-never-happen-here kind of events.

oh yes

May 5, 2004

the band name generator comes up with gems such as 'yougurt,' 'senior citizens, and 'sea-monkeys.'
it is, in other words, the BOMB.

spam spam bacon and spam

May 5, 2004

i just got a gmail account.

somebody spam me, please?


May 5, 2004

compare and contrast two copies of johann gutenberg�s bible, the first real book to be printed using the technique of printing which Gutenberg invented in the 1450s.

which is supadupa cool.


May 5, 2004

with everybody getting into this 'official _____ of the internet' thingy-wingy, im feeling left out. what better way to alleviate that than to tag along with the cool kids, pretending it was my idea too?

so. will forthwith be known as
The Official Unknown Weblog of the Internet
(provided the official officiator officiates).
dont you forget it.

tendonitis my friend

May 5, 2004

my forearms are screaming at the prospect of another 4+ hours of newsletter folding today. why arent volunteers showing up?

with bunnies

May 4, 2004

the shining in 30 seconds, with bunnies.

and, in case you missed it, the exorcist in 30 seconds, with bunnies.


May 4, 2004

she swears. a lot.

in other news, the hardly-passable-for-a-lawn patch of grass outside our apartment building has a strange green tint to it. the grass is growing! yay!

not much longer until i can plant my garden.
25 days or so. i cant wait.

changes in the tide

May 4, 2004

when does 'having a party' turn into a 'dinner party'?
when does 'hanging out with friends' turn into 'having company over'?

is it an age thing? the moment i turn thirty? thirty-five?
is it a status thing? when i dont have any 'friends' but only 'acquaintances'?
or is it merely a generational thing?

whatever it is, whenever it is, i am not looking forward to it.


May 4, 2004

this morning, the internet connection was eerily spotty.
i could only receive mail on one of my accounts
(they all use the same servers).
only one of my sites would connect
(they are all hosted on the same servers).
my isp site would not load.
neither would my host site.
or my hosts emergency status site.

and now everything is a-okay.
so weird.


May 3, 2004

my recent obsession makes me feel like im there, not here, for five glorious minutes.

then my jet tea runs out and im back here. i wonder if i could get it intravenously...

take me away

May 3, 2004

i wish i were there.
anywhere but here.
any volunteers?

fondue sludge

May 3, 2004

the leftover fondue wont melt together.
the folding maching is crumpling every third pieve of paper sent through it, no matter how many fool-proof-tricks i use.
the volunteers arent showing up.

i am happily failing at everything this morning.

newsletter opportunity!

May 3, 2004

anyone want to come fold a newsletter? the pay is nothing, but you get to hang out with me.

how about anyone want to troubleshoot why my sisters mt database went all corrupted-like last night? again!? because ive got all these newsletters to fold and assemble and crap, i dont have the time to screw with it. dang, i really need to move it over to a sql database. piss.

love you more

May 2, 2004

learning to love you more: artists hand out assignements to people (non-artists? presumably). assignments both dull, like 'braid someones hair,' and fun, like 'hang a windchime on a tree in a parking lot.'


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