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June 30, 2004

im up for another round of 26 things.


June 30, 2004

the fires are coming closer to fairbanks.
the smoke cloud is the size of texas.

the size of texas.

im keeping the fire reports close at hand.
i might drive south for the fourth of july weekend.

all entries

June 30, 2004

you should be aware that choosing to list all entries in power-editing mode in the movable type interface, your computer will slow to a screeching halt while it uses up 104% of system resources to pull up 1500 entries.

its probably not a good idea.

mozilla is the answer

June 30, 2004

another ie exploit can cost you highly confidential information, like bank account numbers.

for the love of your peter, for the love of the children, download mozilla right now and never look back.

colon forward slash

June 30, 2004

"You can visit our twenty-four hour support on the web at:

i didnt realize people still said urls like this.


June 30, 2004

lift the handset and dial a number to be transported to another place [via]
too short.

the end times

June 30, 2004

the sky is so dark that the street lights are on all day and all night.

this morning, the clouds and smoke are causing everything outside to be a pretty yellowish-green.

is this what it looks like after radiation?

with an e

June 29, 2004

if youre going to look for porn, use the right spelling. [via]

free as in coffee

June 29, 2004

this is getting crazy.
im setting up a linklog.

converting cgi movable type templates to php [via]
wow, what a great idea. why hasnt this been done sooner??

free starbucks sample day tomorrow [via]
i adore blended ice coffee drinks, but the regular frappachinos at starbucks are too bitter and my stomach does not care for those perfectly delectable ice rages. i must try one tomorrow.

free years subscription to wired magazine [via]
they dont ask for a credit card number or even an email address.

lingering smoke

June 29, 2004

do you have to, do you have to let it linger?

a pack a day

June 28, 2004

there are about three hundred forest fires in interior alaska right now, and the smoke has finally settled into the valley where fairbanks resides.

the sun last night was a beutiful firey red.

this morning i awoke to highly invisible roads. the stuff has covered everything it can reach, including my eyeballs and lungs. it is making me ill to my stomach, and i will probably urinate smoke for the next few days.

the last time the smoke was bad here, i got an obnoxious cough that stayed with me for months and months. and the smoke wasnt this bad.

its still really hot out, though not into the 90s. and still being un-airconditioned, we get the lovely choice of melting into pools of goo or breathing less-smoky air.

maybe i should get a pack of cigarettes, cut off the filters, and breathe through them.

wake up call

June 27, 2004

one of the downsides of the sun setting around 1am and rising around 3am is that friends can jolt out of a dream, look at their incorrect clock, and think it is almost 2pm.

they can then call you, apologizing for being late and assuring you that they are on their way.

then you can be very disoriented because it is really 7am.

lily pad favicon

June 26, 2004

i hate how every site powered by typepad now has the typepad lily pad logo thing as their favicon.

fast company

June 26, 2004 has a stupid linking policy.


that smell

June 26, 2004

i love how my fingers smell like basil all morning.

sushi ettiquite

June 25, 2004

sushi ettiquite

ubuweb: 365 days project - a free mp3 download for every day of 2003

another ie vulnerability

June 25, 2004

yet another reason to quit using internet explorer.

natural disaster movie of %year%

June 24, 2004

Natural Disaster Movie of %YEAR%
in ten steps

1// Misunderstood Scientist (caucasian, american, male), married to his job, presents Natural Disaster prediction to Skeptical Government Official.

2// Skeptical Government Official dismisses prediction while mumbling about money and reelection.

3// Foreign Respected Scientist supports Misunderstood Scientists claims.

4// Natutral Disaster wipes out new york city.

5// Misunderstood Scientist says, 'oh shit, i am brilliant.'
Skeptical Government Official says, 'oh shit, im not going to be reelected.'

6// Misunderstood Scientist discovers ex-wife and/or child is stuck in the path of Natutral Disaster, realises he was a terrible husband/father and vows to save them, risking his own, misunderstood life.

7// Foreign Respected Scientist dies. down with foreigners.

8// ex-wife and/or child escape Natutral Disaster just before Misunderstood Scientist comes to the rescue.

9// Skeptical Government Official cries because it is so darn beautiful, sends Military Enforcement to take full credit for survivors.

10// sweeping camera pans over destroyed new york city.


120% predictable, yet we cannot get enough of them. why?
(and yet i still really enjoyed the day after tomorrow)

169 minutes

June 24, 2004

"Thank you for calling Internet Customer Support.

We are experiencing a statewide outage on dial-up and email.

If you still need to talk to Internet Customer Support, please stay on the line.

Your approximate waiting time is:
One - hundred - sixty - nine minutes."

screw that.

midnight sun run

June 24, 2004

im scared of taking people pictures.
some photographers say that being behind the lens makes them feel removed from whatever situation they are in. it makes me feel more conspicuous.

i decided to face this fear head on at the midnight sun run on saturday.
and im pretty happy with the results.

walk through picknick

June 24, 2004

ive been into a slight depressive slump since my brother moved out of state, which means i have neglected all forms of housework possible.

add 90+ degree heat for a week or more without air conditioning, and there is no way i am going to turn on the stove for cooking, run hot water for dishes, or pumping the dryer for laundry. no way jose.

the landlord called last night and informed us that they are refinancing the building and will need to do a walk through each apartment friday at 1pm.

every dish (save for two forks and one glass) we own is dirty.
nearly every item of clothing we own is dirty.
the livingroom exploded into a messy sewing room.
the fish tank is - yuck - b's responsibility.

i did the most logical thing: i panicked.

b directed me towards the dishes and told me to focus there while he ran around and did what he could elsewhere. two hours later i was asleep on my throbbing feet, but all of the dishes were done. all i want to do is crawl in bed and sleep; is that too much to ask?

watermelon salt

June 23, 2004

everyone who sprinkles salt on watermelon, please raise your hand.

1993 to 2000

June 23, 2004

we (by which i mean the royal we, being the one and only me) are nearing our 2000th comment here at as i type this, the comment count stands at 1993. which was a very bad year.

bad because i was 12. i had just hit puberty.
which should explain every detail about why that was a bad year.

but the year 2000 was an awesome year. it was the year i got married.

the person to post the 2000th comment (spam not withstanding) (and i wont let it be me) will get a prize. either something from a wish list you may have hoarded up somewhere, or something creative made by me and mailed from my swealtering office. but it will be good. oh yes, it will be good.

dang people, that was fast. you guys sure do hustle when free goodies are at stake.

the winner is danielle. so tell me, sweetie, what do you want - wishlist item? or creative item by yours truly (to be determined, surely, at a later time)?

pepto rebellion

June 23, 2004
It certainly doesn't say "Buy our poo-goo" to me, but nothing in this commercial does. Does he have a bomb in his ass? Is it a coded message from the Pepto Rebellion?

-- buyers remorse

trimming down

June 22, 2004

whether i find something cool online while im at home and know i want to play with it at work, or if i find something at work that would be perfect at home, i email it.

if its something that others might also be interested in, i will post it here. if it sounds interesting but i dont have enough time to take a good look at it, i email it.

i email myself a lot.
there is nothing wrong with that.

i just cleaned out my email inbox here at work and found a handful of links that i never looked at properly. in an effort to delete the space-hogging emails (i like my inbox to be lean and mean), im going to post them here.

like it, love it, get some more of it.

magic text

June 22, 2004

if youre into those magic eye illustrations, dig this:
a plain text magic eye trick.


seizure blocking, please

June 22, 2004

while i love the image blocking capabilities built into the mozilla family, i would love to see it extend to flash blocking capabilities. it seems more and more advertisements are being displayed in flash.

the magic number

June 22, 2004

looks like i missed my three year blogging anniversary.
i dont feel any older.

sostice sunset

June 22, 2004

summer solstice sunset

what it means to me

June 22, 2004

if you decide to start some addictive behavior out of the blue, and the only reason you have for doing so is, 'i dont know,' then you are doing it because of peer pressure.

and you have lost my respect.


June 21, 2004

animated percussive music. 35 mb mpg file, but worth the download.


cold meals

June 21, 2004

cold meals
foods that do not require heating/cooking

ice cream
fresh vegetables
veggie salad
potato salad
cole slaw
deli sandwiches

ac alaska campaign

June 20, 2004

at a whopping 95°F and holding, i am about to embark on a mission to aircondition the entire state of alaska.

who is with me?

two, in fact

June 19, 2004

jet tea
my camera

i only have so many hands.
can it be done?

fractal art

June 19, 2004

chaoscopia: surreal fractal art.


gmail screwups

June 19, 2004

thanks to the lovely lovely natalie at luminescent, i got myself another gmail address.

which means i am at least able to gain acess to the gmail support area and figure out what happened to my other account.

i was able to reset my password, not realizing that i had used the same alternate email address on both the old gmail address and the new gmail address.

now i cannot log into either one.
dang it.

looks like anyone can get to the gmail support site without being logged in, so long as you know the uri: gmail support.

further addendum:
the gmail support email is, and there is an unofficial forum with some okay information at, where other people have had the same problem that i am having.

mt migration

June 18, 2004

and for future reading: migrating from mt 2.x to mt 3.0d

8 tracks?

June 18, 2004

nice to know that, in terms of its technology, my office isnt as far behind as some.

the only body you will ever have

June 18, 2004

herbal body care recipies of yumminess: salt or sugar scrubs, body butter, and lip balm.

me so horny

June 17, 2004

horny dreams leave me feeling that way all day long.

why indeed

June 17, 2004

why cant life be better?

i miss her

June 16, 2004

i will never stop missing her.

mt pricing structure change

June 16, 2004

six apart has announced a change in their pricing structure for Movable Type 3.0dev.

i think it is wonderful that 6a are listening to their customers and making changes appropriately.

the biggest change that effects me is that all paid licenses come with unlimited weblogs. the free version is still limited in the number of authors and weblogs. they also added licenses for non-profit and educational groups.

i think these are great changes.

i will still probably wait to purchase a license until the feature release, but right now i want to download the free version and see what the new layout and such is like. i also need to see if i can whittle my three domains down to one mt installation... im sure there is a way to do that, right? then i can get the unlimited personal edition and be happy happy.

simplebits contest

June 16, 2004

simplebits is holding a contest for a free copy of the new book, web standards solutions. all you have to do is leave a link in the comments to a neat online article about web standards to enter.

ask metafilter

June 16, 2004

there are some great topics on ask metafilter today:

in movies, why do women lift their leg while kissing?

tips on how to wake up in the morning (very useful for me)

how do i dream less vividly?

did i ask?

June 16, 2004

did i ask you to push it?

wicked worn 4

June 16, 2004

that wicked worn look: part 4

the whole series was a bit of a dissapointment.

stolen gmail

June 16, 2004

do me a favor?

wouldja send off a bunch of emails to and ask the person "why did you steal valette's gmail, yo?"


conversely, if you do have a gmail account, would you be willing to email me for a bigger favor? i think the only way to get gmail support right now is to open a help ticket through the gmail interface... and since i cannot log into my gmail account, i cannot get to support. i need a surrogate gmailer.

in my head

June 15, 2004

Mon dieu! Il y a une hache dans ma t�te.

vs, not long

June 15, 2004

victorias secret needs a lesson in photoshop.

notlong: an uri redirection similar to tinyurl, only with more customization features.

phones down

June 15, 2004

the telephones in our whole apartment building are down.

wats up with the phone company not having an after hours support team?

soft serve

June 15, 2004

1 teeny miniature schnauzer
1 field of fresh growing grass
5 patches of bright yellow dandelions
1 loving father figure
2 swings

combine and mix thoroughly.

yields one uncomfortable, whining, motion-sick puppy.
serve with two large piles of slightly used greenery.

and its red

June 14, 2004

we got a new toy this weekend.

free snorkel

June 13, 2004

only in kenya. free snorkel with every visit.

what babe?

June 12, 2004

you remind me of the babe.


June 11, 2004

black. as is my need.
bleeding. as is my heart.
stringberg and helium.
heeeliuuuuuuum. needs speakers. definitely.


June 11, 2004

8a - noon: sunny sunny
noon - 4p: HOT HOT dear lord its too hot
4.30 - 6p: dark, cloudy, brooding, and mean
6p - 8.30p: thunder, lightning, dump those cats and dogs
aside: yes, thunder and lightning!! in alaska!! woo!!
9p - later: grumpy, but no longer throwing anything at us
later - 8a: chug back some lattes and shes good to go

lather, rinse, repeat for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT.
this is mother nature going through menopause.

if i bring her some vodka, can we get our regular summer back?

synidcate, people!

June 11, 2004

okay, yes.
other people have said it in the past.
and i sniggered at their holier-than-thou attitude.
but now.
it is my turn.

no matter how funny, smart, witty, goregeous you are.
no matter how great your photos are (and they are really great).

if you are not offering an rss feed, i am not reading your site.

and yes, i am better than you.

rather not, thanks

June 10, 2004

five things id rather not talk about

  1. defecation
  2. any television show
  3. politics (including but not limited to: the current president, the future president, elections, any current or future war)
  4. pornography
  5. eyes and the things that may be in them


June 10, 2004

why do you have to make every little thing all about you?
why do you get angry that im angry instead of apologizing?
why can you not say that you are sorry?

expression download

June 10, 2004

microsoft recently bought out creature house expression. while it may sound like a greeting card company, its actually a vector-based graphics program, somewhat similar to freehand and illustrator, but more like painter.

the cool thing is that microsoft is offering it as a free download. you have to go through a pretty intensive survey thing, requiring you to sign in with a .NET Passport (hotmail) account.

microsoft can screw users over even a free download.

but ive heard (cough) that there is a direct download link floating around.


mmm... donuts

June 9, 2004

if no one in the office cares for chocolate-smothered, coconut-sprinkled doughnuts, then i cannot be rightly held responsible for eating them all.

besides - who wouldnt like the yummy chocolate-coconut combination??

wicked worn 3

June 9, 2004

that wicked worn look: part 3

robert greaves

June 8, 2004

oh, Robert Greaves, why do you make cameo appearances in my dreams?

forever my ass

June 7, 2004

"you really need to start getting along with your siblings, because your grandparents and parents will die someday. but siblings are forever."

did i not mention just TEN MINUTES ago to you that my sister is dead?

do not be telling me how sibling relationships last forever.


June 7, 2004

this photo makes me want to cry.

alaskan blood

June 7, 2004

i know that everyone will call me a baby.
and i know that i 'dont know real heat until youve experienced humid heat'.

but alaskan blood is not meant to live with this 85+ degree heat.

my alaskan blood is meant to tolerate temperatures that your nether regions have never thought about seeing.

and i will complain as much as i please.
thank you.


June 7, 2004

residents names

damask backgrounds

Nigritude Ultramarine

its been too long since ive posted a picture of my dog, so there you go

physics of a freezer

June 6, 2004

lets open the floor to a good physics discussion, shall we?

how long will it take for my refrigerator motor to burn out if i open the freezer door and place the fan directly in front of it on its highest power to cool me down?

mosquito fur coat

June 6, 2004

the good news is that millions more mosquitos are dead.

the bad news is that i dont know if they will come off of my car.

glad i came

June 5, 2004

i have to admit that last night and this morning, i was very worried about my decision. i wondered if everyone would be thinking, 'why did valette come visit?' i thought i would be out of place, a third wheel, awkward and in the way.

all of that gave way to queasy-stomach-nervousness as i drove to the hospital. last time i was at providence hospital was when taylor was born, just over ten years ago. and i was 13.

i was worried i would lose my way, both to the parking lot, and also inside the hospital itself. i only got lost in its hallways once, and that was because she changed rooms.

we whipped out a suction cup gun that i brought and took turns target practicing.
we grabbed the window markers and prettified the room.
the day went great.
i am so glad i came.

last minute road trip

June 4, 2004

....aaaaaand with a last-last-last minute decision, im driving to anchorage tonight so i can visit my neice in the hospital.

i dont know where im staying, nor does anyone know im coming.

i wont let that stop me.

happiness is

June 4, 2004

happiness is getting my hands in the dirt, planting flowers, and getting muddy. all while getting paid for it.


June 3, 2004

ive been thinking a lot lately about the ocean.
specifically, how much i miss it.

there is nothing that makes me happier than a sunny summer afternoon, sitting cross-legged on the bow of a boat cruising across a bay, the wind nearly taking away my breath.

and here i live, 300 miles from the nearest ocean.

if it is ever in our plans to move from fairbanks, i would need to live by the ocean and own a boat.

which would mean moving closer to family, because i am alaska and alaska is me.

in some respects, being closer to family would be a hair-pulling, suicide-fantasizing experience. there are select indoviduals that just... well... rub me the wrong way. five individuals, in fact. five is a lot, but thankfully i have a big family, and five is not even a fourth of my family.

but if i lived just 300 miles south of where i live now, i could shoot the crap with a couple of my really cool brothers and their really cool wives.

i would be close enough to pop into the hospital and visit my niece a couple times this next week while she recovers from third degree burns and skin grafts.

i would smell the ocean.

very important things

June 2, 2004

if you have a dry, cynical sense of humour (it must be spelled with a 'u' when accompanied by the words 'dry' and 'cynical'; its the law), then you should be checking out very important things.


June 2, 2004

a test for lynne.
nothing to see here.
move along.


June 2, 2004

ive been sewing up a storm lately (can three items really be considered 'a storm'?), and am most proud of my latest creation.

the ARMY goes in the back; the front is plain.

it started out as a huge t-shirt. i added a ruffle (twice, because i screwed up the first BIG TIME) and put some elastic in the waist. makes me giggle.

favorite favicons

June 2, 2004

favorite favicons.

sans sub

June 2, 2004

the saddest story you ever did hear:

i stood in line for the 20 minutes it took to get my sub sandwich (hitting that place at lunchtime is always harsh).

i drove home.

i put the sub in the fridge.

i caught the shower i missed this morning.

i let the dog relieve herself in the comfort of our jungle yard.

i bothered my neighbor to open the building door that i had locked shut on my way out.

i tucked the dog in her kennel.

i grabbed my purse and the spare key to the car.

i locked the apartment door behind me just as i realized my set of keys were on the couch instead of in my purse.

i used the spare key (hurrah!) to unlock the car just as i realized my sandwich was still in the fridge.

i cursed.

i drove back to work and ate two frozen corn dawgs.

27 and a heif

June 2, 2004

did you know there are 27 1/2�s to the hectare?
i most certainly didnt.
good to know.

well balanced

June 2, 2004

fresh corn on the cob and buttermilk buiscuits do not a complete meal make.

wicked worn 2

June 2, 2004

the wicked worn look: part 2.

infectious problems

June 1, 2004

in figuring out a booting problem with one of the office computers, i managed to royally screw up my own computer with booting problems of its very own.

sharing is caring.


June 1, 2004

i really really really really really really really need to get some sleep before work tomorrow morning.

convinced yet?

firefox bug

June 1, 2004

i just reinstalled firefox on my home computer, and the popups are all screwy. when something pops up that i want to pop up, i cant do anything with it. when i try to click on it, i get the little 'beep' sound windows gives when something isnt available for selecting.

i cant move it.
i cant close it.
i cant even right-click on its thing in the task bar.

ive disabled all of the popup blocking stuff, and enabled all of the javascript stuff. nothing helps.

this happen to anyone else?

update: looks like its the new tab browser extension. ill play around and see if its any specific option, or if its a bug with the new version.


June 1, 2004

purple numbers, plinks, and pink numbers. when will the insanity end?

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