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Toasted to Perfection

November 30, 2005

Dear Quizno's Guy Who Made My Sandwich,

Sorry I missed the irony when you said it looks like I was having a "beautiful day," but the guy ahead of me was pretty hilarious especially since I didn't have to deal with him and his 'please talk to me I need a friend' ways.

But thank you for flirting with me each time I walk in. Please keep it up, even though it won't get you anywhere especially with a mohawk that is never spiked or colored or cool in any way whatsoever. I know this is probably for work-related reasons, but it's still sad. Damn the man, eh?

The 'Mushrooms Instead Of Onions' Girl

Lunch Hour

November 29, 2005

I was so tired this morning that I dared not sit on the couch during the five spare minutes between pulling my socks on and pulling my parka and gloves on because I knew that if I sat down my eyes would close and my muscles would droop and I would fall asleep in two seconds flat.

During my fast-approaching lunch hour, I cannot decide if I want to wander around outside with my camera now that the temperatures are a manageable -3°F (so NOAA tells me), call all sorts of places like insurance and the cell phone company to change our mailing address, or attempt to find a dark-ish corner in the chilly basement to curl up with my parka and sleep.

I may need to go across the street for a mocha so that I don't bite my coworkers' heads off this afternoon.

New Apartment

November 28, 2005

Hey! I put pictures of the new apartment up on Flickr! With notes!


November 26, 2005

You know how much fun moving during a snowstorm on Thanksgiving can be? Just about as much fun as you might think.

And instead of pouting about missing out on the "I am thankful for..." list-love that every blogger did a few days ago, I'll just do it a few days late. I am thankful for:

  • the box-bed pickup B was able to borrow from work, successfully keeping all of our furniture and boxes out of the snow;
  • the snowstorm (yes, really), and the accompanying cloud cover that held the city's warmth close to the earth so that we were moving boxes and furniture at 0°F instead of -27°F like it currently is;
  • a husband who carried all of the boxes and furniture to the truck and then up two flights of stairs to the new place all by himself, and then hoisted a chest of drawers, armoire, and every piece from our waterbed either up the spiral staircase or over the side of the loft with a heavy rope, again all by himself;
  • the arrangement whereby I packed the boxes and he transported the boxes, leaving the food from the refrigerator and our paintings as the only items I was to transport;
  • the frozen store-bought lasagna NOT frozen store-bought pizza that served as our holiday meal, and my mother who insisted I set the record straight so that I did not lie to you, dear Internet;
  • having most of the boxes already unpacked
  • being able to sleep on our waterbed after a night on the Inflatable Mattress That Refused To Stay Inflated.;
  • getting our internet switched over to the new place in just over 24 hours;
  • the six hooks on which my pots and pans now hang, making the kitchen look like a real kitchen meant to be taken seriously;
  • the pink carpet and tan-pink walls don't look that pink when only half the bulbs in the ugly chandelier work, it looks more warm and inviting and needs a fire crackling in a fireplace (which we sadly do not have);
  • and all that is left to be done at the old apartment is steam the carpet, figure out how to move my giant, bottom-less, flower boxes (am hoping the dirt is frozen enough that B and one of his beefy coworkers can screw some heavy duty handles to the sides and lift them into the truck), and hand over the keys.

It's Over

November 23, 2005

The last newsletter has left the building.
I repeat, the last newsletter has left the building.

Now I'm going to go curl up in a dark corner and suck my thumb.

Return of the Angry Germans

November 22, 2005

You know the day is off to a bad start when you need to listen to some angry German music because you can "connect with Rammstein on a deeper emotional level."

The Moving

November 22, 2005

After getting locked out of our new place, we did manage to get the right keys from the landlord and then haul a big truckload over there. And by "we" I mean "my husband."

Mainly all we have left to move is furniture, electronics, and the stuff in our shed. We will borrow his work truck on Thursday; two or three loads should do it. I should be done cleaning by Sunday. Then good riddance to pot-filled hallways.

Yes, we will be moving on Thanksgiving. Had I planned things a bit better, I could have packed all of my required turkey dinner accoutrements in one box. I did plan the packing, really I did, just not with a turkey in mind. Alas, we will probably have frozen pizza on Thanksgiving.

And we will be damn thankful for the new place, pink carpet aside.

One Didn't Think

November 21, 2005

One would have thought the landlord would have tried the duplicated keys before handing them over to insure he made duplicates of the correct key.

But then, one would have thought we would have tried all of the keys before locking ourselves out of the new place fifteen minutes after signing the lease and the landlord left.

Homer High Class of 1999

November 19, 2005

If you were a part of the Homer High School class of 1999, please go check out our virtual reunion site at

It's cheaper than or (free! as in beer!), and much more personal. And since Bjorn and I are running it, there is no limit to the cool things we can do if you request them. But for now it's just a forum using the ever so lovely Vanilla software.

I have contacted a few classmates through email and MySpace (seems like I have an account with every social website out there because of one or two people--if everyone could get with the same program, my life would be easier. kthxbye).

If you read this or have been contacted by me or another of our classmates, please pass the word along; it shouldn't take too long to reach 120 classmates.

Advanced Obedience

November 18, 2005

Commands The Dog Does Not Know Yet I Am Adamant To Continue Using During The Packing And Moving Process

  • No playing until you have your room packed up.
  • Don't lie on the clean laundry.
  • Stop staring at me.
  • Yes, the boxes mean we are leaving you behind.
  • I would really prefer that you don't bark.
  • If you keep licking your foot I am going to stuff you in this box with the glass stemware.
  • Your pacing is driving me insane.
  • Why don't you try being useful?
  • Seriously, stop staring at me.

Nauyans Lose to Armed Peacekeepers

November 17, 2005

Nanwalek NauyansWins: 0
Losses: 1
Ties: 0
Fifths: 7

The Nauyans opened their BHL season last night against the Peacekeeprs. The Nauyans lost with a final score of 0 to 2.

"They marched into the rink in single file, and then stopped to chant some gobbledygook at the flag while swinging their guns around," a bewildered Coach John Kvasnikoff said. "With a name like 'Peacekeepers,' our boys had expected hippies with flowers in their hair. They were all caught off guard by the AK-47s, especially that new guy Martin Bricault. He let their two shots by almost immediately after the game started while he was peeing his pants. And I thought all Canadians were born with a hockey stick in their hand."

The game took a turn for the better when Ivan Qiss'nguaq tied Ottawan newcomer Bricault to the goal towards the end of the first period. "He wasn't even trying," Qiss'nguaq explained. "Even after being stuffed into that goal he still let one get passed. I'm not going to let this fancy European ruin the season for us."

When asked about a possible altercation between the two men, Qiss'nguaq responded, "I want to see him try." It is doubtful that Bricault will challenge Qiss'nguaq on or off the ice.

Next game is scheduled for this Friday, where the Nauyans will face the Royal Norwegian Mooseherding Association on home ice. The cheerleader demonstration is still up in the air, as the girls are adamant on doing a halftime show.

Cardboard Shortage

November 15, 2005

Either gremlins have eaten a ton of our flattened-and-saved cardboard boxes (yes, we save them: a habit held over from dorm living), or we have accumulated a TON of extra useless crap in the three years we have been in this apartment.

Which means we get to [a] spend a whole lot of money and buy more boxes; [b] make a whole lot of trips across town with my car full of random crap for which we could not find a box; [c] move everything in stages where we pack the boxes full, move them across town, unpack them, bring the empty boxes back, lather, rinse, repeat; or [d] find empty boxes by (1) begging coworkers, (2) dumpster diving, or (3) stealing them from bums.

I hate moving.

Green Corduroy

November 14, 2005

For anyone who was thinking about trying it, I wanted to let you know that Windex does not, I repeat, does NOT remove nail polish from white corduroy pants with cute little butt pocket flaps and buttons.

Not only does it not effect dried nail polish, but it ALSO dyes white corduroy pants a really nasty bluish green.

A green that Will. Not. Come. Out. A green so awful that not even Jesus Himself can remove it from the white corded fibers.

I could have lived with two little red dots on my left knee. I cannot live with giant green blobs here and there and everywhere. I do not like green cords. I do not like them, Sam I am.

But I did find one thing that fixed the awful greenness of my cords: A trip to civilization where they have things like Gap and white cords on sale.

Anyone want a pair of green cords?

All the Heavens Rejoice

November 12, 2005

After a horridly depressing night, we found a great place that is bigger and better than the place we are currently in (it's a condo) but for the same price.

Loft bedroom. Cathedral ceiling. Storage shed. Balcony. Spiral staircase. Washer and dryer. Really down to earth and cool landlord.

It has pink carpeting, people.

Overwhelmed and Underfunded

November 11, 2005

Am feeling quite discouraged about this whole apartment shopping business. After poking around a few of them and having numerous landlords either hang up on me or refuse to return our calls, I'm starting to wonder if the apartment we are leaving isn't the most wonderful thing in the entire borough in our price range. Why does everything have to be tiny and crappy?

If it's this difficult finding an apartment, how would house hunting go? Would it be easier, or much more difficult? We don't have the savings quite yet for closing costs and a down payment on a home, otherwise we would be already looking. I want my own place pretty badly, but am just so overwhelmed.

We have just under three weeks to pack, move, and scrub down our current place. I'm starting to wonder if we won't make it.

Atlas Droned On and On

November 11, 2005

Dear Ayn Rand,

A 55-page monologue does not a literary climax make.


Reasons #276-283

November 10, 2005

There are at least seven reasons to not leave one's camera at one's brother's house unattended.

The candy photos make me suspect one of my nieces, but the tequila photo makes me suspect my brother. The dog poo shot could have been any one of them.

Also, when I ask for hawt chick panties, I need to remember to specify no giant granny panties.

Though this was definitely worth leaving my stuff at Heidi's place for an evening.


November 8, 2005

Nanwalek NauyansThe Nanwalek Nauyans are excited to be starting off this year's BHL season by going face-to-fist with newcomers The Peacekeepers on Wednesday the 16th.

John Kvasnikoff is proud of the Nauyan's achievements last year, and is confident of another stellar year with their new team goaltender, Martin Bricault. Martin has played for the University of Ottawa (in Canada!) for the past few years, and has agreed to help the Nauyans out this season.

"I came over here for a quick visit in August," Bricault said, "and that damn ferry didn't even wait for me to run down the dock. I'm still trying to find some way to Homer so I can get back to Ottawa and my girlfriend, but the locals aren't that friendly; I don't want to challenge any of the eyebrows around here."

The fans who want to give a little something back to the team can meet down at the beach this Saturday and help shovel off an ice rink. Cocoa and whiskey will be provided. There will also be cheerleader practice this Thursday night at the meeting hall.

Fans need to mark their calendars with the Nauyan season schedule and, like last year, can purchase season tickets at the Harbor Master's office or the Post Office counter in the General Store.

Bye bye, Love

November 8, 2005

I hate getting back to work and knowing that someone was on my computer and borked some stuff up. But how, I wonder, would someone be able to completely lose all of my Firefox profile settings?

Thank goodness for backups.

Better than sex

November 7, 2005

Better than sex cake !

1 c Br sugar
24 c evap milk (Ed. -- Could be 14 cups, but that still seems like a lot)
choc chips
little choc cake mix
Bunt pan

Sprinkle cocoa in pan

C. mix
4 eggs
sour cr
Bake 1 hr

Cream & Marg
Br sugar
Boil together

add pdwd sugar & make a glaze

(Ed. -- It would stand to reason that any cake that is better than sex would have indecipherable directions. More information.)

Fudge Delish

November 6, 2005

Fudge Delish!

2½ sq. bitter chocolate
1 c lt. cream or milk
2½ c. sugar
2 tbsp lt. corn syrup
¼ t. salt
2½ tbsp butter or margerine
1 t. vanilla

Add choc. to cream. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until mixture is smooth & blended. Add sugar, corn syrup, & salt, stir until it boils. Cook, don't stir, until soft ball in cold water. Remove from heat. Add butter and vanilla -- Don't stir. Cool to lukewarm. Beat until mixture is creamy and loses gloss. Turn at once into greased pan. Cut in squares when cold.

(Ed. -- This recipe had been torn three times, probably in error as it had been taped back together with seven pieces of cellophane tape browned by time. More information.)

Communist Attack

November 5, 2005

Banana Rhubarb Pielets

1 3-ounce package strawberry flavor gelatin
¾ cup boiling water
5 cups (1½ pounds) fresh rhubarb
½ cup cold water
½ cup sugar
4 bananas, sliced
8 4-inch baked tart shells

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Place rhubarb, cold water and sugar in a medium-sized saucepan. Cook and stir over medium heat until just tender. Do not overcook.

Combine all of rhubarb and juice with gelatin; chill for 4 hours of overnight. Before serving, stir rhubarb mixture and spoon into tart shells in alternating layers with banana slices. Garnish top with banana slices. Makes 8 servings.

Defense Outlined

PARIS (UPI) -- President Charles de Gaulle's military chief said Wednesday an all-out strike with long-range nuclear weapons against the Soviet Union would be the only way to defend Western Europe in case of Communist attack.

(Ed. -- Printed on page 20 of the Duluth News-Tribune on Thursday, July 30, 1964. More information.)

Joe Froggers

November 4, 2005

Brenda may have ½ glass milk before bed. There are cookies in jar and more in basement. Also grape jce. and milk in fridge. Kool-ade in cupboard. Pitcher in under cupboard.

Each kid to bed when seem tired enuff. Brenda no later than 8:00. Put white salve on Bobbi when change for bed.

Joe Froggers

1 c. shortening
2 c. sugar
1 T. salt
¾ c. water
¼ c. rum
2 teasp. soda
2 c. dark molases
7 c. sifted flour
1 T. ginger
1 teasp. clove, nutmeg
½ tsp. allspice

Dissolve salt on water; mix with rum. Add soda to molases. Sift flour with spices. Alternate with liquids. Dough should be sticky. Chill overnight. Roll to ½ inch. Cut. Bake.
10-12 min.

(Ed. -- The babysitter instructions were written in pink pen, the recipe in pencil. More information.)

Auto Pilot

November 4, 2005

I am headed to Anchorage this morning to goof off with Damon and Curt, not to mention seeing just about every other member of my family (except Mar-Mar who is up on the slope [and is SO kicking my butt for calling him 'Mar-Mar' on teh internets]) in Anchorage and Homer.

Hopefully I will round out my fancy trip by sucking face with Steve, and you can definitely count on me running back here to share every juicy detail. Yes, dear Internet, I am THAT kind of girl.

I will be back Monday afternoon; until then, I am on auto-pilot. If it veers off course--it will make a sound akin to the most annoying sound in the world--I suggest panicking and waving your arms above your head a lot.

Recipe Book Poem

November 2, 2005

Sardined Smelt

6 lb. cleaned smelt
2 cups Bar-B-que sauce
¾ cups Mazola oil
2 tsp salt

Pack fish into jars leaving 1" headspace.
Combine fluids and pour over fish.
Add water to cover leaving 1" headspace.
Process pints for 50 min. at 10# pressure.
Process quarts for 1 hour at 10# pressure.
Makes 6 pints.

Virginia Graham on TV

I turn TV on at 12 o'clock
To watch Virginia on Girl Talk
I sit down & settle comfee
& Have my cup of coffee with me. --

Sometimes I smile & nod my head.
Again, I nash my teeth instead.
A coffee cup critic that is me. --
Cuz I just can't always agree

I enjoy the women you have with you.
They're like me, with a difference or 2.

(Ed. -- The poem was written on the back of the recipe, or perhaps vice versa. More information.)

Chicken Cacciatore

November 1, 2005

Is it still chicken cacciatore if I substitute chicken broth for the white wine or sherry?

Is it still chicken cacciatore if I substitute water for the chicken broth because I am out of broth?

Is it still chicken cacciatore if I do not use a bay leaf and the only small dry leaves to be found in any baggie in the entire building is to be smoked long and slow?

Is it still chicken cacciatore if I use a crockpot?

Am I still cool if I use a crockpot?

Am I still cool if I use the word 'cool'?

Georgianne's Recipes

November 1, 2005

I've got a photo series scheduled for the next ten days or so over on my photolog about Georgianne Fitzgerald, mostly because I'm in a photography slump and have other numerous things I need to be doing besides fretting where my next picture will come from.

Along with the piles of photographs and letters I found two books filled with recipes borrowed from family, friends, neighbors, newspapers, and advertisements all dated between the mid-50s and mid-80s.

And so, in the same spirit of "having no original content to speak of," I will be sharing some select recipes from her book, retaining the abbreviations, incomplete directions, and spelling errors that make the books personal.

(Ed. -- Bacon: not just for bandages anymore.)

¾ cup Bacon drippings
1 cup sugar
1 egg
2 cups flour
1 tsp. cloves
½ tsp. salt
2 tsp. soda
4 Tbsp.mollasses (½ cup)
1 tsp. ginger
1 tsp. cinnamon

Mix together, and chill the dough. Roll dough into small balls, then roll in sugar, and place on cooky sheet. Press cooky flat with the bottom of a small glass dipped in sugar. Be sure to dip glass in sugar for each cooky.

Bake 350 degrees until nice and brown.
(brown sugar may be used in place of mollasses.)

Thirty Days

November 1, 2005

B and I gave 30 days notice last night that we will be moving out of our apartment.

You would have thought that the break-in, the shouting matches with our neighbors, and the fire would have been enough to get us to move. It was all of that, yes, but the last straw has been all the illegal-drug-activity kind of smoke filling the hallways.

This is the first time we have given notice of our intent to leave without having another apartment to move into, and that scares me. All the what-ifs that run through my brain, the fear of not finding an apartment before our time is up in this one, the panic settling in my chest of having to pack all of our crap and get it to the new place.

Last night we looked at an apartment over one of my co-worker's garage, but we don't think it will work for us. So if anyone has any tips of cheap(ish) apartments available in Fairbanks that will allow a very cute and cuddly schnauzer (who has never been duct-taped to a hockey stick), I would welcome them with warm choco chip cookies.

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