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April 5, 2006

When I saw that the roads in Cantwell, aka The Bermuda Triangle, were bone dry, it should have been a huge tip off.

The roads in Cantwell are never clear of snow and/or ice. Even in the middle of July.

Instead of being suspicious, I counted it good luck and went on my merry way, stopping at the gas station there for potty breaks all around.

And promptly locked myself out of the car.

Bad news: It takes approximately 2.3 seconds for someone to break into my car. Handy knowledge.

Good news: The gas station had a slim jim and didn't charge me a cent to unlock my car.


Now hold on a sec. Didnt you have a similar problemin Cantwell before? Ya know there are communities to the North (Denali Park, Healy) and tothe South...too man to mention. I know that little rice rocket you drive didnt need fuel, so why did you even bother to stop there?

And you dont have a Hide-A-Key??? Did I ever tell you the story about me going up north over Atigun Pass and losing my keys?

Seriously girl, instead of YOU watching us perhaps we should be watching YOU!

LOL - Ken is kinda mean :)

I've had the worst experiences in Cantwell. Another friend has had event worse. We now call in STOOPIDCANTWELL (all together and really fast).

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