I’m Home

It will always be humbling to have to ask the three cars you just passed at lightening speeds to pull you out of the snow berm.

Also related, the dog is not fond of the car spinning circles at 80mph.

Not that we would have any experience with either.

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Does the phrase “Bermuda Triangle of Alaska” mean nothing to you? Glad you’re home safe.

I think we need to find someone to drive you home from now on.

80 in the snow? tsk tsk tsk

To be fair, the roads had been dry and clear and nice and I just wanted to be home. Then all of a sudden the road was wet then a patch of slush and I didn’t have time to change my speed before I had lost control.

And this wasn’t in Cantwell, but 40 miles south of. The triangle must be growing.

80mph?! Does it actually go that fast? I forgot - speaking to a McLay! Of course it was a safe speed! Aren’t you the only one in our family to pull a roll-over? You don’t need a driver. Just a governor.

The only one in the family to pull a roll-over? Really? I should get some sort of medal for that. And governors are usually set around 100, 105. Which wouldn’t have helped me anyway.

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