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August 10, 2006

I took the dog out late the other night, her last call for potty break before morning (is it really that weird that I have trained her to do her business at three regularly-scheduled times, and that she does it very quickly?), and I noticed something very peculiar.

The sun had set.

Now, I know that the sun does this: it rises and it sets pretty regularly.

Only, while it does continue to do this once a day every day, in the summer I just don't get to see it unless I am pulling a silly all-nighter with silly brothers and silly friends.

And the other night I wasn't out at silly o'clock; it was only 11.30 and dusk was completely upon me. The next morning I could see my breath when I took the dog out.

When did this start happening? The darkness of the setting sun? The cold morning air (I pretend to not hear rumors of frost in the hills)?

I fear my garden will be covered in frost before any of my peas or broccoli or carrots are ready to eat.

I don't think autumn should start until September. I stubbornly refuse to believe that August = Autumn, no matter how many people keep saying it.

I won't admit that I am slightly pleased to pull out my few articles of clothing only appropriate for autumn.


Things here are turning yellow, also. It's coming.

It was 99 here yesterday...

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