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Here is what I had for lunch

August 16, 2006

What I had for lunch

Looks yummy, doesn't it?
And oh, it was.

I am headed to Homer to celebrate my father's 60th birthday. He is officially Ancient Years old and we are gathering the entire family together for pointing, laughing, and heckling.

A good time should be had by all.

And then? After the heckling? Snakes. On A Plane. And possibly in my pants. Taking bets as to how long it takes to get arrested.

I am more excited about seeing this movie than any human possibly should be, and yet probably not as excited as a good chunk of the internet.

But they are the scary chunk of the internet, the chunk that has never touched a real live boobie attached to a breathing human woman.

Which makes me feel better about myself, because I get to grope breasts every second of every day.

But the whole point to this (point?) (YES there is a point, a point I am about to reveal posthaste) is: who knows if/when I will get a chance to update this here blog thingymabobber (so, uh, what's new, Valette?).

Right. But I love all y'all anyway.


If you really loevd us, you'd moblog. JR does. He loevs us.

JR just today said he is taking a break from the blawging. How much does he really love you?

And you forget I am headed to the Alaskan Bush where things like "moblogging" and "camera phones" and "internet tubes" will get your head chopped off for practicing witchcraft.

...or, "big city" things stolen to pawn for a fresh sack - then beheaded. We won't make it out of town 'til after 6 pm, friday. Staying in AP for a nite, fish the am (early), THEN to visit Homeroids.

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