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Little House On Memory Lane

August 29, 2006


Overwhelming Evidence Valette Was Cute And Innocent Once, If Only For The Briefest Of Seconds, And Don't You Want To Eat Her, Pigtails And All?

Valette 1983

What's a trip back home for a family party without trolling through the old photo albums?

Valette and Tiger 1990

There's more nostalgia on Flickr.


I love looking through old photos, those are very cute.

Unfortunately my parents must have gotten sick of taking photos by the time I reached 11, I have very few between 11 and 16.

I want to go back in time and take loads of photos of that time.

I hated the camera between 11 and 16. Most pictures of those ages turn out berson anyway.

I like the "12" shots of everyone - but me. We should take more pics of our childrens' stages so they can reflect on more than one "hated that era of style" time slot.

With Matthew I have loads of video footage up until he was 4, then I got fed up of always looking on through the camcorder.
Conor on the other hand is taking up about 30gig in jpegs on an external hdd :/

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