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It Is Difficult To Escape South-Central Alaska

August 24, 2006

My trip to Homer last weekend went quite well, even considering the Parks Highway was closed from all of the rain and flooding. Which meant my return trip to Fairbanks was on the Richardson Highway, adding 100 miles to my trip. But I was still able to make great time, even though the speed limit on the Richardson is 10mph less than it is on the Parks Highway.

Not that silly things like cliffs and corners and speed limit laws slowed me any.

Making good time

The birthday party went great and my gift was a hit. The sun shined that day, there was hand-cranked home made ice cream, the grill only caught fire where it was supposed to, and I hit someone so hard in the side that he dumped his raspberry lemonade all over the kitchen.

There were balloon sculptures and old-man jokes and more people who share my DNA than should ever be in one house at a time.

Dad and balloon-dad

More pictures where this came from!

Back in Anchorage I met Jamie and we had lunch at Noble's Diner where her work is currently hanging. She is a great person and her work is beautiful.

If you are in Anchorage you should totally get over there to see her work. Not only is her work beautiful, but the french fries? FANTASTIC. Seriously.

And then? There were SNAKES. On a plane and everything. I went to see it with Steve*, and we didn't even get arrested or anything.

Also, I totally didn't jump at the one scene where this snake totally flings itself from the depths of the plane and I expected to see a dead body not have a vicious snake leap out of the screen into my lap. Totally didn't jump. No matter what Steve tells you.

* I am not going to link to Steve's site because there is nothing there to link to. Which also means I can totally make shit up about our viewing of Snakes On A Plane. Like how he cried like a girl when the puppy got eaten. (Oh, wait, I think that might be a spoiler.) LIKE A GIRL.

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