How many interview outfits is too many?

I was all prepared yesterday to write about how overwhelmed and a little depressed I’m feeling, what with Major Life Changes and all. New city, new friends, new people, and searching for a new apartment and a new job was just bringing me down.

I called my mom Monday night to check in, give her an update and see how my dog is doing. My mom could hear the sadness in my voice immediately. I swear, there is no hiding anything from that woman.

(Another reason to be sad: I’ve left Lacey with my mom in Homer while I find an apartment in Anchorage, and my mom is trying to convince me to let her stay there permanently: “But, Valette! She gets to run free! She’s not really a city dog at all, is she? She loves Grandma’s house!”)

I was going to write about all of that, see, but then something wonderful happened. An hour after faxing in yet another resume and job application, the company called for an interview.

I had two hours’ notice to iron my interview outfit and fill out an absurdly long interview questionnaire, leaving almost no time for this being nervous nonsense.

See, I’ve not had a lot of jobs. I’ve had two summer jobs, a part-time job that I could do as my schedule permitted, and then my most recent one which I just left. Granted, I was at my last job for almost five years, which looks great to a prospective employer, especially considering my age.

Those other times I had family or a church member get me the job or at least an interview; this is the first time I’m completely on my own looking for a job, and I’m a bit low in the confidence levels.

But the interview went great yesterday, so great that my interviewer talked more than asked me questions. So great that I’m going back for a second interview today with more of the staff.

(Egad, I need to iron my backup interview outfit.)

But it is still overwhelming, all of the newness and changes. Maybe if I had a place to live and my dog with me things would be much better. Oh, and a job that pays real money. I could use some money.

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