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Smells Like Heaven, Tastes Like Love

Wherein Valette Talks About Neither Her Hair, Nor Her Dog. Since all of our Christmas gifts have been distributed and...
26 DEC

Santa Came Early

Sometimes Lacey can be so smart. Steve found this gift in the middle of the living room this morning with...
24 DEC

Dealing With My Hair in List Form

Places My Hair No Longer Gets Caught Yet I Still Act Like It Will, Which Is Almost As Annoying:The seatbelt...
23 DEC


People, strangers, have always had an opinion on my hair. It's so beautiful I should never cut it or...
19 DEC

The Reason Why My Dog Rocks

Steve posted a video of Lacey freaking out over air. I can't stop watching it....
17 DEC

Boot Tracks

1/2 cup salted butter 2/3 cup granulated sugar 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup whole-wheat pastry flour...
16 DEC

Personal DNA

I haven't done one of these personality tests in a while: I am a benevolent analyst. What is your personal...
15 DEC

O Christmas Tree

I do not understand why stores don't order enough Christmas decorations. Like, for instance, and I'm just throwing this out...
13 DEC

There is Hope

The sky threw white fluffy things at us yesterday, and all of Anchorage freaked out. What is this white stuff?...
12 DEC

Still Avoiding The Oldies Station

I am feeling the need for Christmas music this morning. Does that mean I have the holiday spirit?...
11 DEC

I Didn't Mean To

Done with November and my post-a-day nonsense, and then I completely disappear! You're welcome! You've missed a great story about...
06 DEC

I'm Not the Only One With A Cold In This House

02 DEC

A Little Mixed-Up

In the last two weeks, I have been to the office for work-type activities on only five days. Or is...
01 DEC

Mission NaBloPoMo: Accomplished

I wasn't really 100% sure I would post something every day for the month of November, but I totally did...
30 NOV

What Pretty Pink Eyes

Never to let one of my brothers show me up, I saw his gritty eye scratch and raised him one...
29 NOV

You Have No Idea

My sinuses and my left eyeball are excreting substances I'd rather not talk about, companies charge way too much for...
28 NOV

Still Not Feeling Good

When I stepped out of the shower this morning and had a hard time standing up long enough to towel...
27 NOV

Save the Internet

If you don't recognize any of these internet superstars, you are missing out on a wonderful world of awesome....
26 NOV

Pretty Pathetic

Was just now lying in bed falling asleep when I remembered I hadn't posted anything today. How pathetic is that....
25 NOV

I Really Have Not Much To Say

Except maybe that I might have a wee sore throat....
24 NOV

Surprise! I Have Body Issues!

I've been having "issues" with working out since the weather turned cold-ish and riding my bicycle was no longer an...
23 NOV

Full of Turkey and Sparkling Cider

Seven minutes till midnight, and I have the hiccups. Today I am thankful for Guitar Hero playoffs that I was...
22 NOV

Dear People who Use Caller ID,

When you see that you have missed a call, and you see an unfamiliar number associated with that call, please...
21 NOV

Steal My Product Idea!

A Kirby vacuum salesman came to my home tonight and sucked up every bit of dirt deposited in my carpets...
20 NOV

The Best Way to End the Day

One part fresh sheets One part hot bath One razor One tube of lotion One good novel One miniature schnauzer...
19 NOV

Tell Me on a Sunday

We went to see the Rocky Horror Show last night, guests of a wonderful friend who spent the night dancing...
18 NOV

Dammit, Janet

Have two comp tickets to Rocky Horror STOP Am all tarted up my mother would die STOP No time for...
17 NOV

Dear Oldies Station,

I'm not really comfortable with the new direction our relationship has suddenly taken. I know this is a bad time...
16 NOV

Poor Little Kitten

I think I may have lost a mitten today. I stepped into the grocery store after work and pulled a...
15 NOV

Adult Impostor

I had a meeting with this guy who showed up in a very nice striped tie that I wanted to...
14 NOV

My New Love

I bought a new camera lens from Some Guy on craigslist last night: a Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens. I...
13 NOV

Our Lives on Holiday

So apparently today was Veteran's Day? Some kind of national holiday? Which apparently means that places like banks and post...
12 NOV

Weekend Getaway

Steve and I drove to Homer this weekend where I showed him around the town I grew up in. Which...
11 NOV

Keep Them at Bay

I'm out of town this weekend. But if I was at home, I'd be killing zombies. Which, incidentally, was just...
10 NOV

Schnauzer Aliens

Her tummy was talking so loud last night I half expected a tiny alien to burst from it and...
09 NOV

Toffee Bars

1- Finish a load of dishes and see that it is 8.30pm. 2- Remember the potluck at work tomorrow and...
08 NOV

Trading Some Things for Others

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary at my job, and today my supervisor took me out to lunch to celebrate. We...
07 NOV

Even Though My Mom Hasn't Yet Asked, She Will

Do you know what Valette wants for Christmas? Do you? Because if you do, you should tell me. People (read:...
06 NOV

Let Us Eat Cake

05 NOV

30 Days of No Fact-Checking

Things the movie 30 Days of Night taught me about vampires, Alaska, and nature that I previously did not know:Crude...
04 NOV

One Committment is Never Enough

The same day that I agreed to write one post a day for the month of November, I decided I...
03 NOV

Day Two and Already Resorting to Memes

I'm not able to install iTunes on my work computer, so I have plugged my speakers directly into my iPod....
02 NOV

Steve is really awesome

Have I mentioned how awesome Steve is? Because, if Steve had access to my Moveable Type control panel, I'm sure...
01 NOV

Okay, Yes. Fine.

I don't know why or how. Well, I do know how, since I pressed the buttons and filled in my...
01 NOV

Not What I Had Expected

The lights go up at intermission of Saturday night's Hair: "This is so totally not what I had expected at...
29 OCT

Better Looking Backend

I upgraded my blogging software to the new WhizBang version, and I'm completely lost in it. Until I figure things...
28 OCT

Would Like to Hibernate kthx

I don't know if it's the change in the seasons -- the snow on the ground has no intention of...
24 OCT

If Haircuts Weren't Torture Enough

"There are STARVING children in AFRICA who never get cookies, DOG. So just BE STILL for TWO seconds longer...
19 OCT

Combination of Happiness

I don't drink a lot of coffee. I don't usually need caffeine in the mornings, no matter what my coworker...
19 OCT

Five Indications The Dog Is Drugged To Perfection

1// Head mass increases exponentially. This is best seen by the refusal to lift her head when her name is...
17 OCT

Good Morning, Monday

While most people were using the previous 8 hours for sensible things like sleep, I was at the airport twice....
15 OCT

Pre-Season Pink

We managed to score two free awesome-seat tickets to the Alaska Aces pre-season game last night, and then managed to...
12 OCT


I just smacked my head on a door in the office. I thought I was pushing it open, when in...
08 OCT

Valette Would Like To Accomplish This Sunday

Taken straight from my Moleskine notebook and accomplished in no particular order:laundrymake bedmanicureput away clean dishesfood shoppingdinnerclean out refrigeratorLacey haircut...
07 OCT

Do It For the Ta-Tas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that means the Boobie-Thon is back in full swing. There are a ton...
05 OCT

My Weekend Had Its Moments

And how was yours?...
01 OCT

OMG Zucchini Bread Yum

3 eggs, beaten 1c sugar 3.25c flour 2c zucchini, grated 2t vanilla 1t baking powder 1t baking soda 3t cinnamon...
26 SEP

The Exercise Habit

All of the Major Life Changes™ I thought would be really fun to jump into all at once this past...
25 SEP

Five Years

There have been a whole shit ton of changes in my life this past year. Big, huge, and scary changes....
22 SEP

Not Spoiled At All

A dog can't really be expected to lie on the floor....
20 SEP

Reason #27 to Love Alaska

This year's Permanent Fund Dividend, just announced an hour ago: $1,654. And oh, the things I could spend it on....
19 SEP

Not Ready For This

I had to scrape ice from my windshield this morning....
17 SEP

French Onion Soup

2T unsalted butter 5 medium red onions (or 3lbs multicultural onions), sliced thin salt 6c low-sodium chicken broth 1¾c low-sodium...
15 SEP

Fun Amongst the Giants

Here is everything you need to know about the Alaska State Fair: 1// Bok! 2// World Records! 3// Teh cyoote!...
09 SEP

Window Shopping on the Internet

I can get sucked into browsing through Etsy like you couldn't believe. There's some amazingly bad crap on there, so...
04 SEP

I Didn't Get You Anything, Sorry

I got approximately zero amounts of sleep last night because Lacey was up every 10 minutes, and I had to...
03 SEP

The Eating Habits of a Gremlin

I am still processing photos. I am slow. This is because: 1// I want to have the Sunlight Experience that...
29 AUG

Jiggity Jig

I'm back in Alaska with it's humane temperatures, minimal traffic, terrible public transportation, and un-groomed nature. I don't think I...
26 AUG

My Flight Leaves In Four Hours

What am I forgetting?...
17 AUG

Summertime Will Be a Love-In There

I rode six miles on my bicycle tonight, following the Campbell Creek Trail to its end. It started raining on...
15 AUG

Mango Salsa of Yum

2 mangos 4 tomatoes 2 bell peppers 1 small onion (or 1 bunch green onions) 6 jalapeños (or 12 pepperoncinis)...
13 AUG

Lucy Lettuce

Part of my job at the state's tissue bank is to keep in contact with the families of tissue donors...
09 AUG

Four Point Friday Update

1// My coworker and conspirator Jeff got some nerd injury to his eye from foam swords Sunday rendering him half-blind...
03 AUG

Ganging Up On Me

After surviving a horribly freezing near-death experience with camping and after surviving a terribly unexciting fishing excursion earlier this summer,...
31 JUL

I Don't Get Out Much

While Steve was busy shouting at the last few chapters of Harry Potter, I decided it was high time my...
26 JUL

Stack Poetry

I was going to make zucchini bread tonight (my mom sent my fresh zucchini from her greenhouse!), but then I...
24 JUL

Dental Crush

I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning, which is a great way to start off a Monday. The...
23 JUL

Glacier Burgers Cure Cancer

Oh my God, people. The picture of that burger. The one down below this post. It just looks so good....
20 JUL

Going Home

My trip to Homer! Was so awesome! And I have pictures! I drove the 220 miles south Friday after work,...
18 JUL

Not Dead, Despite All The Groaning

My mother just emailed me to let me know that my site is void of all posts. Which: okay, fine....
17 JUL

Wherein Valette Conquers A Mountain And Then Loses Her Shit

I voluntarily accompanied John and Heidi up Flattop Mountain on Friday, which is definitely less flat-like and more mountain-like. I...
08 JUL

Three Point Holiday Update

1// Parade What better way to love my new camera than to bring it on an outing on its first...
04 JUL

Oh My God

03 JUL

You Have No Idea

Oh my God oh my God. (Refresh. Refresh.)...
03 JUL

On the Kenai River

Yeah, I was dragged along fishing. With a pole, even: the most inefficient way to catch fish. Seven things I...
01 JUL


Best way to sugarify a vegetable: celery with peanut butter. Discuss. (Did you know that you can peel the backs...
29 JUN

Fancy a Margatita?

Steve noticed this after work yesterday and made me turn around. Do you think a// no one noticed, or...
27 JUN

Caribou Hills Fire

I showed up at my brother John's place on Saturday looking for a party he promised in celebration of Tay's...
26 JUN

5 Things Valette Has Been Doing to Cheer Up

1. Sitting in the front yard with a book and a bottle of sunscreen and a squirt bottle full of...
23 JUN

Cemetery Luck

If I find an old baseball in the cemetery -- in an edge flowerbed, not on a grave -- during...
21 JUN

Sum Sum Summertime

I was at the Alaska Botanical Garden twice this weekend; once for a wedding and once for a Flickr meetup....
18 JUN

In Line At the Deli

Hi! I love your shoes! Your skirt is so pretty! I'm four! Trees with flowers on them are silly! I...
13 JUN

Mom's Apple Crisp

10 apples 2/3c sugar 1t cinnamon 1½t nutmeg 2T unsalted butter 4T frozen orange juice concentrate Peel the apples first,...
11 JUN

Rescue 911

In November, the roads are slick in Alaska. Everyone knows this. But the shiny gadgety buttons in my parents' brand...
06 JUN

Surprise Dollars

When I did my taxes back on April 14, I surprised myself with the amount of my refund. There were...
03 JUN

Fridays Are the New Mondays

I should have stayed in bed today. Actually, judging by the snippy undertones in the office, I think everyone should...
01 JUN

Survival at Byers Lake

I won't tell you about the giant blister on my heel. And I won't tell you about freezing my butt...
29 MAY

Have I Mentioned I'm Unfond of Camping?

I think I somehow agreed to a camping trip this weekend. I don't remember how that happened, but the pile...
25 MAY

Sausage with Legs

When my brother Rodney was in town visiting a few weeks ago, he commented on how tubby my dog has...
22 MAY

To Hell With Comfort Zones

Hello, my name is Valette and I don't like stepping outside of my comfort zone. People who know me think...
21 MAY

Completely Unrelated

When one can get king crab for under $9 a pound, one gorges oneself. Or at least one tries. And...
16 MAY

Sound of Silence

Upon arrival to my office, it became glaringly apparent that I had left my iPod at home. I remembered the...
15 MAY

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

There was a weekend! A weekend where I did stuff! And a blog for the reporting of said stuff! There...
14 MAY

Lepidoptera for Tay

11 MAY

Four Things Currently Making Me Happy

ten colors of highlighty heaven that I really really rilly neeeded at workmy new shoeshippies moving to the Alaskan bush...
10 MAY

You kids! Get off my lawn!

06 MAY

Of Things. And Also, Stuff.

There was a carbon monoxide scare at work yesterday. A Guy™ came to look at it, and his little gadgets...
04 MAY

Five Things I Am Currently Not Doing

1// I am not hiccupping. 2// I am not worrying about my niece's surgery. 3// I am not eating any...
02 MAY

How Was Your Morning?

6.30 - Turn off alarm. 6.52 - Ohh shit. Get out of bed. 6.53 - Let the dog out. 6.54...
27 APR

Keyless Teeth

If one carries a proximity card for entry and reentry of one's place or work, and one must carry it...
23 APR

Best Laid Plans

On Wednesday? On Wednesday, I had a plan. This plan included stuffing every waking moment of my weekend with Fun....
22 APR

An Open Letter To My Miniature Schnauzer, Lacey

Dearest Sugarbutt, I know that in the past I've been very strict with locking you in your kennel, but there...
16 APR

Maybe It's A New Definition of Edible

I found the cable for my camera phone, you lucky, lucky Internet....
15 APR

I Call It A "Laser"

I am highly disappointed to discover yesterday that laser car washes do not, in fact, use lasers. I think this...
15 APR

On Being A Girl

I splurged recently and bought some skincare items; the amount of money I spent on three items could have fed...
14 APR

My Easter Summed Up In Four Photos

08 APR

I Knew That

The guy sitting beside me? He knows all of the characters names by heart, plus all of the announcer's calls...
05 APR

Zero Suggestions

Steve signed up for Netflix a month or so ago, and we've been getting all manner of strange movies delivered...
31 MAR

Annie, Annie, Are You Okay?

As a gift for my office's open house last month, the Red Cross offered free CPR and first aid training...
28 MAR

Thin Mint Ice Cream

Step 1: Poll the internet to help decide what the base will be. Get some awful suggestions, ignore the internet,...
23 MAR

Too Much Caffeine

Apparently it is possible to overdose on caffeine, and according to a coworker's personal experience, four cups of coffee and...
20 MAR


(Content filler stolen from Pretty Ashley.) Hardback or trade paperback or mass market paperback? I prefer the trade paperbacks because...
16 MAR

New to Me

What could be more awesome than hauling three large baskets of dirty stinky laundry to a laundromat every two weeks...
14 MAR

Three Point One Four One Five Nine

It's Pi Day today, and there is a serious lack of pie in the office. What gives, people?...
14 MAR

Advice Smackdown

I don't know why I'm so excited to have Amalah answer my question about eye makeup remover. But I am....
09 MAR

Five Things For the Purchase of to Which Making Happy Valette

(I don't know why I must do titles in Engrish, but I must. Just be thankful they never make it...
05 MAR

Sunday Open Letters

Dear Snow City Cafe, Hollandaise sauce should not be runny. Neither should gravy on biscuits. Especially not after a 45...
04 MAR

Go Army

Upset that I didn't take her to the Aces game tonight, she took her frustration out on a foam...
04 MAR

Working Eight to Four

Diet Dr. Pepper does not, in fact, taste like regular Dr. Pepper, despite what commercials and coworkers might claim. It...
28 FEB

Rendezvous, Come On!

Fur Rondy, Anchorage's let's-all-battle-cabin-fever winter celebration, is in full swing. The sled dog races happened to go right my by...
25 FEB

Something You, The Internet, Should Be Grateful For

After the discovery of Parissa wax strips, hair-removal has never been the same. It's quick, it's easy, no crazy preparation...
23 FEB

Life in a Tissue Bbank

—Exsanguinated. I love that word. —You know, "bleeding out" is a perfectly acceptable cause of death. —Huh. That's a weird...
20 FEB

Man-Killer Brownies

2/3c. stick butter 5oz. unsweetened baking chocolate, cut into pieces 1¾c. sugar 2t. vanilla 3 large eggs 1c. flour 1c....
19 FEB

Wherein Valette Is the Exception to Every Rule

Every single conversation Steve and I have had since I moved to Anchorage has been some variation of: Steve: Some...
18 FEB

Let Me Count the Ways

Happy Valentine's Day, Innernet. I didn't get you anything. I'm pretty broke. And by "broke," I mean "really sooper dooper...
14 FEB

If You Give A Valette A Doughnut

If I don't listen to my coworker's announcement of doughnuts in the break room, then I won't think about the...
13 FEB

Steve and I Went To the Museum Today

"Hey Steve, I think you should come stand next to me." At the Anchorage Museum....
11 FEB

Classic Bert & Ernie

Imagine That I Don't Want To Live On The Moon Dance Myself To Sleep Put Down the Duckie Doin' the...
09 FEB

The Best Comment Spam I've Ever Received

And it's about dogs. Eating poo....
08 FEB

Indie House Rock

On an actual telephone conversation (because, despite popular belief, my family does periodically talk to and see each other outside...
06 FEB


New office building remodel completed: $hundreds of thousands in grant money Appetizers and wine: $hundreds New outfit which gained quite...
02 FEB

What The Crap, Internet?

Why can I no longer view embedded videos on sites? I'm using YouTube's embedding code for When Harry Met Sally...
02 FEB

Speak It

So there's this Speak n Spell emulator? Online? And I was going to link to it, see? And related a...
31 JAN

Birfday Weekend

Has anybody seen my weekend? Because I seem to have misplaced it. It's a very special weekend, you see, because...
29 JAN

Twenty Five and A Half

My dear, sweet mother has this terrible habit of asking me what I want for Christmas. And for my birthday....
24 JAN

The Reason It's Better in the Shower

Does anyone else have problems with water running down your forearms and dripping off your elbows, tickling every single microscopic...
23 JAN

The Internet Has No Fifth Amendment

Valette: what did you do to my dog last weekend? John: meaning? Valette: she's been sleeping nonstop since we got...
22 JAN

Polar Bear Jump Off

Alaskans like to pretend that we love winter. We like to pretend that we love winter more than our neighbors,...
21 JAN

Renewed License To Kill

Hypothetically, if I left half of a deli sandwich, upon which may have been written, "Valette really needs to take...
19 JAN

Happy Feet

Thanks for all of the concern about my eye-rot. Because of the nature of my job and the shelves full...
16 JAN

The Internet is the Best Place To Seek Medical Advice

What is wrong with my eye, people? It's been hurting a little bit today, I noticed it at dinner and...
12 JAN

More Cowbell

I'm not a big fan of sports. I have a hate-hate relationship with playing sports, and an even slightly less...
11 JAN

In Traction

I know it's Tuesday, but Tuesday is not being interesting today. Tuesday is being cold and lethargic. Instead, let's talk...
09 JAN

Great Things Lie Ahead

It's -15°F in Anchorage this morning, and the internet tells me it's -44°F in Fairbanks. This morning I got out...
09 JAN

Don't Be Jealous

Dear Internet of my Heart, Darlings. You know that I love you more than words can ever express. And I...
04 JAN

The Downside

So now we have all of this beautiful and wonderfully clean and white and fluffy snow covering the ground and...
03 JAN

Happy New Year

The year 2006 went out like a giant sinus infection, and I for one am glad it's gone. I didn't...
01 JAN

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