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On the Kenai River

July 1, 2007

Yeah, I was dragged along fishing. With a pole, even: the most inefficient way to catch fish.

Seven things I did not do on my first fishing trip, although with some of them I came really, really close:

  • Photograph anyone catching a fish.
  • Push Steve into the river.
  • Drop my camera.
  • Cry.
  • Snag any part of someone's body with a hook.
  • Arrive with Hello Kitty fishing gear.
  • Catch a fish.

Pretending to fish


Quite right. Everyone knows that the most efficient fishing method involves waterproofed charges.

Hey is that my baby - who was never an outdoor type? I can't believe that your in hip boots and standing in the river and with a pole in your hand. Maybe you'll become a diversified person yet. Way to go.
Hugs and kissessssssssss!

I wouldn't count on that, Mom. It's not like I had fun or anything.

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