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July 24, 2007

I was going to make zucchini bread tonight (my mom sent my fresh zucchini from her greenhouse!), but then I cut my fingers on some chicken wire and couldn't quite work out how much blood to substitute for one egg.

Instead, I got inspired by the Dutch [via]:

Look at your bookshelf.
View every book title as a line of poetry.
Stack books.
Make poems.

Stack Poem 1

the dark tower
arc d'x
indie fonts
pandora's clock
10,000 dreams interpreted
seven types of ambiguity

Stack Poem 2

native son
ancient shores
time future
a clash of kings
the light fantastic

Stack Poem 3

the moon men
bikini planet
an alien affair
a matter for men
war of the worlds
the conquering sword of conan


Sorry, that was a cucumber. Good thing you didn't make bread with it.

Hahaha. Maybe I should have looked at it before putting it in the fridge. Oh well, cucumber salad it is!

I would just like to point out that only six of the books shown above are Valette's.

Like the Conan book? Totally not mine.

is "bikini planet" yours, V? Never mind. don't tell me.....
At least you should know the difference between cucumbers and zucchini - maybe you need a book

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