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Not What I Had Expected

October 29, 2007

The lights go up at intermission of Saturday night's Hair:

"This is so totally not what I had expected at all."

"What were you expecting?"

"For it to be more like the movie."

"They did a movie?"

"Yeah! And this is nothing at all like it."

"I can't believe they did a movie about this."

"They even did a remake just recently, this year I think."

"What are you talking about?"

"About the plump girl who likes to dance?"


"Oh. Wait. That was Hairspray."

"Yeah. Completely different."

Better Looking Backend

October 28, 2007

I upgraded my blogging software to the new WhizBang version, and I'm completely lost in it. Until I figure things out, here's a snippet of my Halloween weekend:

originally uploaded by robotkarateman

Would Like to Hibernate kthx

October 24, 2007

I don't know if it's the change in the seasons -- the snow on the ground has no intention of going away -- or some vitamin deficiency (yes, mother, I know I should be taking my daily vitamins: I do mean to, sometimes), but by 3pm my body goes into Shutdown Mode.

Monday evening I took a cat nap just minutes after getting home, which rejuvenated me enough to get me through the night.

Tuesday night I had trouble keeping my eyes open at the computer and was asleep and drooling on my pillow by 10.30.

I can't remember Seasonal Affective Disorder affecting me quite this badly, but I'm sure I just don't remember it.

Tonight I'm fighting the same thing, and I haven't even had dinner yet. I'm sitting here wondering if 7pm is too early to snuggle under the blankets with the dog. I'm sure Lacey wouldn't mind.

If Haircuts Weren't Torture Enough

October 19, 2007

Cookie Balancing

"There are STARVING children in AFRICA who never get cookies, DOG. So just BE STILL for TWO seconds longer so I can get this shot."

Combination of Happiness

October 19, 2007

I don't drink a lot of coffee. I don't usually need caffeine in the mornings, no matter what my coworker says, and when I do need a little extra boost I've been drinking a cup of green tea.

Tea is better for me than coffee because I can't drink coffee unless it's drowned in foamed milk and syrups and chocolate sauce. It spikes my blood sugar and turns me into bubbly, happy, chatty OMGyou'llneverguesswhylifeisawesomeletmetellyou Valette. Which can be fun, but my stomach never really enjoys it.

My coffee of choice is an Almond Rocca Mocha. It's fun to drink and even more fun to say. Go ahead, say it aloud. I'll wait.

Not a lot of coffee stands have Almond Rocca flavoring, and are surprised that such a thing even exists. Then I am presented with a question: how do I mix it?

I rack my brain for an Almond Rocca recipe that has to be stored in there somewhere. What's in it? Chocolate, almonds, butter, sugar. And the sugar is basically caramelized.

But almond flavoring + caramel flavoring is never quite right. Neither is almond + hazelnut. But that is always what I ask for and I am always disappointed.

My coworker Jeff was running some errands and I asked him to pick some coffee up for me because I had nothing here for breakfast. The coffee shop had no Almond Rocca, but the barista got creative.

Almond + coconut.
And it's perfect.

Five Indications The Dog Is Drugged To Perfection

October 17, 2007

1// Head mass increases exponentially. This is best seen by the refusal to lift her head when her name is called. And lifting it very, very slowly when Squirrel is squeaked, only to decide it's too much work to hold such a heavy thing off the soft, soft couch.

2// Drunk-like inability to walk in a straight line, stopping partway to her destination to test the usefulness of the carpet as a pillow.

3// Constant farting. Not just A Lot of farting, because she's a dog and that's what dogs do: dogs fart, sniff their butts, and then flee the room quickly and silently before any humans smell it. I'm talking a steady eeking of gasses from the behind.

4// The floor keeps moving. Why won't the floor stay where she put it?

5// Low center of gravity. Extremely low. The try to scratch an itch, fall over and hit her head on the chair, then decide it's best for every part of her body to be touching the ground kind of low.

Good Morning, Monday

October 15, 2007

While most people were using the previous 8 hours for sensible things like sleep, I was at the airport twice.

Only half of my previous 8 hours was spent sleeping because a friend's daughter had an awful 7 hour layover in Anchorage on her way home to Fairbanks, so I picked her up and let her feed treats to my dog all night. And also sleep on the couch. But someone has to feed treats to Lacey, poor deprived emo dog.

I'm doing surprisingly well with the lack of sleep right now. Have myself a sesame bagel with too much cream cheese that I keep wiping off with my finger because I'm too lazy to go to the kitchen for a knife.

I expect to crash around 10, so I'm planning a break around 9.30 for a mocha run. And some quality time with my coworker's couch at lunch time.

Pre-Season Pink

October 12, 2007

We managed to score two free awesome-seat tickets to the Alaska Aces pre-season game last night, and then managed to get two more tickets. All of the players wore pink jerseys, and they painted the rink pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

A portion of all sales went to cancer awareness, and after the game they auctioned off the pink jerseys. One of the jerseys went for $4700!

Highlights of the night include:

  • The look of horror on Steve's brother's face when presented with a baby pink scarf he was expected to wear.
  • Resisting the urge to yell, "Take it off!" to old classmate Katie Jo as she blabbed on and on about some breast cancer statistics between periods.
  • Sitting so close I could see spit and hear swear words when the players slammed each other into the plexiglas.
  • Steve's brother pulling a questionably kinky hair from his bucket of popcorn.
  • Running into Danielle in the bathroom, because I would never see her if it wasn't for Aces games.
  • The giant fight right at the last buzzer of the last period, resulting in a player taking down a referee and then getting kicked out of the game.

Corbin Schmidt, #27


October 8, 2007

I just smacked my head on a door in the office.

I thought I was pushing it open, when in actuallity my hand was pushing on the door jamb. But that didn't stop me from trying to go through it head first.

It's a little red right now and very warm. I hope I don't get a big bump.

Valette Would Like To Accomplish This Sunday

October 7, 2007

Taken straight from my Moleskine notebook and accomplished in no particular order:

Do It For the Ta-Tas

October 5, 2007

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that means the Boobie-Thon is back in full swing. There are a ton of ways to support breast cancer research, but none are nearly as fun as the Boobie-Thon.

I participated a few years ago and had a lot of fun with the photos. Because I love boobies. Specifically, I love my boobies. And the boobies that fed me when I was a baby. And your boobies, too.

I'm participating again this year, showing my boobs to the internet. It's for a good cause, Mom!

Lynne's mother died of breast cancer only a year ago. If you are going to support the Boobie-Thon with your pocketbook, please donate in memory of Valerie.

And please, if you own a pair of your very own boobies, do a breast self exam and learn how to detect cancer early in your own body.

My Weekend Had Its Moments

October 1, 2007

Bed Jumping

And how was yours?

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