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A Little Something Pretty

From Jlife on Etsy, who not only sent me a lovely wallet, but also refunded me money because the...
29 DEC

I Had a Nice Christmas

How was yours?...
27 DEC

Olive's New Collar of Shame

The entire Olive-getting-spayed thing has been quite the Issue™ at the Steveolette household. She went into heat two days before...
16 DEC

Six Things to Heart

I heart this red canvas wallet I heart this high-waisted pencil skirt I heart this grape vendome gift wrap I...
09 DEC

Sunday Afternoon Walk

30 NOV


May gratitude continue to take over your heart -- crowding out worry, fear, jealousy, envy, hate and the litany of...
27 NOV

On this Sunday, I...

...went to church. ...ran three miles and pumped some weights at the gym. ...cooked eggs with a hat. ...did three...
23 NOV

Cousin Reference Point

Because the topic always comes up at family get-togethers, especially ones where we meet cousins we never knew existed. Yes,...
21 NOV

The Princess

Because I'm procrastinating packing for the funeral:...
15 NOV


Sometimes something big happens (I finished my 365 Days self-portrait project), and before I can get around to blogging about...
12 NOV

Dress Shopping with Etsy

It was decided that 9.30 is too early to go to bed on a Saturday night, so I was forced...
01 NOV

Hello, deadline!

So I've apparently agreed to doing another gallery opening with the group in November. That's less than three weeks away....
19 OCT

Friday Formerly Known as Thursday

Tomorrow is Alaska Day, and with my new job I magically get this fake holiday off from work. Paid, even....
16 OCT

Time in Every Young Woman's Life

Olive has been a real pill lately. Barking and crying and biting and being an all-around snot, earning many a...
06 OCT

Required Daily Sniffing Investigation

A list by Olive, Age 5 months This leafPair of black BVDsThat leafWhite mushroomBrown mushroomStop sign postTall patch of grass...
02 OCT

Never Been to Boston in the Fall

I'm sitting in the Learning Resource Center on campus. Having completed the written portion of the French test I missed...
30 SEP


It's Melissa's anniversary today, and I'm feeling wholly unprepared. I don't have something ready to post, don't have a photo...
22 SEP

Jet Setter

Yesterday after work Steve and I stood at the deli counter of our grocery store and asked for a half...
16 SEP

Capital City

My trip to Juneau was surprisingly enjoyable. I met approximately 3million people, 2.96 million of whom I already can't remember...
13 SEP

Business Trip

On Monday we were informed that of our section's staff members in Juneau will be transferring to another department on...
10 SEP

Olive, Jesus Dog

I seemed to have lost my voice somewhere in one of Thursdays night's dreams. Yesterday morning the entire area where...
06 SEP

State Wide Web

Welcome to my webpage on the World Wide Web!!!1! Since my new employer only recognizes the existence of the State...
21 AUG

Last Minute Notice

I have been incredibly busy these last two weeks, spending approzimately 100 hours both wrapping up things at my old...
01 AUG

Never at Ease

So I'm still working full time these last two weeks of my job, but at the same time I'm training...
23 JUL

Weekend in Reverse

Approximately 57 loads of laundryFreecycled everything that wasn't bolted downBoth of the above done while Steve was nappingSpot-cleaned the carpetAte...
20 JUL

The Longer You Don't Say Anything

Yes! I am still alive, despite this whole non-blogging thing. I don't think I can write about them properly or...
14 JUL

Scents of Campbell Creek Trail

Pushki Freshly mowed grass Wet dog Wind Hot french fries Summer...
25 JUN

Internet, Meet Olive

21 JUN

It's Probably Too Soon

She needs a name. Suggestions?...
18 JUN

Today Was a Good Day

Thank you, everyone, for your support. It's been a very difficult week for me. I've been tired and depressed and...
16 JUN

Doesn't Feel Like Home

Our flight got in at 8 last night. We had a half hour to change planes in Cincinnati, to grab...
10 JUN

Beaches + Alaskans Don't Mix

I have the worst sun rash on my back. The. Worst. And I can't convince anyone to scratch it for...
05 JUN

I Won't Be Eating Scrapple

I'm not sure how or when I agreed to flying to the east coast. All I do know is that...
30 MAY

Good Morning!

Last night I was lying in bed reading when I glanced at the clock. "Oh my God, it's 12.30 already....
29 MAY

Dogs, People, and Music

At the Downtown Market....
17 MAY

Music For the People

I hate forgetting to bring my iPod to work. Then my only other music options are to listen to some...
15 MAY

Road Trip

I went to Homer this weekend, and the only thing better than this: was getting to call John, still on...
11 MAY

Excitement for a Sunday

Heidi gave me some sourdough starter a month or so ago, and I've been dutifully ignoring it ever since. I...
04 MAY

Text Messages Saved in My Phone

Mmm. Sounds fishy to me.No drama. No no no drama, drama.what are you wearing?That's so funny cuz I was just...
02 MAY

100 Things Worth Doing

Inspired by Mighty Girl, I've been thinking about the moments in my life that have been so fantastic that I...
23 APR


This is a photo I did not take of a Native Alaskan man with bright silver hair and bushy mustache,...
15 APR

The Beat Is On

Kottke listed his most-played songs this afternoon, and it got me thinking about mine. I do most of my music-listening...
11 APR

Heaven in a Matzo

Last night I made Spring Orzo Salad for today's potluck, despite (or maybe because of?) the city being an April...
10 APR

Lookin' For A Good Time

Last night's First Friday went awesomely. I was concerned that I would be standing there bored for three hours feeling...
05 APR

First Friday at Kinley's

I'm about to leave the house to go help set up for the show tomorrow. I'll be at Kinley's Friday...
03 APR

Dry Heaves and Bendy Straws

My least favorite kind of illness symptom is the dry heaves. They make every molecule in my body ache and...
01 APR


Sopapias became a favorite when a Mexican restaurant opened in Homer and started serving them. My mom discovered just how...
23 MAR

Pools and Miles, Miles and Pools

We had a little pool going on in the office to guess when 50% of Alaska's population (335,000 people) have...
21 MAR

Taking it Seriously

One of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to start taking my...
15 MAR


I'd like to go take my mid-morning break by sitting in the break room with today's crossword puzzle and see...
12 MAR

Woke Up and Hated Everything

I refuse to tell you how long this design has been 80% completed and waiting to be implemented. Just know...
09 MAR

Melting Snow Reveals More Than Just Secrets

Were I to come into a large sum of money, the amount of money where I would start hiring People...
08 MAR

Reasons I Love Reading My Hometown's Newspaper

Feb. 25A woman at 11 a.m. turned in a pair of prescription glasses found at Bishop's Beach the previous day....
04 MAR

Day in the Life

In honor of Leap Day, I took a photo every hour yesterday. You can look at all 19 shots...
01 MAR

New Video Conferencing System Training Session

"I feel like I'm just thiiiis much closer to world domination." "What are you talking about?" "The video conferencing! I...
27 FEB

Rondezvous, Come On!

Fur Rondy started this weekend. Steve and I headed downtown into the madness Saturday night to watch the fireworks that...
24 FEB

Time Capsule

I just signed up for Photojojo's photo time capsule - they automagically email me photos that I took last year....
22 FEB

Last Weekend's Blizzard In Numbers

3: Different snow machines I rode in my brother's futile attempt to "find something easier for [me] to handle."2: Rides...
21 FEB

The Things I Love About My Mother's House

I know where everything is, because everything is in the same place it has been for the last 30 years.I...
15 FEB

Not Knowing These Things Bothers Me

Let's say that you were addressing a formal-ish business letter to a woman and her mother. Or a woman and...
13 FEB

The Patient Really Wouldn't Be Complaining, Now Would He?

Looking at medical chart after sobering medical chart for work, certain EMS reports will never cease to give me the...
06 FEB

Don't Make Me Choose

If someone handed me $300 and told me I had to buy three pairs of shoes from Zappos right this...
02 FEB

The Trick Is To Sit Down A Lot

Heidi finally got some footage online of me learning to snowboard. Watching this video, you may be compelled to thing,...
29 JAN

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

I can't tell, or it won't come true....
28 JAN

One of the Better Days

Saturday was a really, really great day. It started last night on my way home from the gym. I watched...
27 JAN

Adventurous At A Price

Whenever we go to the Asian market, Steve likes to play a game called "Buy Something Unpronounceable." Sometimes this Something...
21 JAN

No-Time Bread

I found this recipe for no-time bread this week and linked it in my fragments section and had to try...
19 JAN

Just To Make One Thing Clear

I would never, ever spend the night in a haunted house. Even if I had a flashlight and a sleeping...
18 JAN

Too Little, Too Late

I woke this morning with the best comeback to my dream. Am very sad that I couldn't slip right back...
17 JAN

Sledding Party

My prescription of sunlight, minimum of ten minutes taken once daily, has been working out very well to combat my...
14 JAN

Sunlight Deprivation

I've been experienced some Seasonal Affective Disorder the last few weeks. I didn't really know why I was feeling down...
07 JAN

Good Morning, 2008

We welcomed 2008 with a big midnight sledding party that involved running into trees and getting snow all up in...
01 JAN

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