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One of the Better Days

January 27, 2008

Saturday was a really, really great day.

It started last night on my way home from the gym. I watched as the thick layer of gray clouds that had been blanketing the city for the last 13 weeks were pushed away by some high-elevation winds, leaving behind clear skies.

Clear skies that welcomed today's sunshine with open arms and sweet cheek kisses. I feel like I haven't seen the sunshine in weeks, and today I got to play in it for a little bit.

How to make a snow angel

My birthday is on Monday, and Steve is such a child that he couldn't wait until then for me to open my present. Once I opened my package and re-wrapped the paper around one of Lacey's toys to torture her, there was a few moments of, "That's sweet, babe. But what the hell is it?"

Then we did some errands for some supplemental items to my birthday present and I was able to set everything up in the living room.

New lightbox!!!1!

I immediately put Lacey into it to test it, because that's what I do with lightboxes. My rule for any item I have is that if I can't use it to torture my dog, then what is even the point in owning it? Torturing the dog is the one thing that has and will always bring me joy.

It's really bright
Uploaded by robotkarateman

Steve whined about how bright my four 500-watt flood lights were, but I don't care. It is awesome. You can see my living room from space. All of the light also kept Lacey warm an toasty, by which I mean Unlikely To Jump From The Lightbox Tearing Holes In Its Precious Sides.

Ready for her closeup

I barely had time to get the dog out of the box before Steve took me out for Secret Dinner Reservations, and I left my take-home box of prawns on the table like I always do. Someone else (*cough*Steve*cough*) should be in charge of getting the leftovers home. Then we appreciated the stars and the city lights and each other from the bluff behind the airport before heading home.

It was a really good day, better than the days I've been having lately. Here's to more of the same.


Happy Birthday Valette! Hope your day(s) of celebration are super!

All the happiest if a tad belated.

Glad you had fun. Here's hoping the rest of the year carries on with that theme.

You shouldn't be opening presents before your birthday... and you should have invited me for your dinner plans, even though prawns are snails of the sea, and you shouldn't be enjoying sunny days with out me!
oh Yeah and Lacy just spoke to a lawyer about a restraining order against you.

Sounds like a great weekend.

Happy Birthday, sis! Hope the office treats you like a princess for a moment - then leaves you alone the rest of the day. Surely no present can match a dog torture box as pristine as that.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Monday? Hey, that's today! Happy Birthday! Now all you need is a lightbox big enough to put Steve in.


There was a another birthday yesterday, but you will have to go to my blog to see that :)

I agree.. Steve should be in charge in leftovers, OR, I need to know where you are eating so that I can snag 'em when left behind :)

JIM, I bought her the medium sized light box for specifically that reason.

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