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Sledding Party

January 14, 2008

My prescription of sunlight, minimum of ten minutes taken once daily, has been working out very well to combat my SAD.

It helped even more that last week we got ten inches of snow. Then the temperatures dropped and the sun came out and little songbirds arrived to help make my bed. It was lovely.

This is what winter should be like all the time: temperatures between zero and -10°F, snow covering all of the trees like icing, and bright shining sun. That would be Most Perfect. Others may disagree with me, but they are wrong.

This weekend, I decided the best way to celebrate these below-zero temperatures would be with a sledding party. Outside, even. I convinced John and Heidi to drag their sleds and girls out to the park where we had no thermoses filled with soup or hot cocoa. Brilliant planning on our parts, that.

But we did have sleds. And mittens. And snow. And snowboards.

My niece Rose taught me how to snowboard. By which I mean holding my hands as she pulled me along on mostly-flat ground while I screamed and then sat down because snowboarding is dangerous. And also scary. And I am a big wuss.

After about five hours of that, she told me, "It's okay if you fall, Aunt Valette. Because you'll just fall in the snow and the snow doesn't hurt!"

Which is a lie.

But lies from sweet 12-year-olds are easier to believe. Until you are pointed down a huge hill with only your belief in God Almighty to save you and you know you're going to die and you realize that not once in the lesson were there instructions to stop.

I am proud to say that I did eventually make it all the way down the hill on my last try without falling. I did scream the whole way down, however, as did my brother who stood at the top and yelled, "Just ride it out! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!1!"

I did not get any photos of the sledding party; no evidence of Steve (aka Slimy McCheatersons) totally cheating on the sled race, and no shots of my niece rolling her eyes so far into the back of her head that I could hear them talking to themselves about how idiotic I was being.

No photos because I was too busy being idiotic. But both John and Heidi had their cameras and made sure to get my myriad wipeouts on video. I can't wait until they share that with the internet.

Until then, here's a picture of Lacey's butt, quite embarrassed at her clashing winter attire:

Lacey butt


my butt would be embarrassed, too.

I did not cheat. You are just unfamiliar with the Ben-Hur style of sled races.

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