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The Trick Is To Sit Down A Lot

January 29, 2008

Heidi finally got some footage online of me learning to snowboard.

Watching this video, you may be compelled to thing, "My, what a huge wuss that Valette is. There: the hill is tiny and her screams girlish."

But what you cannot see is that the hill is GINORMOUSly steep and there were piranhas. In the snow. Special and deadly arctic snow piranhas. Biting at my toes. Which were strapped to a board of DEATH.

You also cannot see the One And Only trip down the hill that I did not sit down out of scaredy-cat-fright succumb to evil piranha death.

But I do give a little shout out to my innernet friends at the beginning.
Because I love you dearly.
And was unaware of my impending snow piranha doom.


You rock!

Hey, I'm proud of you - couldn't get me to do that. Mom

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