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New Video Conferencing System Training Session

February 27, 2008

"I feel like I'm just thiiiis much closer to world domination."

"What are you talking about?"

"The video conferencing! I can now dial in to secret Pentagon meetings and make ridiculous demands on the president!"

"But you'd have to check with Kirt first to make sure the two systems would talk to each other."

"Of course, with little test demands."

"And you'd have to schedule the use of the conference room."

"So I'm not interrupted with questions about copier jams, good idea. I'll go schedule it right now: 'World Domination, 10:00am - 10:15am.'"

"Will fifteen minutes be enough?"

"It's way more than evil geniuses need in movies, but I'll need time to figure out all of the remote buttons and camera angles for my evilest side. And practice my maniacal laughter."

Rondezvous, Come On!

February 24, 2008

Fur Rondy started this weekend.

Steve and I headed downtown into the madness Saturday night to watch the fireworks that I was ill prepared for. I had forgotten my tripod and some socks, both required for extended night photography. Well, the socks aren't really required, but they would have been useful. My toes would have liked socks.

But Santa had had the forethought to gift me with a Gorillapod this last Christmas. So I strapped that baby around a pole and snapped away. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Fur Rondy Fireworks

Today we went back downtown for to catch the last day of the World Championship Sled Dog Race, because when I watched the dogs go by on my lunch break Friday, the sun didn't cooperate. But the sun was out in full force Saturday and today, so I made Steve stand in the snow while I snapped a million photos of sled dog tongues.

Sled Dogs

We wandered around the snow sculptures a bit and were wholly unimpressed. I mean, really. They were pretty bad.

Snow sculpture: crucifixion

Then we crammed into two city blocks with 80% of the state's population to watch 1000 people run with reindeer and hope they don't get trampled to death. I wanted to see blood, but there was no blood to be had. There was no trampling, no bleeding, no frostbite.

Running with the Reindeer: #243

There was, however, a small dog who feared being trampled on in the crowds and kept trying to climb up my side and onto my shoulders for a better view. And a small child sitting on her grandmother's shoulders who kept trying to pull my hair clip out of my hair.

And then it took us a half hour to get out of downtown and I wanted to stab myself in the leg and move out to my brother's cabin in Caribou Hills where there is no traffic because roads haven't been invented out there yet.

With Fur Rondy and a Flickr Nerd Meetup, I shot about 700 photos this weekend. Which sounds like a whole lot, but I really could have taken more. I'm thinking I need another memory card, because I don't know how much longer my combined 7GB will be enough.

Until then, let's see that photo of the woman freaking out in front of the reindeer. It my hands-down most favorite shot from the weekend.

Running with the Reindeer: #243

Time Capsule

February 22, 2008

I just signed up for Photojojo's photo time capsule - they automagically email me photos that I took last year.

My first capsule is full of the World Championship Sled Dog Race and other assorted Fur Rondy celebratory stuff. Which is funny because Fur Rondy officially started today, and I spent my lunch break today photographing the World Championship Sled Dog Race. Just like I did last year.

I'm so spontaneous, woo.

Last Weekend's Blizzard In Numbers

February 21, 2008
  • 3: Different snow machines I rode in my brother's futile attempt to "find something easier for [me] to handle."
  • 2: Rides we decided to sit out because that blizzard? Out there? No thank you.
  • 9: Times I tipped my machine over onto its side.
  • 3: Times I tipped my machine over onto its side within 2 minutes and 50 feet of each other.
  • 1: Time I tipped my machine over and was able to right it all by myself.
  • 1: Time I buried my machine nose-first in the snow.
  • 4: Feet of fresh powder I sunk into after burying my machine nose-first in the snow.
  • 12: Times I yelled at my machine to turn left, Left, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN LEFT!
  • 4: Trees my machine wanted to climb.
  • 146: Pages of my book read.
  • 3: Crossword puzzles completed.
  • 60: minutes of snowshoeing with the two dogs.
  • 1: Radioed invitation for a wild and rockin' game of Aggravation.
  • 0: Mice Lacey caught. Worthless dog.
  • 4: Muscle groups still unhappy days later.
  • 3: Bruises appeared on my legs two days after I was home.
  • 1: Time Steve will be required to participate one of these days.

Everyone but Taz

Low Visibility

The Things I Love About My Mother's House

February 15, 2008
  • I know where everything is, because everything is in the same place it has been for the last 30 years.
  • I can see the stars, and the clouds are lit by pure moonlight. There's no light pollution.
  • The dogs immediately sense that I need to be welcomed into the house by being covered with hair and tongues.
  • The ocean is in the periphery of everything and everywhere.
  • There is orange juice in the refrigerator and ice cream in the freezer. Always.
  • The mattress still has a Valette-shaped impression.

Not Knowing These Things Bothers Me

February 13, 2008

Let's say that you were addressing a formal-ish business letter to a woman and her mother. Or a woman and her daughter.

Two women who live in the same house, are of questionable marital attachment, have the same address, the same hair, the same arthritic knees, the same facial expression for I Disapprove, and the same last name.

How would you format the salutation line, remaining respectful and professional and proper?

Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jill Doe
1234 Sugar Plum Drive
Teeny Town, CA 91020

Dear Ms. Doe and Ms. Doe:

Redundant and ugly.

Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jill Doe
1234 Sugar Plum Drive
Teeny Town, CA 91020

Dear Ms. and Ms. Doe:

Again redundant, and implies that they are hitched.

Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jill Doe
1234 Sugar Plum Drive
Teeny Town, CA 91020

Dear Madams Doe:

I'm picturing two elderly sisters. With rocking chairs. And knitting in their laps. Being mean to everyone.

Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jill Doe
1234 Sugar Plum Drive
Teeny Town, CA 91020

Dear Madams:

Respectful, but too sterile.

Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jill Doe
1234 Sugar Plum Drive
Teeny Town, CA 91020

Hey Ladies!

Coworker Jeff's suggestion. And I'm tempted to use it.

The Patient Really Wouldn't Be Complaining, Now Would He?

February 6, 2008

Looking at medical chart after sobering medical chart for work, certain EMS reports will never cease to give me the giggles:

Chief Compaint: obviously deceased

Don't Make Me Choose

February 2, 2008

If someone handed me $300 and told me I had to buy three pairs of shoes from Zappos right this instant, I would walk away with these in black, these in green, and these in burgundy.

But even with the free shipping and free returns, I still couldn't order them all at once to see if they fit and which pair looked cuter with every outfit I own.

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