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August 21, 2008

Welcome to my webpage on the World Wide Web!!!1!

Since my new employer only recognizes the existence of the State Wide Web, I've not been online much this last month. Which means I'm going into Twitter withdrawal. Oh, and never updating my blog.

Hi, Mom! I'm still alive! Just very, very busy.

The new job is going swimmingly. I had gotten some quick and dirty pre-training from my predecessor before she left, but since I started full time at the beginning of the month I've been playing detective with 20 questions.

Only I really have 400 questions because X needs to be done. By me. And I've never even heard of X before. "How do I do X?" is usually met with shrugs and blank looks, so instead I have to spinit more like, "Who can I ask about doing X?"

But I'm finding my way and haven't been bored yet, which is always my downfall at jobs. I master the tasks, see four ways to make them more efficient. redesign some forms, get bored, and start hating going to work. Sometimes that takes a year, sometimes that takes a month. I'm very, very happy to be kept busy and am learning more than I ever wanted to know about the inner workings of the state government.

The busyness of work (and its interweb blocks), coupled with Olive's full-fledged puppiness, has meant that I'm only online for an hour or so here and there. And budgeting out an hour of internets is easier with the Twitters than it is with forming cohesive sentences and paragraphs longer than 140 characters.

To make my time even more scarce, I have enrolled in a university class for the fall semester. Taking a class was one of my goals for 2008, and holy cow is college expensive. I was on a full scholarship last time I was in college, so now I just need someone to pay my way.

I had considered going back full time, or even part time, to work towards actually finishing my degree, but I just can't afford it. And by the time I decided to Do It Already I had already missed the Financial Aid deadline.

Starting next week I will be attending my first French instruction since I left high school. I'm excited about it now that I've already paid for it, but the idea of having to pay this lump sum out of pocket was really super stressful.

My new job allows for 1 hour lunch breaks (my last job only provided half hour lunches, but then we only worked 8-4), and I've been struggling with what to do with all of this time. What do people do on an hour lunch anyway?

So far I've done the shopping thing and the wander-around-photographing-rust thing, but I'm not too fond of shopping and I don't like photographing rust in the rain. Today I sat at a nearby coffee shop with the sweetest Italian soda I've ever had (syrup in Sprite? you call that an Italian soda?) and wrote this blog entry.

Blog posts in longhand

With a pen.
On paper.

I could see maybe doing that more, but maybe I'll have to use it to do my homework. I can imagine that getting into the swing of school will quickly remind me how to procrastinate. Or maybe I'll use the coffee shop internets and feed my Twitter starvation.

Last Minute Notice

August 1, 2008

I have been incredibly busy these last two weeks, spending approzimately 100 hours both wrapping up things at my old job and pre-training with my new job.

I've been busy, I've been stressed, and this is best illustrated by my dropping a slotted spoon onto the kitchen floor two nights ago, spouting obscenities, and bursting into tears. It was 8pm, I had been go-go-going without a break since 6am, and hadn't eaten anything for the past 8 hours.

I have been simply a delight to be around, let me tell you.

Ttoday is my last day at my old job and they keep giving me more work to do. Thanks, but no thanks. Monday will be my first day full time at the new job with the State of Alaska (yay for moving from the non-profit sector to the public sector! it's sure to be a completely different flavor of BS!), and I am nervous yet very excited.

To fully swing myself into the realm of CRAZY, I am participating in another gallery opening with a local photography group. Tonight.

I have three photos showing at Laughing Lotus Yoga for the month of August, and there is a reception tonight from 6 until 8.

I will be there spilling soda on the lovely carpet and probably, eventually, sleeping and drooling in a corner. Come say hi!

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