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Hello, deadline!

October 19, 2008

So I've apparently agreed to doing another gallery opening with the group in November. That's less than three weeks away.

I don't know what I was thinking, either.

But I need to get some stuff printed, and am just now realizing that the only thing I've been photographing lately is, well, myself. Would that be too weird, to hang photos of me? When everyone else is doing landscapes and Alaskan-y type things? Or should I just back out now?

Friday Formerly Known as Thursday

October 16, 2008

Tomorrow is Alaska Day, and with my new job I magically get this fake holiday off from work. Paid, even. Which I am completely fine with.

I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with an entire day without any plans (other than a 5.30 appointment to get my winter tires put on, because I don't know if you've noticed? But Alaska has been snowing all week? I'm still betting that the next two months will be dry and un-snowy because I'm getting my tires changed on Friday).

I think I'll start with a morning run at the gym that I haven't had time for. And at some point around lunch I'll deliver the CD of wedding photos I took two weekends ago.

I could... what? Sit around all day without pants? Nap? Ooh, maybe I'll get a bra fitting and spend a bunch of money. Or! I could take my self portrait while there is still daylight. That would be novel.

I could study for my French midtern. Or get laundry done and out of the way. Make those macaroons I've been craving since my last trip to Juneau. Paint my toenails that have been naked for... too long. Do some long-neglected cleaning.

I'm leaning more towards not wearing pants.

Time in Every Young Woman's Life

October 6, 2008

Olive has been a real pill lately. Barking and crying and biting and being an all-around snot, earning many a time out. Yesterday we noticed some blood on one of her toys and discovered a few of her teeth were extremely loose. I gave her a quarter of an aspirin, about 80mg like a baby aspirin, and that seemed to help a bit. Poor thing wasn't feeling well because she was teething.

And then tonight I pointed out a bit of blood on Steve's pants. That's weird, what's with the blood? He mentioned that he thought she had peed a bit of blood earlier, and I immediately flipped her over for some possibly-inappropriate inspection.

There was no-way no-how going to be a dog in heat in my house. I've done it once, and I never want to do it again.

Olive in Heat

Yeah. Olive is in heat.
Which is perfect timing because her spaying appointment is on Wednesday.
Isn't she too young for this?

Required Daily Sniffing Investigation

October 2, 2008

A list by Olive, Age 5 months

  • This leaf
  • Pair of black BVDs
  • That leaf
  • White mushroom
  • Brown mushroom
  • Stop sign post
  • Tall patch of grass (what kind of dog can pee over my head?)
  • Another white mushroom
  • This leaf
  • McDonald's bag scrap
  • Broken cell phone cover
  • There are a lot of leaves

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