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Merry Merry Happy Happy

25 DEC

Away for the Weekend

As a surprise for Steve's birthday, I booked a bed and breakfast in Girdwood for the weekend. I arranged for...
13 DEC


This is a photo I did not take of a police car parked on the sidewalk with its lights flashing,...
11 DEC

Quilled Snowflakes

These quilled snowflakes from Forever Filligree are too gorgeous, I want one of each....
04 DEC


24 NOV

Devyn and Kymber

22 NOV

What An Attractive Heatsink

I spent the weekend overhauling my computer. It looks the same, but the case is the only part I kept:...
15 NOV

Chat log, despite sitting 3 feet away

Valette: apparently I had two Music folders backed up Valette: one from last night and one from 2008 Valette: guess...
14 NOV

One of each, please

I'm spending Veteran's Day finishing processing client photos, ignoring my promise to take Olive to the dog park because it's...
11 NOV

Lemon Cranberry Cake

1/2 pound unsalted butter at room temperature 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar 4 extra-large eggs at room temperature 1/3 cup...
28 OCT

Two Posts a Month Should Do It

All I can say is: Holy Cow I Sure Am Busy! Which doesn't say much at all. I know that;...
27 OCT

Autumn Almanac

With autumns like this, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather. I've been eying the box of hats, gloves, scarves,...
30 SEP

Tim Tam Slam For The Win

My good friend sent me these Tim Tams all the way from Australia. I read about the Tim Tam Slam...
27 SEP

Evening Drive

This feels like the first year I haven't had time to think about Melissa's anniversary. This week has been very...
22 SEP

Weekends With a Dog

At midnight last night: "What do you think is the probability that Olive will let me sleep in past 7am?"...
05 SEP

Red Velvet Cake Balls. Full Stop.

I had a really busy and productive weekend: a going away dinner, coordinated a fantastic bake sale, interviewed by the...
30 AUG


I had a model shoot with Emilee on Thursday night. There was a bit of a drama disruption in the...
21 AUG

Tasty Tweets Bake Sale

om/photos/valette/3821880518/" title="header by Valette, on Flickr"> So. One off-handed tweet and I'm now coordinating a bake sale and interviewed for...
14 AUG

Etsy Shinin' Day and Night

11 AUG

8-Ball Zucchini

I spotted these 8-ball zucchini at the Downtown Market yesterday and knew what I would be having for dinner. Steve...
09 AUG

Thursday Evening

07 AUG

Whitney Smith Pottery

I just fell in love with a pottery company. How to resist this cupcake stand and this bird cake stand...
05 AUG

Camping Sucks, Amirite?

Steve's aunt was in town this past weekend; it was her first time in Alaska, and we and Steve's brother's...
03 AUG

Staples and Chairs

Hi! I recovered our dining room chairs this weekend. Before: After: What have you been up to?...
18 JUL

Tanabata Picnic

Tanabata is a Japanese star festival which takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year....
10 JUL

The Dials of Alameda

I got the rest of my San Francisco photos online, the entire set can be found on Flickr. But I...
28 JUN


My trip to San Francisco was great. One of the things Damon and I did was arrange a photo shoot...
26 JUN

Cue That Jet Plane Song

I have a flight leaving in about 3 hours for San Francisco. And I am so excited about this...
16 JUN


Palmiers are super yummy and super easy to make. Please don't buy them at the store, it makes Betty Crocker...
13 JUN

Bribing Monday with Muffins

My sleep schedule got all wonky this weekend because I decided I needed to do some night photography Saturday night....
08 JUN

Improbable tales

Steve whipped this up today from my Sunday shot. I think it's fabulous....
04 JUN

Delicate White

Olive and I went on a 1.6 mile walk after work tonight. We met: a big fat rottweiler who would...
02 JUN

Pretty Things for a Monday

01 JUN

Memorial Day

25 MAY

Grateful for the Little Things

An attempt was made in the wee hours of Monday morning to steal my car. Olive woke and alerted us...
19 MAY

Accidental Haircut

So. I know. Pretty ridiculous, yes? Steve was starting to chop chicken and veggies for dinner (some pretty yummy kebabs),...
14 MAY


It started with a stretch. One of those awesome, full-body, arms-over-the-head, funny-face, knees-slight-bent, first-stretch-of-the-day kind of stretches. Have you ever...
12 MAY

Learning How to Fly

04 MAY

One Percent for Art

Pandas Lost De viaje print Parade...
28 APR

It Was Kinda Like This, Actually

We've got internet at the new apartment!...
21 APR

The Weekend Move Update

I forgot just how much I hate moving. Inadequately labeled cardboard boxes and bits of packing tape stuck to the...
20 APR

Giving Etsy the Slip

Have you noticed just how difficult slips are to find these days? Peach pink vintage slip chemise lace rosebuds VINTAGE...
16 APR

If You Give an Olive a Camera

12 APR

No Hobos Harmed in the Making

05 APR

Taste Nomming

I discovered Taste Spotting this week, and oh. OH. If I ever needed a reason to not get anything done,...
03 APR

Moving On

I’ve been thinking off and on about moving for a few months now, but wasn’t sure if I was really...
01 APR

Where in the World

30 MAR

Never Gotten the Knack of Cooking

Grilled cheese sandwichesChewy chocolate chip cookiesHollandaise sauceGravy Which can be pretty frustrating. What culinary forays always seem to fail for...
27 MAR

Jamaican veggie patties

When I spoke with my mother on the phone recently, she chided me for posting a bunch of recipes that...
23 MAR

Mt. Redoubt Finally Erupts

An eruption of Mt. Redoubt began at approximately 22:38 AKDT, March 22, 2009 (0638 UTC). AVO is raising the...
22 MAR

Pinches are Avoidable

I don't care for corned beef or cooked cabbage, but since Steve thinks we need to celebrate our shared Irish...
17 MAR

A Good Pair of Brown Heels

Gabriella Rocha Mylie (Brown Snake) Type Z I Said So (Brown Leather) Charles by Charles David Saunter (Cognac Leather) Frye...
14 MAR

We All Have Problems, These Are Mine

Don't you hate when you reach for the conditioner and only once you've slathered it on your hair do you...
13 MAR

Thin Mint ice cream redux

(I made this two years ago! Different recipe, though. Still yummy.) 1 1/2 ounces unsweetened cocoa powder, approximately 1/2 cup...
11 MAR

I Sometimes Imagine Against My Will

Being involved in a multi-car pileup, my body twisted and broken, trapped in my seat as I die, loved ones...
10 MAR

For something warm

We've been without hot water at home since Saturday night. It's been pretty crappy, definitely an inconvenience what with the...
05 MAR

I Would Be A Very Broke Woman

...(If I Bought Everything I Liked on Etsy): Shrug Edition Gloomth Avarice Gothic Aristocrat Shrug BoleroGreen with Envy Knit ShrugCUSTOM...
04 MAR

You should hear us at the grocery store

I didn't leave the office during lunch. Possible mistake, but no place to go nothing to do. by Valette about...
03 MAR

Lunchtime Vintage

Some quick vintage dress shopping on Etsy:...
02 MAR

Belgian Waffles

1 cup cake flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 large eggs, separated 1 tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon...
26 FEB

Soft Pretzels

2 cups warm water (100°F to 110°F) 1 tablespoon + 2 tablespoons sugar 1 packet active dry yeast 5 to...
22 FEB

Hi, I'm...

21 FEB

I've Been

...studying for my accounting class, a subject that is so full of anti-logic it makes my brain hurt. ...baking midnight...
10 FEB

40 out of 100

The ones I've done are bolded. Stolen from Superwife. 1. Started your own blog 2. Slept under the stars 3....
30 JAN

As a kid

Now that I am firmly in my Late Twenties, I feel it's a perfect time to reminisce about The Good...
28 JAN


On tonight's walk, Olive and I have decided that she is the biggest dog in the neighborhood. Proportionally. Even though...
26 JAN

Haiku Thursday

I need to write a grumpy haiku to appease dear @mariancall Big giant headache. Aspirin or ibuprofen? A mocha instead?...
16 JAN

The Work Thing

I'm off to Juneau first thing tomorrow, after a weekend of record-snowfall and two week days of heavy rain...
13 JAN

Status: 2008

At the start of 2008 I mentioned that I had set some personal goals instead of resolutions. While doing the...
09 JAN

Cheater Soup

I'm a bit of a food snob. I prefer my meal ingredients fresh, not frozen, and made from scratch instead...
06 JAN

Goodbye 2008

2008 recapped in 24 words: Treating my photography as art. New job that keeps me busy. More traveling than ever...
01 JAN

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