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Hi, I'm Valette

I'm a photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I've recently become a wife, a stepmother, and a homeowner. Life is pretty awesome. You can email me anytime. Learn more...

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It #pencilskirtwednesday and I had to resist this morning's urge to wear boots so I guess it's autumn? #ootd 13 hours ago

GOOD MORNING I've only had like 1/3 of my coffee and my heart is pounding? Not sure I'm going to finish it (haha jk) 40 hours ago

School started this morning. I'm relieved that it doesn't involve me anymore, with an undercurrent of panic that I haven't done anything yet 63 hours ago

Washing my makeup brushes 81 hours ago

Who's smarter than who, dog? 82 hours ago

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