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One Percent for Art

April 28, 2009



De viaje print


It Was Kinda Like This, Actually

April 21, 2009

Call me Boyd

Olive, Hoff

Olive, Hoff

We've got internet at the new apartment!

The Weekend Move Update

April 20, 2009

I forgot just how much I hate moving. Inadequately labeled cardboard boxes and bits of packing tape stuck to the dog (though that part is pretty fun) and not being able to find simple things like plates. Plates? Did the plates make it over here?

Saturday Steve's brother and some of his gaming buddies showed up with trucks and trailers, and we got about 90% of everything moved over to the new place. I was going to add that it was done with a minimum of complaining, but Steve's friends are all old and broken and did much complaining. I should have invited my broke-back-brother over to add to the complaining chorus. My back! My knees!

After all of the moving and complaining and required pizza-and-soda/beer for everyone who helped us move, we promptly made the bed and took the best weekend nap ever.

We still have some odds and ends at the old place, and the old place needs a good scrubbing, but we have until the end of April to finish up.

The new apartment has: a bathroom counter and mirror large enough for two people to stand in front of it without banging elbows into temples, a downstairs and an upstairs, a fireplace, a shared deck, a dishwasher that may or may not work, a large shared deck, a carport, washer and dryer set older than me, and ceilings too high to touch.

It's missing paper-thin walls, loud neighbors, a busy street, a giant street light right outside the bedroom window, leaky ceilings, and a crazy landlord.

It also currently has lots and lots of boxes. Anyone want to unpack them for us?

On Sunday, Olive and I organized a puppy meetup at our favorite dog park. We made new four-legged friends and met their two-legged people, we ran our little hearts out and T-boned Hoff a few times.

When we finally got home, Olive was limping slightly (probably from the collision with Hoff who is built like a tank) and then slept for hours. In a row. It was awesome, I've never seen that dog so still and in need of snuggles. We will definitely be arranging another puppy playdate in the near future.

I have a bunch of photos to post, but still haven't set up our computers yet. Have to find someplace for all of the boxes currently stacked in the office before I can get to the desks. It may be a while.

Giving Etsy the Slip

April 16, 2009

Have you noticed just how difficult slips are to find these days?

Peach pink vintage slip chemise lace rosebuds


White micro pleated vintage crinoline

Ruffly Red Nylon Chiffon Petticoat Crinoline - 2 Layers, 3 Tiers

1950s Alabaster Slip Dress

Barely Peach Vintage Half Slip Petticoat Lingerie with Crinoline Flounce

If You Give an Olive a Camera

April 12, 2009

Dog's Eye View: At the park

Rolled fencing

No Hobos Harmed in the Making

April 5, 2009

The gnomes will come for you

Taste Nomming

April 3, 2009

I discovered Taste Spotting this week, and oh. OH.

If I ever needed a reason to not get anything done, this site would be it. Features a "compulsive collection of" photos of delicious-looking food and links to their recipes. Every image and recipe combo is submitted by the community and reviewed before posting.

There are somewhere around 100 new recipes posted a day. One hundred images and recipes that make me salivate and save to try later.

Like these:

Moving On

April 1, 2009

I’ve been thinking off and on about moving for a few months now, but wasn’t sure if I was really ready for such a big step. Moving out was a huge deal; I was comfortable where I was, and we had made some good memories together.

It wasn’t one big thing that spurred my decision, but little ones that built up over time until I couldn’t take it any more. The final decision was very, very hard. I had to leave.

After some long talks and some crying, I’ve been looking for a new apartment. And this last weekend I finally found one that I liked. There are some really expensive, tiny dumps of apartments out there. I filled out the application and was approved not two days later.

Steve is supportive of my decision, even if he’s not in 100% agreement. And I don't blame him. The next few weeks will be filled with some awkwardness and a lot of emotion as I pack all of my things into boxes and move them to my new home.

We’d been together for over two years, but he knew that I couldn’t stay forever.

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