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Autumn Almanac

September 30, 2009

With autumns like this, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather.

332:365 Fences of Autumn

I've been eying the box of hats, gloves, scarves, and assorted winter accessories that we packed during the move but I've yet to open.

I know what's in it, I just am too lazy to open it.

Especially when shopping on Etsy is much more fun.

Tim Tam Slam For The Win

September 27, 2009

My good friend sent me these Tim Tams all the way from Australia. I read about the Tim Tam Slam online and couldn't wait to try it, despite claims that it is a ploy to make tourists look silly.

What you do is this. You nibble off two opposing corners. Then you stick one end in your hot beverage and use the Tim Tam like a straw. You suck up just enough hot drink to soak the biscuits inside, but not enough that the chocolate coating disintegrates. Then you pop the whole thing into your mouth.

Tim Tam Slam

And oh. OH. MY. GOD. This is the best thing ever in the whole entire world, for ever and ever amen.

Evening Drive

September 22, 2009

This feels like the first year I haven't had time to think about Melissa's anniversary.

This week has been very busy at work, and on top of that I had to go in to court the last two days for jury duty. Two days of jury selection, and my name was never called. But still I had to sit in those uncomfortable benches and pay attention. For two days. While they whittled the pool of possible jurors from 45 to 3. And I got absolutely nothing accomplished besides a numb derriere.

But after the jury selection was complete, and after I emptied my inbox, and after I took my lunch break late enough that I could leave early and after I ate dinner and after I went to my accounting class where I'm sure I aced an accounting quiz, I decided to go for a drive.

Sunset leftovers from Beluga Point.

It was 8.30 and the sun had just set. I turned Rammstein up to 11 and opened up my sunroof (then turned up the heat) (it was 40°F tonight). I pointed my car south and drove just to drive. Here are some things I learned and rediscovered:

  • My car drives so smooth above 80mph. I want to drive that speed all the time.
  • Although cloudy over Anchorage, it was crystal clear across the inlet and I could see that Mt. Redoubt was still venting.
  • Rammstein still rocks.
  • Mt. Dew is really not very good. I haven't drank a soda in a very long time, and I don't see the need to drink another ever again.
  • It's best to pull over when crying. See 80mph, above.
  • It might be 7 years, but I still really, really miss my sister.

Weekends With a Dog

September 5, 2009

At midnight last night:

"What do you think is the probability that Olive will let me sleep in past 7am?"
"Five percent."
"... I'll take it."

Could you guess what time Olive woke me up?

That's right. 6:59am.

Last weekend on our way to the Tasty Tweets Bake Sale we saw a little miniature schnauzer running around on the side of the road. This is very uncommon for our neighborhood, so we pulled over to check his collar. Of which there was none.

We drove a bit into the direction he came from and started knocking on doors. At the first house, the woman didn't recognize the dog. At the other houses, no one was home. We were already running late for the bake sale, so we decided (maybe I decided?) the little dog was coming with us.

Found puppeh.

He was groomed, but wet up to his armpits. No telling how long he had been out, but it was obvious someone loved him. And he was full of love himself, just the sweetest dog. He sat patiently in the cur during the first half of the bake sale, he did his business quickly and efficiently when I took him out on his leash.

And for the last half of the bake sale, he sat around under a table convincing everyone to take him home. And maybe being fed some cake balls, but I have no evidence to support that claim. All of the evidence mysteriously... disappeared.

Gibson the bake sale mascot

After the bake sale, we drove to the animal shelter, discussing what we would do if the dog didn't have a microchip. I wanted to take him home with me and love him and squeeze him and call him George. Naturally. Steve desperately wanted that to not happen.

Seriously, if you have a pet there is no reason to not get it microchipped. If the dog hadn't had a microchip, there would be a very sad family without a dog. And Olive would have had a new brother. And Steve would have left me for someone who hated animals.

The microchip registration told us that the dog's name was Gibson. We called his person and left messages on every phone we could. We drove by his house -- right next door to the woman who didn't recognize him -- and no one was home. But there was a nice Gibson-sized hole under the fence.

Without many more options, but certain that Gibson's people would contact us, we took him home to meet Olive.

Olive thinks Gibson is pretty cool.

That went amazingly well.

Then his people called. They had just gotten off the Kenai River in Cooper Landing and were so grateful we had picked Gibson up. Their friend was supposed to be watching him, but they were now unable to get hold of their friend. It would still be a few hours until they would get back into town, but we told them Gibson was doing well.

When they showed up, it was immediately apparent that they were Gibson's people, and everyone was happy to be reunited.

Except Olive. Who paced all night and kept staring longingly at the door. She was lonely. She missed her new friend. Now we need to gang up on Steve and convince him that Olive needs a little brother or sister. Not like I would ever just come home with a puppy.


Because I've never done that before, DEFINITELY not with Olive.

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