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Christmas Weekend

Last week was very difficult. I had a bunch of hard stuff I absolutely had to do at work that...
27 DEC

Read a Book

All of these books I got at a book swap; I never would have read any of them otherwise. Lesson...
19 DEC


Made through with all of my public Flickr photos....
18 DEC


Had a quick shoot with Samantha Saturday morning. It was too cold to shoot outside for very long, but...
13 DEC

Turkey Pot Pie

1 small onion, chopped 1 medium carrot, chopped 1/2 c diced peeled potato 1/4 c chopped celery 1/4 c butter,...
30 NOV

New Experience: Nutcracker Ballet

This weekend I took my three nieces to see The Nutcracker Ballet. They had never seen it live before, although...
28 NOV

Pinecone on Red

I'm feeling the holiday spirit early this year....
22 NOV

Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Melt

1. Buy a huge 2lb container of mushrooms from Costco on impulse. What the hell were you thinking. 2. Thinly...
19 NOV

About Sums Up Our Entire Relationship

10 NOV

Tuesday Shoesday

I'm not linking to them because 1/ they are behind a members-only sign-in, and 2/ you don't really need to...
09 NOV

What is the What

I picked up What Is The What at a book swap and was pretty confused about it being labeled a...
03 NOV

Halloween Weekend

Halloween weekend was really quiet here, partly because of recovering from a crazy work week and partly because my uterus...
01 NOV

Baked Apples

Core a couple of apples. Mix together some brown sugar and cinnamon (optional fancification: chopped nuts, raisins) and stuff full...
20 OCT

A Bit of Reading

This brings me to 12 books finished since February. In Open Spaces - It was a good read despite reading...
15 OCT

Studio Valette

One of my Thirty before 30 things I wanted to accomplish was starting my photography business. In May I took...
04 OCT

The Proper Way To Bury A Toy

03 OCT

Book Reports

I've been slacking posting about the books I've read in the last month or so. I am aiming to finish...
18 SEP

Flattop Hike

The weather was seriously awesome all weekend, and Olive and I decided to take advantage of it by climbing up...
15 SEP

Saturday Morning

The last few months have been incredibly stressful at work. I've been working long hours on a stressful project and...
12 SEP

Meet my Alter Ego, Trixie

My good friend Annie (of Annie's Arts and Follies and Bella Boutique) created this bra for Wild Bras on...
05 SEP

Running on Magic

29 AUG

When Photoshoots Go Wrong

I've been trying to schedule an engagement shoot for a lovely dear couple for the last month or so. They...
15 AUG

Therapy With Puppy Breath

12 AUG

On Dating a 14-year-old Japanese Girl

"Oh darn, I have been outbid on the Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case that I didn't want." "Why were you...
09 AUG

Hair Made for Television

Twitter is a wonderful place where a local reporter can put a call out for story hooks and then an...
07 AUG

This is Thursday

Have you ever done something so boneheadedly stupid, causing yourself great pain and embarrassment in the process? Yeah. I fell...
05 AUG


I read Push just after finishing Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and the story was so much more engaging and...
03 AUG

Blue Angels

A C-17 Globemaster cargo plane crashed on Elmendorf Air Force Base Wednesday while training for the Alaska Air Show Arctic...
30 JUL

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I was asked to bring a chocolate raspberry cake to Heather's birthday party last weekend, and bring it I did....
28 JUL

Downtown Walkabout

Met up with a group from Twitter on Friday night to walk around downtown with our cameras. It was good...
25 JUL

New Experience: Cheese Curds

I popped into the south side farmer's market this morning. I think I've only ever stopped there once before, and...
17 JUL

Hot Flamingo Action

13 JUL

New Experiences: Some More Food

I heard that Greek yogurt was SO MUCH better than regular yogurt, with it smooth and creamy Greekness. Turns...
02 JUL

Travel is a Science

I'm flying to Juneau tomorrow morning again, and I hate checking luggage. I found these wee containers at Jo Ann...
30 JUN

Playing With Light

28 JUN

New Experience: Group Kegels

I took two days off before Memorial Day weekend such that I had FIVE WHOLE DAYS where I wasn't expected...
22 JUN

The Flying Troutmans

I picked up The Flying Troutmans at the library book sale this spring because... well... I could say that the...
18 JUN


While sitting down for one of the best burgers in the state of Alaska, my mother and I figured...
14 JUN

Feet and Phalluses

I grabbed The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P at the library book sale, intrigued by the premise of waking up...
27 MAY

New Experience: Highlights

I had a bad experience as a child with hair-enhancing chemicals reacting unfavorably with my parents' well water, and ever...
25 MAY

Toy Camera Thursday

20 MAY

Somebody please buy this dress

17 MAY

Beer Bread Biscuit French Toast

1. Make beer bread for dinner (pre-heat oven to 375F; combine 3c flour, 1T sugar, 1tsp salt, and 1T baking...
16 MAY

Hot Soft Light

"I'm not really full but I don't want any more crab cakes." "Something else? Like... ice cream?" "It's like you...
12 MAY

New Experiences: Tasty

Oatmeal is one of those foods that I hated as a child. Which isn't surprising, because I hated a lot...
04 MAY

Connor Lake

It was a beautiful evening at the dog park tonight, warm and sunny and mostly empty. The lake was still...
01 MAY

Bird Watching

When I took her out this morning there were two seagulls standing in the middle of the street. It was...
28 APR

A Girl Has to Eat

Sunday. Steam 4 racks of crab legs because Steve thinks he will eat one and a half and you're pretty...
23 APR

New Experience: Defensive Driving

I may or may not have received a speeding ticket within the last month or so, but if I had...
18 APR

Waiting for the Sun

{1} Spottie Dottie dress {2} Large brim floppy hat {3} Red wooden bead necklace {4} Red lucite bangle {5}...
13 APR

New Experience: the Groomer

Last week's new experience wasn't terribly noteworthy, but I did attend one of those career-enhancing seminars that some companies send...
11 APR

Cajun Pasta

Adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Realize that you don't have any cajun spice seasoning, so instead of buying yet...
31 MAR

New Experience: eBay Seller

I'm very much against iPhone cases because they make the already large phone all the much bulkier. I'm also not...
28 MAR

New Experience: Endive

Tried a new recipe from Healthy Eating magazine this last week, a healthier pizza with chicken apple sausage, fennel bulb,...
21 MAR


I picked up Waiting by Ha Jin because the back cover blurb sounded like a fascinating jumping off point for...
17 MAR

New Experience: Yeah

Not too much new last week, but I rearranged my work office to better accommodate my two new monitors. As...
15 MAR

The Book of Air and Shadows

I finished The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber this afternoon, and boy am I glad to be...
10 MAR

New Experience: Internet Celebrity

I met Jessamyn this weekend. Jessamyn is a geek librarian superhero and MetaFilter moderator. The Alaska Library Association brought Jessamyn...
08 MAR

New Experience: Rest Stops

Because of personnel changes in December, I had to cancel my time off around the holidays to be in the...
27 FEB

New Experience: Order Something New

Last week I had the worst head cold I've had in a very long time. It knocked me on my...
22 FEB

New Experience: Ricotta Cheese

Why have I not made ricotta before? It is super easy and super yummy and cheaper and yummier than what...
16 FEB

New Experience: Lunch Break

I spent my first lunch break in two months sitting at the Kaladi Brothers downtown cafe eating soup, sipping coffee,...
07 FEB

Thirty Before 30

I called my mother last week to catch up on some things and she told me how she couldn't believe...
01 FEB

Tad knows that Eddie keeps secrets

27 JAN

The world through a plastic lens

Some fun today with the DianaF+ lens and adaptor I got for Christmas. It was a nice break from...
22 JAN

Sweet 16

I'm not sure how my niece Taylor got to be 16. Her mother would agree with me, and then we...
15 JAN

2009 All Up in Your Business

Is it too late to do a 2009 recap? I'm pretty sure most people completed their recaps by, like, mid-December...
06 JAN

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