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Tad knows that Eddie keeps secrets

January 27, 2010

Eddie and Tad can't avoid the new kid

Tad knows that Eddie keeps secrets

The world through a plastic lens

January 22, 2010

Diana - Parking

Diana - trees and sun

Diana lens - buildings and trees

Some fun today with the DianaF+ lens and adaptor I got for Christmas. It was a nice break from work, my first in 5 weeks.

Sweet 16

January 15, 2010

I'm not sure how my niece Taylor got to be 16. Her mother would agree with me, and then we would complain about how old that makes us. And maybe then we'd brainstorm some ways to be embarrassing.



2009 All Up in Your Business

January 6, 2010

Is it too late to do a 2009 recap? I'm pretty sure most people completed their recaps by, like, mid-December or whatever. But I've been busy and work has been demanding and I've been sleeping whenever possible.

And if I had recapped earlier, I would have missed out on the blue moon eclipse and mirage at 10am New Year's Eve, which I shot while freezing my bare legs off in a skirt and borrowed too-large mens' dress shoes standing on the roof of my office building. Totally worth it.

Eclipse of a blue moon with fata morgana

Instead of going over all the wonderful things I did in 2009 that kept me too busy to blog (doggie snorgles, San Francisco, Twitter, coordinating bake sales, taking naps, Twitter, meeting new people, Twitter, getting engaged), and instead of outlining my 2010 resolutions that I haven't made yet, let's talk about the personal goals I lined out for 2009 much like I did for 2008.

  • Make some money from my photograph: This I did! And it was great! I should do some more of this!
  • Get a photography logo: Well. I'm working on it. And I'm going to blame my brother.
  • Another workout routine: I managed to maintain my weight through the entire year despite the absurd amount of baking I did.
  • Try cooking a new dish each week: I did this for a few months and documented many of the new dishes on Flickr and the blog. Steve and I ate things we never would have before, and many of them became favorites.
  • Upgrade my camera: Goodbye broken Digital Rebel XTi, hellooo sexy 50D.
  • Save $300 a month: I set up an auto-transfer to put $360 into my savings account bimonthly. Not that I have $8640 more in my savings account than I did in January 2009.

So yeah, I pretty much kicked some butt. And I am tired.


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