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Running on Magic

August 29, 2010

Running on stars

dog park with stars-2

dog park with stars-4

dog park with stars-1

When Photoshoots Go Wrong

August 15, 2010

I've been trying to schedule an engagement shoot for a lovely dear couple for the last month or so. They really wanted the photos on an Alaskan-y location, but the weather has just been so crappy this year (see: the most consecutive days of rainfall ever, beating out the previous record set in 1951).

We've had to postpone the shoot a number of times and the couple has been very understanding. Saturday morning was sunny with pretty clouds in the sky, but by the time we got out to the location the winds were throwing raindrops in our faces and we postponed yet again.

This morning was sunny and pretty just like it was yesterday morning, and we jumped on it. No more postponing, no more waiting, doing it now.

It was windy when we got there, but not raining. Steve and I had scoped a couple of spots out of direct wind and I was looking forward to finally getting this shoot done.

The couple showed up, we got to the spot, I set up my lights and started getting them into position when I turned around and tripped over the Sharpest Tree Root In Alaska.


Did you know that feet bleed a lot? Like a water faucet of bright red blood that made my clients cry out and say, Oh Valette You Need To Sit Down! while I stood there chuckling and saying Wow I Feel So Dumb over and over while blood pooled in my sandal.

We tied a tourniquet on my leg to stop the bleeding and everyone helped me back to the car and rinsed my foot off with bottled water and wet coffee filters and Steve drove me to the emergency room.

My foot was cleaned and inspected and poked at. Determined that I didn't need stitches, but definitely antibiotics. And a TB shot for good measure.

All of this and I didn't get to take a single photo.

(There's a shot of my foot here after the cleaning, if you're not squeamish about that sort of thing.)

Therapy With Puppy Breath

August 12, 2010





On Dating a 14-year-old Japanese Girl

August 9, 2010

"Oh darn, I have been outbid on the Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case that I didn't want."

"Why were you bidding on a Hello Kitty case that you didn't want?"

"It wasn't my fault this time, the eBay app confirmed my bid on the wrong auction."

"Oh that sucks. You were almost stuck with a lame Hello Kitty iPhone case."

"I know! It was the other Hello Kitty case that I was trying to bid on."

Hair Made for Television

August 7, 2010

Twitter is a wonderful place where a local reporter can put a call out for story hooks and then an hour later I have a camera in my face retelling the story about how someone tried to steal my car.

Look, ma, I'm gonna be on the teevee! @matthewfelling

My hair looks great on the teevee! @matthewfelling

This is Thursday

August 5, 2010

Have you ever done something so boneheadedly stupid, causing yourself great pain and embarrassment in the process?


I fell out of my chair at work and scraped my knee pretty badly.

Only an idiot would scrape her knee this bad in her office.

I sit with one foot tucked under my leg a lot. At home, at work, in the car unless I'm driving. I'm actually sitting that way right now as I type this. It's probably bad for my hips and my back and blah blah whatever, it's habit and that's just what I do.

Today was no exception, even though I was wearing a skirt and pretty red heels. My skirt was long enough that I was still being modest, and besides no one was sitting under my desk for me to accidentally flash.

Here's where the boneheadedness comes in. I turned my chair around and went to stand up. The pointy heel of my shoe got caught in the fabric of my chair and tore a little hole. My chair rolled backwards and I kept moving forwards with my foot in my shoe caught in the fabric of my chair.

And that's when I gave a little "Aahh!" sound and I fell.
All the way to the floor.
Hello giant rugburn on my knee and my hand.

I got up in time to laugh it off and tell a few coworkers I was okay, and then I got dizzy and my ears rang so loud I could hardly hear my office assistant talking and I got really hot and I felt like vomiting. I didn't hit my head and made sure my pupils didn't do anything funky.

My boss and coworkers freaked out when my knee turned black and blue: getting me Advil and water and a cold diet coke (for the knee, not to drink) and then some ice ice and a chair to elevate my knee and asking if I needed a ride to the doctor.

Which, no. Get serious. I didn't break anything, I will be fine. Just humbled for a bit.

My boss insisted I leave work early, and I obliged. Because the sunshine came out today, and how could I say no to that?

August sundog

Mushrooms all over the dog park.



August 3, 2010

I read Push just after finishing Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and the story was so much more engaging and the characters much more... real that I flew through the book.

(It having only 170 pages against the 1000 pages of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell might have had something to do with it.)

I was really confused by the title: Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire (includes the novel Push), but then The Internets cleared things up a little bit:

  1. Sapphire writes the book Push
  2. Push gets made into a movie, and the title is changed to Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire
  3. The movie is reprinted with cover art taken from the movie, and the title is changed to Precious: based on the novel Push by Sapphire, even though the book is the novel Push

Which. Yeah.
Confusion expected.

The synopsis on the back cover was so horrifying that I put the book down, but I kept walking back over to it. A baby at 12, another on the way at 16, abusive parents and completely illiterate, Precious is in danger of being lost in an imperfect system. But then one caring teacher teaches her the power of the written word and she can't stop writing, using her journal to process the horrible things she has endured in her short life.

I really enjoyed the dialect of this book, Precious' vocabulary was almost like another character in the story with its own strengths and weaknesses and path to travel.

I didn't notice that the book had no chapters until I was 75% of the way through it and it was already 1am. It's been a really long time since I read a book in one sitting, but I highly recommend it.

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